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Toronto-Furry is the outcome of a war that begun in 2021 AD. Last Thursday, the Toronto furries split apart the channels and made both #toronto-furry and #Torfur (the superior channel); both channels being on's IRC server. #toronto-furry's inhabitants contain the usual furries you'd expect in any congregation of losers. You have your Pedophiles, STD-filled whores, asspies, and various other furfags. Since they are in the presence of people with assburgers, you mustn't say bad things around them because they have their ban hammers set with hair triggers.

Notable Users

The channel is home to some of the finest individuals on the Internet. They include:


(10:25:14 PM) DanSkunk: When I feel like that I can't leave the utility knife alone.
(10:25:45 PM) DanSkunk: ...I curl up in a fetal position moaning and crying.
(10:26:16 PM) DanSkunk: ...but I havn't done that with the the medication I keep taking now.
(10:26:39 PM) rionnipal: Your father took you into the city DanSkunk?

Sharing the same pedophilic characteristics as the rest of the fandom, who has apparently acquired the "gift that keeps on giving":

<DanSkunk> At least you have your health though.

<DanSkunk> I have ulcerative colitis and just found out today I have herpes.
<DanSkunk> shoots self.
<Craven> herpes simplex?
<DanSkunk> No. New strain -- herpes complex.



—And give it he does!

<@DanSkunk> Well, my parents think I'm having sex with all the guys that visit me.

<+RingtailedFox> are you?
<@DanSkunk> Yes, except the ones I bury under the quicklime.
<+RingtailedFox> good boy!

  • +RingtailedFox scritches dan


—Enjoy your AIDS.

[22:49] <DanSkunk> Greetings. :)
[22:56] <Mike> er. die in a fire.
[22:56] <Mike> and stop harassing laha
[22:57] <DanSkunk> I harass no one. I simply seek to spread kindness.
[22:58] <DanSkunk> Stop being so prickly all the time. I don't want to fight.
[23:02] * DanSkunk hugs.
[23:06] <DanSkunk> ?
[23:08] <Mike> And by "kindness" you mean "Herpes Simplex Virus 2" ?
[23:17] <DanSkunk> By a friendly greeting. / I don't know if it's type 1 or type 2. I was hurt very badly finding out I had that. Was bad enough dealing with that, but I had to deal with people ridiculing and rejecting me too. I felt very betrayed by everyone. I still don't know where I got it from or if and how many people are lying about having it. I'm trying to move on.
[23:33] * Mike shows this to all the friends at his party.
[23:37] <DanSkunk> That's alright. You know I don't like to hide my feelings. What did they say?
[23:37] <Mike> so far, they're laughing at you.
[23:57] <DanSkunk> I suppose I can see some comedy in that. It's kinda my own fault for being so trusting. I always want to believe people can be honest and care about each other, and in spite of how much they hurt me, I still hope we might one day realize that we only hurt ourselves by fighting with each other.
Session Time: Wed Oct 22 00:00:00 2008
[00:09] <Mike> did i ever mention that i want you to die in a fire* ?
[00:09] <Mike> * does not imply intent of murder nor arson
[00:11] <Mike> (anonymous cunt) Really, he speaks truths.
[00:29] <DanSkunk> I must be causing you a lot of anguish and stopping you from getting something you want very badly for you to wish me to suffer and be gone. What do you want?
[00:35] <Mike> mostly for you to suffer and be gone
[00:37] <Mike> (anonymous cunt) I think he just wants you to leave he and his alone. Is that too much to deal with?
[00:38] <Mike> (AC) Just go away. Please. If you won't do that, then you really deserve further torment.
[00:38] <Mike> (AC) Can you do that?
[00:40] <Mike> (AC) To clarify, going away doesn't mean going away from those you like and love, just getting a bit of distance from those who really don't want it. And believe me, there are plenty. Could you at least start with Mike?"


The token Asspie. Apparently believes he was given ops by some cheapass TV judge — don't ask, you don't want to know. He also owns Furnet's most extensive collection of empty channels. Don't say bad things about him though, because it seems that he really does have assburgers, or that he's mildly retarded.

