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Trojanbaby -- as herself!
Trojanbaby considers herself an authority on the fugliness of others.

Lj-favicon.png trojanbaby, also known as Lj-favicon.png bebewood, is one of the morons who have been featured on LJ Drama.

Trojanbaby believes that abortion is worse than raping a baby, thus proving what a fucked up individual she is. This revelation came when the ohbutyouwillpet drama came to light, sparking debates across the Internets. Trojanbaby argues that baby rape is a lesser crime, despite reading of just such an act through the ohbutyouwillpet episode. She also says that if it were up to her, she wouldn't have sex and that if a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, she should just have anal sex.

Sporting size 0 jeans and a 34AAA cup, trojanbaby thinks she is a "fatfatfatty" and considers anyone bigger than her obese. She believes that crooked teeth are not genetic and instead caused by licking your gums as a child. Trojanbaby has expressed her desire to weigh 70 pounds at 5'3", but isn't anorexic because her hair is shiny. She's also a big fan of Paris Hilton. What this girl really needs is to be impaled on a large, sharp object.