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The image that started it all.

The tourist guy is an ancient unfunny meme that existed at least 100 years before Web 2.0 was even conceived of.

It started with an image that was supposedly recovered from a camera found at Ground Zero, of a man standing on top of the World Trade Center with a plane visible in the background. The image was passed around in email as "the last moments of a tourist's life," but the plane and the timestamp were obviously shopped, and Snopes debunked it quickly.[1]

A couple of months later, a guy from Hungary came forward and admitted that, not only was he the guy in the picture, he actually did the original shop for the lulz.

As with most image memes, Tourist Guy was quickly beaten into the ground, and now he's considered about as acceptable for shoops as Happy Negro. Possible use as an intentional old meme has not been explored.

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