Wapner. Gotta watch judge wapner. Wapner. Gotta watch judge wapner. Wapner. Gotta watch judge wapner. Wapner. Gotta watch judge wapner. Wapner. Gotta watch Judge Wapner. Wapner. Gotta watch judge Wapner.




A 45 year old American frequently found traveling north across the border, and wishes the fucking customs jerkwads would stop asking him for fashion tips. His hobbies include trying to get into the pants of men well under half his age, and it would be assumed that it wouldn't matter if they are below the age of consent. He was recently stopped by Canadian Customs while they searched for Child Porn on his laptop because of the baby bottles and blankets in his truck.

Sammy Stripes

A British furry living in Canada, who got suspended from work for wearing his fursuit to Zellers on his days off work. He has now been reduced to working at Tim Hortons.


A token unfortunate furry. Oh Christ, you do not want to know. SRSLY. Do. Not. Ask. There are things mankind was fucking not meant to know, okay?

[00:45] <+RingtailedFox> i say nuke the middle east until it is SO radioactive that anyone entering there unprotected for more than a minute will die of radiation sickness

[00:46] <+Pazzix> Thats a little nuts Ring
[00:46] <+RingtailedFox> not really
[00:46] <+RingtailedFox> and my mum's half of hte family supports it. they're from LEBANON



Furry White Flag

In response to the events of the last 24 hours, there's one REAL big thing I want to say that's worth special emphasis:

We're not at war with #torfur.

The way that people have been conducting themselves in public recently in response to an administrative decision by the #torfur ops is completely inappropriate and unrepresentative of this channel, reflecting badly on its population as a whole. I don't condone it. It stops here.

My personal thoughts on the incident that provoked this most recent flare-up are beyond the scope of this message, but I acknowledge the right of #torfur's staff to assess bans as they see fit, conducive to what they see as the preservation of conversation in the channel. Both them and us, I should point out, have the same intention: to provide a place for people in Toronto and beyond to converse freely and without drama. We should acknowledge they have the privilege to do it. Of course, whether you think it was the right decision, you're free to hold an opinion and always will be.

That being said, #toronto-furry is not going to: - retaliate against #torfur - assume any official stance/position on this matter - intervene with other channels/IRCops - promote the parties involved as "martyrs" - encourage any sort of "it's us against them" sentiment.

... and anything similar that hasn't been listed here. It's not in the spirit of our channel. Anyone who attempts to incite any of the above will be banned.

For those who have witnessed the events of the past 24 hours and sat incredulously at their computer screens wondering what the heck happened to incite this, I want to offer my apologies; these events are a legacy of some bad history in our community that continues to rear its ugly head. When said bad blood gets dragged into a public forum, we all lose.

Finally, I welcome any constructive feedback on what sort of steps we can take going forward; simply zap me an e-mail at scani \\at// forterosso \\dot// com (replace with appropriate punctuation), or talk to me on IRC whenever I'm around.

