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Travis Mason-Bushman, shitting himself in public
Not pictured: Travis naked from the waste down save for a diaper filled with shit, which gets this sick fuck off!!!
Adult Baby Fetish Good, Ethics in Journalism and wikipedia editing bad!!!!.
FCYTravis on, before "changing" to attendsboi. He may now have a different nickname.

When asked to identify Wikipedia’s real problem, Moran cites the bureaucratic culture that has formed around the rules and guidelines on contributing, which have become labyrinthine over the years.


—Travis is literally helping kill Wikipedia.

NorthBySouthBaranof aka Travis Mason-Bushman is a 30 year old manchild and self-diagnosed aspie, better known to his diaper-sniffing friends as Attendsboi, and to Wikipedians as Polarscribe or FCYTravis, although saying that on Wikipedia is a bannable offense. He's no stranger to the world of infantilism, and probably goes dumpster diving with Pamperchu. He loves the thought of being an being an adult baby, and all of the attachments that come with it such as the thought of crapping himself and being completely humiliated in public. Maybe this is a defense mechanism, if you had such an ugly, punchable face as Fatis you'd probably learn that disgust is the only irl expression that people are going to give you. Besides being a complete burden to society, he is was also a prolific Wikipedo editor, as one can tell by looking at his user page, where he lists such important factoids as the types of airplanes he's ever flown on, and the name of every California State Park he has ever visited, etc. posted a butthurt message on his userpage after being banned from Wikipedia for tendentious editing on GamerGate topics, in contravention of a topic ban.

Travis's flounce message. Within weeks, he was back to editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia Shenanigans

You can't find a greater example of a typical Wikipedo. A mind-salad of perversion, paranoia, power-infusion, and constant aggression, if you examine Travis you might spend some time wondering who pooped in his diaper, until you really get the point (OMG no!).

Typical Wikipedo

Like all Wikipedos, Travis knows Wikipedia's rules except when he doesn't. He knows enough acronyms like WP:LOLWTFBBQ, WP:NOSCOPE, or whateverthefuck nonsense he can pull out of his ass if you dare challenge his great autistic intellect to beat around the bush that he just might be a complete fucking idiot that never knows what he's talking about. On the other hand, when he wants to break Wikipedia's policies to inject his opinions into an article, the rules don't apply until after he's made the change (which he will diligently defend even if he's proven to be 100% wrong, like all aspies. We're not kidding).

What's most confusing, of course, is why Travis has worked so hard on so many other sites before Wikipedia, and then deleted all his good works. For example, here is a perfectly well-maintained livejournal he used to keep about his diaper fetish. He deleted all his postings on the TeenBaby forums, too, but we have them in the gallery, below. Man, talk about crawling away quickly!

Gimme Sysops Pls: Sockpuppetry

Check out the history of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary and its talk page. He used a]His IP address b] Polarscribe c] FYUTravis accounts to argue the same point and then in a recent edit summary claimed to be a different editor. He protests his innocence (and the edits he made as FYUTravis are now covered up with Polarscribe), which of course is possible, but if you actually examine his approach to the editorial dispute, the editor warring, the lordly tone in discussions, his intolerance to neutral perspectives and the views of others this is clearly not somebody worthy of adminship? You give him the tools and he'll a] Fully protect the Alcatraz article. b] Will make up an excuse to block me. Why do you think an editor who has long departed would suddenly want the tools again? You resysop him and he edits the Alcatraz article as an admin, I swear I will leave this website


TL;DR: Travis is an abusive cunt who actively hurts Wikipedia with each of his edits

Travis, not knowing wtf WP:FRESHSTART is, started for once to actually gain some self-awareness. He realized that 1) there were people that were tired of his bullshit and 2) he was a diaperfag, and nobody except for other sick fucks likes diaperfags. After many nights of diligently plotting about how to regain control over the one thing in his life that brings him joy, Travis made a whole shitload of sockpuppets. Way to go, champ. You're as subtle as Willy On Wheels.

Travis's sockpuppets/alternate accounts (because this faggot is so self-loathing that he can't hold an identity for longer than a month) include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • travismb and travism99, two cleverly named sleeper accounts, ready for the next edit war that Travis wants to wage.
  • WPFavicon.png polarscribe, which is also the name of his twitter handle...
  • The one that makes this faggot relevant beyond 2011 obscurity, WPFavicon.png NorthBySouthBaranof...


