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— Some random faggot, probably a furry since he faps to mice.

Transformice is a shitty furfag-friendly flash French multiplayer game played mostly by 12-year-olds and fat basement-dwellers. It is a well-known fact that every Transformice player is a virgin. And yet, even though it's riddled with bugs, even though it crashes like 2,000 times because of the shitty French servers, this game is incredibly popular. There are so fucking many players that you are often kicked out of the game when playing, because "the servers are full". Why is such a crappy game that popular? This remains a mystery so far. However, some argue that you can still enjoy the game, not because of its quality, but because of the lulz you can milk out of other players by trolling them hard. It's just like Omegle.

The Players

The Transformice community is quite possibly the most retarded group of fucktards on the planet they are in fact so fucking stupid that scientists are considering them to be a new kind of "Troll"

How to play

L2P here:

The Goal

Basically, you're a mouse yiffing with other mice and trying to bring some delicious cheese to your hole. Some random guy, called the shaman, will have extra powers and will be able to summon stuff to help mice get their hands on this delicious cheese. You get 10 points when you bring your cheese to the hole, -1 point when you die by falling off the map, and an extra 6, 4 or 2 points if you are the first, second or third mouse to get your cheese. After 2 minutes or when everyone has died or won, a new map starts and the player with the highest score becomes the shaman. As time goes on, you unlock some titles and get some "money" that you may spend on items to make your mouse look cooler - because, you know, there are some people nerdy enough to spend time on customizing their own mouse on a shitty flash game. If you are really a dork, you may be interested in the global rating. But this is fucking pointless though.

TL;DR. Instructions on how to play here.

Useful commands

  • /room <room name> will bring you to another room.
  • /title x to choose a title. Basically useless, you may disregard this command.
  • /profile Faggot to view Faggot's profile.
  • /mute Troll in order not to see Troll's message. Not really useful since it's easy as shit to get another account and start trolling again.
  • /ban Troll in order to kick him out of the server. When enough people vote to ban Troll this message will be displayed:

[~Modération] Troll a été banni pendant 1 heures. Raison : Vote populaire.


—Transformice server

See the last word? Populaire. Since Transformice is full of retards who don't realize "populaire" means "popular" in French, many will think it's a magic word and scream "POPULAIRE'D" when the troll is banned, or "POPULAIRE HIM" when a troll is doing his job.

  • /friend X to add X to your friends' list. Only useful if you don't have any friends in real life.
  • /c X Shit in order to whisper "Shit" to X. May be useful if you are trolling in groups.
  • /dance No, seriously, only furries use this.
  • /cry so you can bitch and whine about how shitty you are at Transformice.
  • /laugh Mainly made for troll shamans.


Only true alpha males and hardcore pros can walljump. This was initially a bug, but it became a feature because the French designers were too lazy to fix it. It allows you to climb walls vertically and finish a map without the shaman's help. This may be useful, because most of the time the shaman won't do shit or will be trolling. Walljumpers will often despise people who aren't able to do it, because they are N00BS, LOL. Knowing how to walljump will make you feel superior and cool, and you will be free to insult everyone else in order to hide your own insecurities and loneliness.

If you are too lazy to learn, you may just download and run a script: links found here, here or here.

4chan and Transformice

What happens when a bunch of faggots meets another bunch of faggots? Even moar faggotry. For some reasons 4chan has fallen in love with this game and it has greatly contributed to its popularity. 4channers have scattered in many rooms, depending on the board they come from:

  • /room v: /v/irgins. This is the most 4chan active room. However, most of the players think Transformice is srs business and won't hesistate to ban you for trolling. Here you can meet many basement-dwellers spending their time buying items for their online furry avatar.
  • /room r9k: Robots. They are somehow better to play with, because they care less about the game and prefer to whine about their loneliness, as usual. /v/irgins will use expressions such as "Master race", whereas robots will use "Alpha male" when they brag about themselves.
  • /room /b/: /b/tards. Full of haxx0rs. Occasionally they will go to /room v to troll the shit out of them and then come back when the threats of "ban" and "populaire" come out. This room is less active than the ones above, though.
  • /room g: /g/eeks. Not really active.
  • /room 4chan: The main room for 4channers. Sometimes active, but most of the time people prefer to gather in the boards rooms.

Transformice Memes

Because Transformice 4channers are that retarded, they grow their own shitty local memes. Here is a sample of their retardation

  • POPULAIRE: Happens when someone attempts to troll. They will also say "./ban X" in order to tell everyone they are seriously butthurt by X.
  • >mfw: Stands for My face when. This is especially fucking retarded since they're on a chat and can't post images, making them look like huge faggots. Only douchebags use >mfw.
  • FRENCH PHYSICS: When the shaman is designing a completely fucked up building.
  • Trollball: An item that the shaman uses to push players off the edge of the map when he's too lazy to help them.
  • everytime.jpg: When some collective and predictable fail happens.
  • 1rd, 2st and 3th: Because Transformice players are retarded.
  • Anvil God, sometimes known as Anvil Snake. It has several brothers, such as Plank God or Crate God. Often they fusion together in a terrifying orgy.

