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In Internet parlance, a trollsona is a false identity a troll will adopt while trolling a potential victim. The word is a portmanteau of the words 'troll' and persona'. It is not to be confused with the gay recolor shit that Homosuck fantards do, which is an entirely different thing, despite having the same name. The name comes from the term fursona, due to being a similar process of where fanatsizing an idealized version of themselves to portray to their perspective community.

The term is generally rooted in Chris-chan trolling, where the Internet's favorite manchild, Christian Weston Chandler, would routinely come up against perfidious individuals who wanted, for various reasons, to sully his name and reputation and steal the copyrights of his precious Sonichu franchise.

Curse those slanderous trolls!
This shit isn't what we're talking about. If you were expecting something like this, please do the Internet a favor and fall on a spike.

Names such as Clyde Cash, Jimmy Hill, BILLY MAYS, Surfshack Tito, Thorg, and the like have become the stuff of Internet legend in trolling circles and many are those who would seek to carve their own likenesses on the majestic edifice that is Mount Trollmoar.

However, many misunderstand the purpose of a trollsona and what a trollsona is actually used for. Trolling is a art, after all.

Not every troll has to have a trollsona and, more often than not, they are completely unnecessary. Trollsonas work best when they give the victim of trolling a name and a face that they can hang all their miseries upon, an unseen villain at whom they can vent their tard rage. Chris-chan trolling is a beautiful example of this.

Trollsonas also work best when the person behind said trollsona isn't a troll shielding attention whore who's trying to score points with the cool kids by showboating and attempting to play to the gallery at the expense of making their trolling efforts actually funny - a good troll using a trollsona never garners more attention than the victim of their trolling. Such behavior is considered the height of epic ween and almost universally frowned upon.

It is likely that those who spend hours creating intricately crafted trollsonas that show off how cool and awesome they are would be more at home creating another kind of persona.

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