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Trendpedia looked insignificant, but it was actually a furry propaganda site. It was like a gateway between the rest of the internets and WikiFur. Its articles were full of furry propaganda and bias, promoting "yiff?" and talking about how furry art is sexy. In its praise of WikiFur and GreenRaeper and all things furry, it blatantly declared WikiFur to be superior to all other wikis. Its contributors all had names like fursuseki and shitfox and catsexupday and the owner has instituted a cunning scheme whereby nobody was able to register or post except him and his friends because registering and/or posting depends on having a retarded and non functioning "Key Maker" Java applet generate a key. This kind of defeated the point of it being a Wiki since nobody could edit it but eh, whatever.

The difference from the several hundred ED ripoffs made daily was the special feature of banner ads. Sadly, no one wanted to buy ad space from a btard.

It was run by whoever Miltopia has a grudge against, switching owners by the day to ensure his Butthurtus Maximus.

The owner of this sorry piece of internet sewage actually asserted, "Encyclopedia Dramatica isn't very notable. Wikipedia is." Rather baseless, right?


In a loleriffic display of paranoia the mysterious figure behind this fagtastic effort encrypted his WHOIS data. What a pussy! Anyone reading this who knows about such things is urged to decrypt it ASAP so we can learn who this chickenshit really is.


As the epitome of "Asshat", for months Trendpedia's lone admin would give you malware if you went to the links. At the same time as he stopped this faggotry, he also removed just about all of the articles on individuals. So there were no links for the last few months of the site's sorry existence. Now it's gone altogether, although it appears to have been taken over by Wikipedia.


Studies proved that 9 times out of 10 when you hit the 'random page' button you would land on the entry for "Asshat". The entry eloquently read, "Asshat is an insulting slang term implying either bumbling stupidity or arrogance as in 'having one's head up one's ass'. It was used on an episode of That 70s Show in 2000, and on usenet as far back as 1998."

Trendpedia diction read like a 3rd grade research paper entirely referenced and plagiarized from out-of-date encyclopedias.

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