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Calming just looking at it

Tranquillity Bay was a Jamaican resort established to give adolescents a chance to get away from the confusion and tumult in their lives with with a short, expensive vacation. Parents are often pleased after paying for their child's attendance, as often children report that it was like a paradise where they were pampered and restored to full emotional health.


1.Yoga and Massages': When guests are found to be in a state of frustration and anger, staff often ofter free massages and yoga lessons, as it is demonstrated that both are effective in releasing energy and stress in a healthy format.

2.Creative Writing: In order to bolster their writing skills, guests are encouraged to practice writing about simple subjects but to enhance it using creativity so that a descriptive, effective 5,000 word composition is produced.

3. “Observation Placement”: The Observation Placement program is offered to adolescents who need long amounts of rest, relaxation, and time to think. They spend the day in meditation, breathing in the fresh, Jamaican air, and soon are vivacious enough they could practically do 5000 jumping jacks, 3000 crunches and over 9000 push ups three times per day. Guests who find difficulty reaching meditative states may be offered a “massage or a yoga exercise” to help them ease into it.


Send your child to Tranquillity Bay.

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