How to troll Transformice

Generally Speaking

  • If someone is bothering you, ask them why they're still a virgin.
  • Create multiple accounts, log in with all of them and have people banned using your sockpuppets. Works better if you work in groups.
  • Tell people that doing Ctrl+W will toggle the walljump/cheat/edit/whatever mode. PROTIP: It doesn't.
  • When a level is about to be finished, just stand here and do nothing. The level is finished when everyone is done or when 2 minutes have passed. Making other people wait is called "stalling".

As a Normal Mouse

  • When there is no overlap, i.e. when mice can push each other, you should always try to kill people by pushing them off the edge of the map. Bonus points if you manage to kill the shaman this way.
  • As the shaman creates items, if they aren't anchored, ALWAYS try to push them off the edge of the map.
  • When a plank is in equilibrium, always try to make it fall down, thus making everyone fail at the same time. Many lulz will ensue if you do it properly.
  • If you are paired up with someone else, try to make him fail at any cost. Seeing people fail is lulzier than winning.

As a shaman

Of course it's ridiculously easier, but it may get you banned.

  • When you're about to create planks for a bridge, make ghost ones. People who jump in advance will usually fail.
  • Block the mouse hole and use anchored blocks to do so.

How to Hack Transformice

There were several ways of hacking Transformice but the only working method at the moment is scanning AoB codes with CheatEngine.Org. A tutorial on how to use cheat engine is located in this video. Steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to the login page of and leave the window open
  2. Open cheat engine select your browser.exe that you are currently running Transformice on for Firefox - its plugin container.exe for Flash player projector its flashplayer.exe
  3. Select Array of Bites for value type. (make sure the hex button is always checked)
  4. Paste in the code click first scan a code should appear on on the top left screen on CE double click the value code on it and it should appear bellow of CE.
  5. Double click the value of the code that appeared bellow and replace it with the secondary code.
  6. Login Transformice.
  7. Profit!

Here are some AoB codes...


No nightmode

76 2a 11 03 00 00 29 d3 76 to 76 2a 12 03 00 00 29 d3 76

Bombs and Spirits don´t affect you

d0 66 f4 06 66 f3 06 11 71 00 00 to d0 66 f4 06 66 f3 06 10 72 00 00


66 95 0c 96 12 0e 00 00 d0 d0 2c fa 28 to 66 95 0c 02 12 0e 00 00 d0 d0 2c fa 28

All items d1 62 09 24 01 4f fc 1b 02 to 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02

Crazy Spawn

d0 4f f7 0b 00 d0 4f fc 0b 00 to 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02

Spawn Nails

10 0b 00 00 d0 66 d3 0a 46 8c 23 00 to 10 0b 00 00 d0 66 d4 0a 46 8c 23 00

Instant Spawn

10 58 00 00 d0 d0 66 b2 0a 68 b3 0a to 10 58 00 00 D0 02 02 24 0A 68 B3 0A


d0 66 d8 0a 66 ff 22 68 ad 0b to d0 26 68 ad 0b 02 02 02 02 02

The game constantly gets updated which causes the codes to stop working if you want to find updated ones then you can go to a shitty forum that is specifically made for hacking Transformice and is inhabited by the "New kind of troll" species

Also if you're too fucking lazy to add the codes yourself you can download or make your own cheat table with the cheat engine:

  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+A
  3. Paste in the Template
  4. Put the array that you want to search for "ARRAY THAT YOU WANT TO REPLACE" (replace both)
  5. Put the array that you would normally use to replace the old array (to enable the hack) over "REPLACEMENT ARRAY"
  6. Click File, then Assign to Current Cheat Table
  7. Change the name of the hack by double clicking the box with text in it
  8. Do this for all of your hacks
  9. Click file


[ENABLE] Aobscan(_place,ARRAY THAT YOU WANT TO REPLACE) label(place) registersymbol(place)

_place: place: db REPLACEMENT ARRAY

[DISABLE] place:



Spawn Anywhere v72:

[ENABLE] Aobscan(_place,a2 68 9d 0b 10 08 00 00 d0 d0 66 d4 0b) label(place) registersymbol(place)

_place: place: db a2 68 9d 0b 10 08 00 00 d0 d0 66 db 1a

[DISABLE] place:

db a2 68 9d 0b 10 08 00 00 d0 d0 66 d4 0b


attention whore

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