Yours sincerely,
The gryph with the ~, #toronto-furry


—Scani, March 23, 2008

[-+]Notable Channel Quotes

(3:57:28 PM) ***rionnipal thinks "hey [[aids|dan]], aren't you still banned from furnet?
(3:57:34 PM) DanSkunk: NO.
(3:58:15 PM) rionnipal: Really?
(3:58:19 PM) DanSkunk: I've got a baseball bat ready for the one that got me banned.
(3:58:25 PM) DanSkunk: *slam*
(3:58:39 PM) DanSkunk: wow...
(4:09:19 PM) DanSkunk: I need some Coke.
(4:09:57 PM) rionnipal: judging by your actions you don't need anymore coke
[20:03] <+Manx> Aw, well what are you doing in here in IRC making fun of us, isnt that called trolling 
[20:04] <+`Starlaughter`> Exactly, Manx. I also think it's worth mentioning that posting logs from IRC without the permission from everyone in the logs is illegal.
[00:01] <Mad_Ferret> I wish I had a boyfriend *sniff*
[00:03] <@D_Bandit> where are you located, M_F?
[00:07] <Mad_Ferret> D_Bandit: Maple
[00:17] <@D_Bandit> where is Maple in relation to Toronto?
[00:21] <@D_Bandit> hello???
[14:54] <Craven> that ED page is never going to be flattering
[13:59] <Genexi2> Someone explain to me the whole link-up with aspergers and furry <.<
[13:59] <rionnipal> oh, assburgers and furfags go together like black people and welfare
[14:44] <AshleyAshes> <rionnipal> oh, assburgers and furfags go together like black people and welfare   <--- Or furries and welfare. 
[14:14] Craven: Do I mouth about torfur? no. do I care about what goes on there? no. am I going to take the time of day to troll them? no.
[14:34] <DanSkunk> Just don't pay attention to those immatuer ideots. their just trying to make us mad
[14:35] <AshleyAshes> Glad I'm a frigid attention whore. :)
[21:53] <D_Bandit> rionnipal - are you in here to dig up more dirt to add to the Encyclopedia Dramatica page?
[21:54] <rionnipal> yes
[21:54] <rionnipal> yes i am
[21:54] <rionnipal> move along
[21:54] <rionnipal> nothing to see here folks
[21:54] <rionnipal> <.<
[21:54] <rionnipal: >.>
(12:09:26 AM) rionnipal: having broken ankles would suck
(12:10:57 AM) DanSkunk: Yeah, it would be hard to walk.
(12:11:19 AM) DanSkunk: Is your apartment wheelchair accessible, Rion?
(12:11:34 AM) rionnipal: rofl no
(12:11:46 AM) Solanth: See, this is why you pick a species with wings.
(12:12:10 AM) rionnipal: this is why when i RP, i RP in a world were noone's cripple
(12:12:20 AM) Solanth: Now I get to point and laugh at you all because you're completely reliant of feet.
(12:12:49 AM) rionnipal: it's a fantasy world. i could fly if I wanted to
(12:12:51 AM) ***rionnipal flies
(12:13:15 AM) DanSkunk: Pick a species with wings. get an apartment on top of a mountain, then break a wing and then what do you do?
(12:13:49 AM) Solanth: Die honorably, of course!
(12:14:13 AM) DanSkunk: ha ha.
(12:14:21 AM) DanSkunk: yeah. Let's not do the dieing thing.
(12:14:23 AM) DanSkunk: Thats' not good
(12:14:40 AM) Solanth: I'd rather die than live without wings. :P
(12:25:59 AM) Citronne: Ew. Cocks.
(12:26:18 AM) Solanth: Cocks? where?
(12:26:53 AM) rionnipal: cocks? in MY fandom?
(12:28:28 AM) Citronne: It's more likely than you think, rionnipal.
(12:54:30 AM) Citronne: Rape is bad. Seriously. :(
(12:54:35 AM) Peacimowen: always
(12:54:37 AM) Citronne: So don't do it, kids.
(11:54:59 PM) rionnipal: rape is rad
(11:55:02 PM) rionnipal: ^^
(11:55:05 PM) AshleyAshes: Cause it's neat how in male-male situations in manga and comics, it can be nonconsentual and everyone's like "HOT!"
(11:55:26 PM) AshleyAshes: In yaoi, no only means no, the FIRST THREE TIMES!
<+RingtailedFox> well, every fur i meet in real life is sex-obsessed like that
<@DanSkunk> Ringy, not that I met.
<+RingtailedFox> i don't just sleep with someone on the first time we meet. i'd rather get to know someone for a while first
<+RingtailedFox> not to mention, i'm cautious about catching something like, oh..i dunno... AIDS.
<@DanSkunk> Well... I don't think he was talking about sex.
<@DanSkunk> I thought it was just to have a friend to talk about furry stuff with.
