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Jump to navigation Jump to search is yet another social networking site just like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, orkut, and all those other ones too. The reason that is different is that it’s where all the Burning Man aficionados browse for hot anonymous sex hookups and rave parties where they can pretend they’re still out in the desert incapacitated by hallucinogens. Since it’s primarily a Burning Man hangout it tends to not attract teenyboppers, and as such the “tribes” (discussion groups) which aren’t swamped with chakra-obsessed polyamorous vegan firespinning techno DJs are actually fairly interesting and convivial. They don’t tend to last however, since the hordes of burner clones usually invade them with postings looking for free rides to BM, free crash pads, free pot and acid hookups, free erotic massages, and free organic pig semen.

Trolling burners is pretty easy and quite fun, hence is the best place to find them and fuck with them en masse. The place to start is not the obvious “Burning Man” tribe (which is the largest group on the site), but instead one of the smaller regional groups or one devoted to a specific ideology. With a little effort the troll can spread his or her influence from that group into related groups and build a following that can lead to enormous drama.

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