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Kevin "Triggur" Kelm is a whiny, third-rate, washed-up, middle-aged, hypocritical poop-fetishist and furfag from Colorado who takes the internet too seriously. His many claims to fame include creating the hoax IQ Test, having his head removed from his ass hemmorhoid surgery, and having his nuts removed by court order. His favorite place to poop is the bedroom and on Kindrift.

Triggur keeps his nuts in a jar for the lulz and is currently spending his last lonely days—using unconvincing sockpuppets that fool no-one—to froth with butthurt raeg about Xydexx.

For the love of god and all that is holy, whatever you do, don't ask to see his puppy.


Epic drama queen

In 2006, Triggur put together a histrionic YouTube video entitled "Pride vs. Progress", wherein he freaked out to hilarious effect and screeched with indignation over half-naked men wearing assless chaps. He later deleted the video and related post in a fit of Troll's remorse.

Goodbye, Cruel Internet

In November 2008, Triggur blanked his website, wiped out his LJ, demanded WikiFur delete everything about him, and generally tried to delete everything forevar. According to the geniuses over on Vivisector, this was "a desperate attempt to remove any traces of his 'former self' lest a potential employer google him and laugh as his resume sails toward the trash." Other sources say Triggur was just preparing to launch his new career as an hero.

Nobody was ever meant to see that much dookie and that much blood all in the same place.



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