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Trancy.Mick is a Japanese furry artist, who created a weird furry character named Rain Silves, sprouting a short-lived 4chan meme of "everyone is furry for Rain" and "Rain loevs raep".

Typical suicidal Rain art


General Rain Silves is a Sergal, which is some kind of inbred mixture of a shark, raptor, and a dog. Rain is the leader of the Tatola Desert tribe of Sergals, also known as the "Shigu Clan". The members of this tribe are distinguishable due to their long fur (in comparison to the Sergal of the South Sailzan Desert tribe.)

She is slightly different from the average Sergal. She is much taller and has an eye color mutation which causes her eyes to have a golden pigment instead of grey or blue. She is known to wear ceramic armour into battle and wields what seems to be a double-bladed lance of some sort. She uses the blood of her enemies, or her companion, Gin, to paint the 'blood-trails' that originate from her eyes.

The most interesting part of her anatomy is the prehensile clitoral hood, which resembles a tongue. Some people mistake this for a penis and think that Rain is a hermaphrodite; however, she is female. We think. but Rain is, In fact, Win.

For the Swedish word for rain, see Regn


Trancy's engrish is a sauce of lulz.

"I write the simple commentary of Sergals here. And as for the personality of Rain. Sergal is the creature which is near to Raptor biologically. Life is about the same as a human being, but many people die without becoming 30 years old by a fight. Their staple food bites a small animal and fish such as rabbits to death and does cram it. In addition, they hunt a large-sized grazing beast if they have an edged tool. An average height is 6~6.4feet. Rain is large, and height is 7feet. She kidnaps an infant and a boy of an enemy by gluttony and eats. Rain is brutal, but is more honest in a desire than malice. She will want to eat more children. There are two races in Sergal, and a group of north Tatola Desert is long fur. A group of south Sailzane Desert is short fur. These groups fight from an old days. They put on a ceramic armor. and arms are black person. Their strong legs are the horse levels. Rain is the head of north group. However, "wolf Sir Zyn Crotzwel" of an aide lends a brain to Rain because many Sergal's heads are not good. The intelligence of Sergal is man's 14-years old child level. Character of Sergal is various. What I can say equally is for them to be the loyalty to the boss. Sergal other than Rain have eyes that are gray or light blue. Rain of golden eyes is a mutant. There is not a person having it other than her. Rain was discriminated by the colors of her eyes at young time. Even her mother. People said "eyes of Death" and avoided it for fear of childish Rain. A certain meaning and "Eyes of Death" were true. She became splendid Death. haha. "

Haha indeed.

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