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A shining example of the wit and maturity of Trollwars members. was a forum run by the Internet Mafia as a place to meet and insult other Trolls. Most of the participants were Yahoo! n00bs who spent their time trying to drive each other off the website. In other words, it was the best site on the internet.

The shit-slinging was arguably a way to flex your e-muscles and stretch your e-penis, but was mostly to weed out the wannabes who came to "learn how to be a troll lol". As such, the quality of content would fluctuate from post to post, or sentence to sentence, as seen in the following example.

Cranky Bastard:
There's two methods of trolling here.
The most prominent seems to be discussing whatever topics may arise and vigorously pursuing your position without any restrictions on how extreme you get or who gets called what. It's rather like the Ultimate Fighting Championship of debating.
The second is to pursue Troll-godhood by being so annoyingly obnoxious to everyone that we all hit you with minusus (dipshit rating). The most prolific dipshit or even those with no blessings take on their own little rep as "one of those" trolls.
It takes a really thick skin to be the second type of troll, because we feed on wannabes. As I said in some other post, we eat our young.

I can't tell if this piece of shit is talking to me or not, but my official response either way is as following:
I am looking forward to your response to the following:
_______D~~~~ This is the size of your penis IRL LOL.

Cranky Bastard:
Yeah, I was talking to you. Do you have a fixation with small dicks? Then you're talking to the wrong person.
And before you assume I'm like Sweet Dick Willy who claims bitches drool all over his 49-foot dick, I'm not one of those posers, either.
Your troll attempt was flat, amateurish, and more suited to Yahoo. [image of smiley giving the finger]

I have read your messages and propose the following reply.
Please refer to my previous ASCII diagram, as seen here:
Quote from: LOL U <3 WANG on Today at 03:21:34 AM
_______D~~~~ This is the size of your penis IRL LOL.
If you take a moment to study the diagram, you'll also notice that you have no balls.

Troll Attack

Attack on Muslim Kidz guestbook. Roxor.

When not going through page after page of tired insults and your mom jokes, the trolls would post a link to a guestbook, forum, or online petition, and send the army to spam it with random offensive comments and WWW.TROLLWARS.COM floods. It frequently became a pissing contest to see (a) who could get banned the fastest, or (b) who could get the most death threats. Great fun was had by all.

Serious Business

Occasionally, the trolls would take a break from all their hard work and sit down together to discuss important, real-world topics.

Posted by Rock and Troll on: March 05, 2006, 09:51:27 AM

I want to know why people waste their time hating kikes when there are sandniggers
to hate. There are maybe 30 million jews left in the world, with the large majority
either in Israel or the US. Yes, they hold a disproportionate amount of power and
influence, but that's because they are smart and tend to work hard in school and at
their jobs (the sneaky fucks). But let's face it, for all their power and influence
they are a fading people, they don't breed much and they intermarry as often as not.

Meanwhile there are a billion dunecoon savage beast animals out there, and
they breed like rats. They have invaded Europe and will take over whole countries
there in 50-100 years. They already are the majority in 47 countries (all shitholes).
They don't work, and they don't contribute anything positive to the planet. Compare
the accomplishments of these death worshippers to the accomplishments of Jews and
tell me who has added more to our lives.

Teh ned

In early 2006, the website suddenly disappeared, along with the website of its creators. This occurred during a failed invasion of Troll Kingdom, in which the "trolls" of Trollwars were reduced to nothing more than image spamming.

After being subjected to numerous abuses, such as having fake temp forums created in which all their plots were discovered through a "private" message system and their accounts randomly tampered with for the amusement of other no-life basement-dwelling trolls, the remnants of Trollwars began a new venture in the form of Troll Valhalla, which was quickly bombed with browser-crashing hubble space photos, much to the detriment of their registration process.

___...---***We Will Never Forget***---...___

Troll Valhalla




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