Travis reveals that he absolutely loves to talk about himself. He does it so much and so often that when he stuck his dick (still red from a recent diaper rash) into protecting the GamerGate article, it was no surprise that one faggot that did nothing but throw around acronyms to distract from his own mental retardation. Sure, this would seem like the exact opposite course of action to take if you suffer from being a socially-starved virgin loser, but let's not forget that we're talking about a mentally inept subhuman whose only skill is being a 24/7 cosplay of Mario.

Travis, being haphazard in hiding the obvious past on Wikipedia as he is in everything else, left behind a huge steaming turd of connections that only an absolute retard would have to ignore including, but not limited to, abandoning his previous accounts the day that NorthButtSexual was created, and listed his job and education on every single account of his.

His autism became so rampant that even Arbcom noticed and he was topic banned. NorthBySushiouting responded in a perfectly rational and civil manner:

Wikipedia weeps for the loss of yet another oh so neutral contributor... or so it would seem

Nobody Blocks the Baranof!

@Salvio Giuliano: You are asking me to give in to an off-wiki-coordinated harassment campaign because it's apparently inconvenient for Wikipedia to deal with the ramifications of the committee's actions. Sorry, but no, I will not just shut up and go away, as you and the endless string of trolls demand. I apologize if it's inconvenient for you to be continually exposed to a reminder of how unjust the decision was and how precisely I predicted what would happen in its wake — a continual series of SPAs appearing and reappearing to demand that, in this topic area, reliable sources be ignored, BLP violations be accepted and living people be slandered. That is, as it happens, exactly what is going on now. NorthBySouthBaranof (talk) 12:15, 14 February 2015 (UTC)

Salvio, if you truly believe that an editor's refusal to give into an anonymous harassment campaign aimed at forcing them out of a topic area is "battleground behavior," then you have laid the foundation for the destruction of the project, because there will come a tipping point at which time there will be more anonymous trolls than there are good-faith editors and admins left to defend the project's basic principles in contentious topic areas. The goal of these trolls is simple: raise the personal cost of defending the project's basic policies beyond that which anyone wants to bear. Already I have been subjected to numerous attacks, death threats and harassment methods on and off the encyclopedia, for doing little more than demanding that our articles adhere to what reliable sources say, and that our articles reject anonymous attempts at assassinating the character of living people. ArbCom has taught the trolls that all they have to do is depict those who stand up against them as engaging in "battleground behavior" and they win. Already we've seen them come after JzG and others. If you don't think they'll keep going after every single person who tries to enforce the policies against them, you're delusional. And at some point, everyone with a shred of sanity will throw up their hands and give up — even the redoubtable HJ Mitchell, to whom I will entrust any future BLP violations I identify. ArbCom has written the textbook for destroying Wikipedia from within. NorthBySouthBaranof (talk) 12:54, 14 February 2015 (UTC)



—The evil troll boogeymen! Therefore, you should let me edit Wikipedia!

No, Harry. I will not be silenced and intimidated. Either this project respects living people and deals with the issues staring it in the face, or it doesn't. If the project wants to punish me for removing libelous and inappropriate attacks on Gamergate's targets, that's its right. The topic ban is manifestly a shameful, bullshit pander to a group of Internet thugs and if my actions here served to make that even more obvious, well, gee, I'm not sorry. I'm here to write an Internet encyclopedia that respects people and basic human decency. I've been punished for doing that, and I won't stop speaking out about it in all ways available to me within those parameters, until the topic ban is lifted and I'm exonerated for having done nothing more than the dirty work of standing up to an off-wiki-coordinated character-assassination campaign. NorthBySouthBaranof (talk) 19:14, 11 February 2015 (UTC)


—It's so brave to be a white knight.

Indeed, Travis did not "just shut up and go away", as everyone demanded. Because he was topic banned from GamerGate articles, he and another Wikipedia nobody gave interviews to the liberal lefty media outlets Slate and ThinkProgress, months after everyone stopped caring, which shows just how desperate this sort of media outlet has become.

After the rise of Donald Trump and his ascension to the White House, Travis began shitting his diaper because he wanted to join the other regressive Wikipedos in editing anti-Trump topics, some of which were covered by his GamerGate ban. Shortly after the two year anniversary of his ban, Travis appealed and the topic ban was "terminated" by the current Arbitration Committee, some of which were on ArbCom during the GamerGate case.

