Totalt ointressant information

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Totalt ointeressant information
Type Facebook Page
Founded 2014
Location Kjöttbullars lan
Key people Philip Hammar, founder
Motto "Horar.. Horar överalt. (Whores.. Whores everywhere.)
Industry Production of whores
Products USI, 13 year old boys and oldfags
Website Fb-favicon.png TOI

Totalt ointressant information (translated from Swedish to "Totally uninteresting information"), is a Facebook group that was formed in early 2014. It's a group where mostly whores with the age ranging mostly from 13 to 25 post pictures of themselves in tight outfits or almost no clothing at all, which is often responded upon with a whole pack of virgins boom-rushing them by either posting dick pictures or expressing a desire to rape said cum dumpsters. This group currently has a whopping 55,000 users, mostly people from Sweden but from other countries as well, like Norway, Denmark and other close countries.

How to become a "TOI" whore/gangsta

Average post to the group.
  1. Make a Facebook user (preferably a fakeprofile that resembles a sexually attractive young female)
  2. Join the Facebook group (Totalt ointeressant information)
  3. Post pictures and other useless shit that might seem relevant to you, but no one really gives a shit
  4. Participate daily in larger threads where people flame on hot women or sandniggers
  5. PROFIT!

Content of the Facebook page

Content almost exclusively porn, Muslim jokes, animal porn, child porn, animal cruelty, pictures where humans are mutilated and status updates of moralfags claiming that the page is evil and needs to be taken down immediately. Though this might be the truth, the page has grown into a phase where it's almost completely self-sustainable. TOI never sleeps, with people active at all times, posting new stupid shit and obsessing over old content that already exist. The dwelling for a multitude of highly opinionated and self-motivated attention whores, "TOI" is a cesspit of hypocrisy, drama and child porn/animal porn/scheizze porn. This is the epicenter of the Scandinavian Facebook users, whoring themselves out as much as possible. Though some people tend to be super srs, they normally end up getting pwned by multiple factors which point in the direction that they're either hypocrites or moralfags. Muslims often tend to stir things up in the group by posting pictures of burning Swedish flags, bragging about money they rip off from the Swedish government, ensuring high-scale flamewars and death threats to these individuals.

Facebook has shut down this group!

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