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The classic that started it all.

Kek (also known as Top Kek) has been described by some as being /s4s/'s "light and freedom" and is a meme created on /s4s/ in May '13. It revolves around posting pictures, shops, and image macros of a Turkish snack-cake produced by the ETi food company known as 'topkek' and replying with "kek". It is also the next evolution of the top lel meme.

Some will claim that the origin is from WoW as an expression/phrase, but as that is a completely different context than the meme's context of a turkish snack cake, it is obviously not untrue as the meme was boosted from both probable origins, and not only because of one of them.



Just Kek It!

Kek was started by "prime minister face," a namefig on 4chan's /s4s/ board as a simple knock off of the many Top lel threads, but with the help of mods, OC and funposting, the thread broke the post limit until it died at 6,200+ posts. The original/first Kek thread went on for over 40+ days until it's inevitable death, followed by kek's resurrection in a new thread, "more kek," also started by "prime minister face."

Seriously though, what the hell is Kek?

topkek™ is a brand of Turkish cakes produced by the ETi company, 'topkek' literally translates to "cupcake," it is truly çok yönlü kek!


"On the evening of June 25, 2013, topkek was declared dead. The cause of death is not established, however, there are a few witnesses who recall a mod setting a bump limit on topkek, causing failure of the heart and ultimately death. This coincided with Captain Kek's prophecy that topkek would be "Betrayed by one of this 12 global mods." Many suspect that the thread had actually died from a lack of kek from the witnesses, who they claim let it fall past page 10. Still others insist that topkek's death was connected with his decision to run for king in the Royal Election


—From The S4S Tribune, Fourth Issue.


On June 26, 2013 "prime minister face" resurrected kek by starting a new thread, "more kek." After mod intervention, the thread had its' bump limit, and post limit removed by a mod who messed with the html, similar to what happened with kek's first thread/appearance.

"more kek" thread

July 22, that same year, the thread imploded, prompting prime minister face to start a new kek thread, however the moderators did not intervene, and it hit bump-limit.

The Third Coming

Mithra sacrifiant le kek.jpg

/s4s/ user "prime minister face" started a new kek thread in late November. Mods, obviously sensing the disturbance in /s4s/'s environment since the last major kek thread removed the bump limit, and kek prospered once again, bringing a Renaissance to [s4s] once more.

A funposter on /s4s/ had this to say in the thread:

Some things never change, and some things can't stay the same. Oh, kek thread. You are the third in a legacy of monumentally important s4s threads. Truly, your glory will be spoken of for trillennia to come. Although we withstood times of great darkness, an era without a blessed kek thread, we have stood tall, and through our standing, we have achieved greatness, and that greatness can be witnessed within this thread. Although your predecessors have left many lofty goals for you to conquer, i have faith nonetheless that you will strive and achieve those goals which have been set forth before you. Yes, you kek thread, you will see a view from atop the highest mountaintop when your postcount exceeds that holy of numbers. And shall your life extend past that of your former bretheren? Indeed it shall. Kek thread #3, you are the crown in the holy trinity of kek threads. Your shining light of truth shall illuminate this board for aeons to come. Our children, and our children's children, and our children's children's children, and our children's children's children's children will sing of your praises. Hail thee kek thread.



kek 4.0: the rebirth

On 11/09/14 "prime minister face" started a new thread, which was sub sequently stickied by the mods, proving that kek is eternal. It has to date amassed over 500 replies, and counting.

Current status of kek

Kek continues to be a mainstay of /s4s/, being used to steal gets from other boards on 4chan, and the subject of many a thread each day. However, the mods no longer seem to give it the love it deserves, proving once again that MODS = FIGS. THANK YOU BASED MODS-November 29, '13.

On August 31st, '13, an official 4chan Panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 was announced on 4chan's announcements bar, with a link to the registration page and the coupon code 'topkek.'


You've been visited by Kek.
Enjoy your yummy Kek.


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