Exploits in Adult Baby-land

Moar info: FCYTravis/LiveJournal.
  • Displaying a "This user is a professional writer or journalist" tag on his bio page when in fact he edits his community college newspaper. Essjay would be proud.

Prefers Plastic Pants over his Diapers

  • "I like them, especially with poopy diapers... they do a good job of keeping the smell in. :)"

On the Eternal Question of "What are you wearing right now?"

  • "A rather wet (and stinky Embarrassed) Molicare Super Plus with two pairs of plastic pants to keep in the smell *WINK*."

Came to Party!

  • "It's Friday night and my parents are gone until Sunday evening... That means Diapees! :D Got a wet SecurePlus, a new Playtex baba and a nice, comfy blankee. Life is good. :)"

Comes from a Loving Family

  • "I'm sitting five feet away from my father, who, well, obviously enough knows... kinda hard to hide the waddle factor even with jammie bottoms over it. ;)"

Admits his Flaws

Suffers in Silence

  • "I'm sitting in a crappy Walgreens store brand doubled with a small Medline brief."

Exploits on Wikipedia

Doesn't Let Power Go to His Head

  • "Vandalizing the user page of an admin is not a smart thing to do. If I were in a worse mood, I'd block you. But instead I just dizzleted yer vanity. Again." - (August 24, 2005)

Shows an Amazing Clarity of Logic

  • "They have not been made by any criminal court, nor any public prosecutor, nor has he been arrested for any crime. I can file a lawsuit callling you a murderer. That doesn't mean I can put on your Wikipedia bio "Travis Mason-Bushman accused Michael Zeleny of murder." - (December 23, 2005)

Thinks of the Children

  • "Giving such instruction is part of the role of Wikipedia - how would you encyclopedically describe a condom without talking about its employment? Wikipedia is not censored for the protection of minors - even if not showing how to install a condom would somehow "protect minors" from... what, exactly? "The interest of modesty" is not a factor, beyond not linking the image inline. If someone is looking for information about condoms, they're going to get it. It's not like the evil Condom Monster is going to leap out at kids looking at Cookie Monster - OMG HERES A CONDOM OOOOOH LOOK HERE!!" - (November 26, 2005)

Knows His Priorities

  • "I reverted the unexplained replacement of the male model with a female model. I see no particular reason why the bikini pic is any more informative, and I suspect some sort of bias in believing that somehow a woman in a bikini is more of a swimsuit model than a man in a low-cut suit." - (November 25, 2005)

Politely Presents Mature Examples in Arguments

  • "There is no personal attack in my reply. Please point out to me the alleged attack. As for fuck, Using the word "fuck" in every other word of an article would clearly not be very encyclopedic, would it? Please explain to me in which article using "fuck" every other word would contribute to the encyclopedic clarity and informative properties of the article. On the other hand, a photo of someone performing autofellatio is perfectly encyclopedic in the context of an encyclopedia article on that act." - (August 17, 2005)

Steps Carefully around Cutting-Edge Web Technologies

  • "I have not seen any other animated GIFs on Wikipedia... is it really necessary?" - (December 19, 2005)

Was There When Wikipedia was cool

A Brave Defender Against Goals Supporting "the Community"

A Man Who Knows What He Wants

Like, Really Knows What He Wants

  • "A penis is simply... a penis. It's an anatomical thing, not something to hide with 'tact.' We have a picture of a condom atop the Condom page, a picture of an airliner atop Airliner and we should have a picture of a penis at Penis." - (January 17, 2006)

And Always a Gentle and Caring Spirit to Other Faiths

Summing up

And the Reviews are in

On a Wikipedian Site

And FCYTravis is in the Review!

Like many other Wikipedian admins, FYC Travis is avid to help out with the accelerating demise of the Wikipedian's Review.

Sick Fuck

And a Review of FCYTravis

Contemplating the extreme sick fuckery of FCYTravis, one has to admit he is less of a cunt than most of his fellow Wikipedoes. So what do they do for fun?

Gallery of Infantile Discourse

Would You Like to Know more?



  • The best bits of this article were blatantly stolen/taken from Wikitruth (16 Dec.'07). Their article is also funny and quite good. Unfortunately the WikiTruth site is now dead, but thanks to the power of the WayBack Machine, the article lives on!
  • FCY Travis at Wikipedia There is tons of lulzy shit about him there, not yet covered in this article.

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