<+RingtailedFox> yeah, but my parents want any reason at all to kick me out on th estreet, and they consider going to th emall with friends as a date.
<Polonium-210> DanSkunk: I'm a Brit, moving to Canada next year.  Mall-culture is so queer to me :)
<+RingtailedFox> polonium: i weep for you.
<+RingtailedFox> you were better off on your side of the pond.
<+RingtailedFox> the country's gone to shit
* D`Nae|Werk blinks.
<D`Nae|Werk> Since when?
<+RingtailedFox> since 1988
<+RingtailedFox> brian mulroney (PC) sold us out to the americans with NAFTA
<+RingtailedFox> the fisheries collapsed (1993), ontario's economy collapsed (1996), quebec's collapsed (1998)...
<@DanSkunk> Going to the mall with friends isn't a date. :s
<@DanSkunk> Ringy, you're parents go around having sex with everyone they meet?
<Polonium-210> You joking?  I'm choosing to move there.
* D`Nae|Werk blinks. "It looks like it's still standing, far as I know."
<+RingtailedFox> no
<+RingtailedFox> but they're ultra-racist ultra-christians
<@DanSkunk> So, why do they thing you do that?
<+RingtailedFox> becuase they hate me and they're hypocrites. they accuse my sister of the same thing
<EmberTheWanderinFox> Canada is demonstratively one of the best places to live in the world.
<D`Nae|Werk> Agreed.
<+RingtailedFox> doesn't matter that they get their asses kicked by me and her boyfriend on a daily basis.
<+RingtailedFox> yeah, but it's nowhere near what it used to be
<Polonium-210> The economy's good, you've got lots of space, you're sitting on oil...  Vancouver is the 3rd nicest city to live in in the world, for a fact.
<@DanSkunk> Shit... Just have sex with your sister in their bed and let them catch you. That'll teach them! :P
<D`Nae|Werk> O_o
<+RingtailedFox> ewwwwww
<EmberTheWanderinFox> Ringtailed, you sound young... how would you know?
<+RingtailedFox> dan... no.
<D`Nae|Werk> That's not appropriate.
<+RingtailedFox> i'm a history buff
<+RingtailedFox> 22, but i always do my research
<@DanSkunk> No... I suppose not.
* D`Nae|Werk blinks. "History is written by the winners."
<+RingtailedFox> i don't use one source
[00:34] <+Soubi> fail
[00:35] <+Soubi> the world is spinning a bit
[00:35] <+Soubi> this is fucked up
[00:36] <iDarq> Now go thow up, and don't do that again
[00:36] <+Kensuke_Kitty> No one wants to listen to you describe the symptoms of your drukenness.  It's very 14 years old.
[00:36] <+Soubi> fuck you kensuke
[00:36] <+Soubi> I'm 17
[00:36] <+Soubi> die in a fire
[00:36] <+Kensuke_Kitty> I know.  So act your age.
[00:37] <+Soubi> and I'm nowhere near vomiting
[00:37] <+Sheern> Honeslty, I kind of do. Im bored, and its something to read.
[00:37] <+Soubi> and kensuke, don't speak for all of torfur
[00:37] <+Soubi> nobody fucking cares about what you have to sa
[00:37] <+Soubi> y
[00:37] <iDarq> Well, you heard the boy. *gets the kerosene*
[00:38] <+Kensuke_Kitty> XD
[00:38] <+Soubi> go fuck karma or something
[00:38] <+Soubi> asswipe
[00:38] <+Kensuke_Kitty> You're so mean. :(
[00:38] <iDarq> Actually, I'm not caring about what you have to say ATM
[00:38] <+Soubi> look eho'd yslkinh
[00:38] <+Soubi> er
[00:39] <+Soubi> look who's talking
[00:39] <iDarq> Now both of you play nice
[00:39] <+Soubi> and darq, no disreespect meant but kensuke is an asshole and a jerk
[00:39] <+Soubi> and both at the same time
[00:39] <+Kensuke_Kitty> Darq, he's gonna make me cry.
[00:39] <+Soubi> also, he's a liar
[00:39] <+Sheern> Chill and have a drink together.
[00:39] <+Soubi> fuck that
[00:39] <+Soubi> I'd sooner piss on that building he lives in
[00:39] <iDarq> Me gives ken a tissue to cry on
[00:40] <+Soubi> but that's too far away
[00:40] <+Soubi> fuck you and fuck karma
[00:40] <+Kensuke_Kitty> I'm sure he's devastated.
[00:41] <iDarq> If you don't put that Fuck word away I'll show you my +b


Due to the large amount of traffic generated by this article, Dan Skunk and his furfag crew panicked and moved the channel to #OntarioFurries, where all the drama continues on an INCREASED LEVEL.

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