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Deviantart-favicon.png Trumi, also known as pat or True me, was an annoying, naive, Engrish-speaking Polish animu "artist" and a drama whore crybaby who quit DeviantART forever, and came back the next day with a bang, in order to annoy everyone more.

About Trumi

Trumi visits your DevianTART page. "Does it satisfies you?"

Exactly who-even we don't know !

"Please see and comment"

Attention was all he cared for, so he got what he deserved: a ban!

Trumi typically was going around and asked random people to comment on his "old traces". When told he had badly traced-off his shit, he went totally emo and stalked you on the Internets while whining constantly and declaring you to be his new "Internet friend" (or "fiend"). Trumi age is unknown (as of 2008) and well, as he was actually quite naive, there could be no excuse for his faggotry.

When called on his obvious tracing, he will do one of these following things:

  • Hide the comment (because he is a coward and a naive one)
  • Send a note to the offending tartlet/troll (like that would help him...)
  • Fire off a long message full of spelling and grammatical errors, expressing his useless frustration that he can't prove he didn't trace.

(He was not convincing and he couldn't even type properly).

Or he will just flood the offender with a large number of various messages over the period of several days -- hoping that he would be forgiven, just like the typical, naive fool he was.

Practice makes perfect


—Trumi's "Personal Quote"

'Practice' made a fool of you, Trumi !

Do not have


—Trumi's new "Personal Quote" ( plain, unoriginal and obviously not invented by him)

Trumi agrees (not hidden by him for reasons unknown)

All of these proves that he was naive and may have had emotional issues.

Trumi is one annoying guy-and wants YOU to comment

"Picture of Chun-li,my favourite character from Street Fighter, in 2 moods: sad and happy. Done in pencil, I also added shadows and inked the picture. Work time: 2 hours. I am a rookie and my work may seem bad for more experienced artists. Sorry for that. Please comment. Original character owned by Capcom."[1]
  • Please see and comment on my new Chun li picture,ok ?[2]
  • Please see and comment on my new Chun li picture,ok ?[3]
  • Hej Prosze rzuć okiem na mój nowy rysunek Chun li,ok ?[4]
  • hello ! What's up. please rate and comment my Chun li picture,ok ?[5]
  • hello ! What's up. please rate and comment my Chun li picture,ok ?[6]
  • hello !What's up. please rate and comment my Chun li picture,ok ? dREAM Fish? Maybe a little red fish,looking like a joker ? :-)[7]
  • very nice picture with an interesing style. Neat and beautiful work. If you like Chun li, please take a look at my picture of her and comment,ok ?[8]
  • very nice picture with an interesing style. Neat and beautiful work. If you like Chun li, please take a look at my picture of her and comment,ok ?[9]
  • very nice picture with an interesing style. Neat and beautiful work. If you like Chun li, please take a look at my picture of her and comment,ok ?[10]
  • very nice picture with an interesing style. Neat and beautiful work. If you like Chun li, please take a look at my picture of her and comment,ok ?[11]
  • I love Chun li I must say that: Pretty Chun li as she should be ! Neat and well done. Congrats Please see and comment on my newest Chun li picture,ok ?[12]
  • Pretty Chun li as she should be ! Neat and well done. Congrats Please see and comment on my newest Chun li picture,ok ?[13]
  • Hello Luca ! Long time no see. YourSakuraxKarin sketch is pretty inspiring an neat. She is a beuty in my opinion What's new ? I add you to friends I was foolish.. missing such a great girl and artist like you.. and your hard work. DO you like my newest Chun li picture and gallery ? Plese see it when you have time ,ok ?[14]
  • HEY ! What's up? How is your hamster ? Please take a look at my Chun li,ok ?[15]

Okay ? Got it,you fool ?


Unnecessary,naive and rather plain.

Original art by Namco-original namco artists worked hard to make Taki look good


"[R]epainted and remastered-meaning 100% trace,fail and no explanation why he traced-perhaps because he was just naive and absolutely hopeless ! At least he had removed it,but this only proves that he was a coward "
Silent Hill Oh! My Goddess original fanart-What a fail-will he ever learn ? I don't think so-he put Kosuke Fujishima's works to shame ! Luckilly,he had stopped 'drawing' Ah! My Goddess related art

Well another dAY,ANOTHER ART. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY:dRAW UNTIL YOU ACHIEVE PERFECTION. I feel great thanks to my friends like KOS-MOS and other artists. I am glad to be a part of this always growing community. I still have much to learn.................. That's all for today.Have a nice week everyone. Umi Ryuuzaki i wish you would have existed and be my friend,hehe..


—Trumi, Trumi thougts (Mar 26, 2008)

Naive expectations-leading to more drama...

It is the first time someone has told me that I do not have my own style and that I steal work from others. Also that person said that my Oh my goddess wallpaper do not includes info on real makers of this ! And that I can fall into trouble.... Why,why have you accussed me EdwinBG2 ? I feel so sad and ashamed.... am I in real trouble ? Please help me friends ! Tell me something


—Trumi, I am so depressed... (Apr 5, 2008)

Trumi depression

I must say i became an art-oholic. i can't stop painting new pictures. Man, my style has changed so much.... From simple sketchin or using cribs, through digital art to traditional. I am so excited(so stupid). I had nearly 1000 views and nearly 400 comments added by others(wow-what a huge number XD). I met new friends and learned a lot... I am so delighted to make you happy friends. I wish good luck to all artists,especially these begginig their adventure on Deviantart. Is it love or passion ?


—Trumi, Is it love or passion ? (Apr 7, 2008)

Trumi mania

I do not know what to say more and more artist accuse me of stealing.... My god.... What can I do ? Should I leave deviantart ? I am not a master... but stop saying that I steal things [...] I think of leaving...


—Trumi, Guilty (Apr 12, 2008)

Trumi-just another naive tracer

This is to anyone going "ZOMG! STOP THE ART THIeF,LAW!" Ummm I hate to ruin it for you guys, but it's not even a law yet.


—Trumi, ruining it for us guys (Apr 12, 2008)

Trumi-has no idea what law is all about.

No one should be laughed at because of art. Remember this. Original artists ? I will always credit them.


—Trumi, Another typical day (Apr 12, 2008)

Trumi-you should be laughed at simply for making such comments !

Comment hidden by Owner


—Other artists commenting on trumi's artwork

This proves he is a coward -once again.

The Trumi Saga of 2008

April 27: ED deviantcide

Goodbye cruel Internets!

On April 27, 2008, within the hours since the creation of this article, the news about it reached trumi, who promtly launched the final solution.

Well. It's really high time for me to say goodbye. I have been put to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Now everyone will learn about my foolishness if they think I am a tracing emo fool. This is the end. Game over. I have removed all deviations and i wish that other artists will remeber me. Thanks ElStormo you won. Sorry for removing all the favs.


—Trumi, bye ! (Apr 27, 2008)

I didn't expect him to delete fucking everything... sorry mate, I did it for the lulz.



Well, good night sweet prince.

April 28: Back with a vengeance

You tell the nasty people, trumi!

After getting over the initial ED trauma, trumi has decided that the world would be much less lulzy without him, and so he has returned the next day from the place where all an heroes go, and in his own,pathetic words, "some blocks will help". It would seem trumi still holds the people who pointed out his plagiary responsible, rather than the plagiary itself and his lack of skill. Wiping his gallery and blocking hecklers will obviously hide the fact that he can't draw for shit and is a complete looser,who fails at life. He further said he doesn't care about black people critics now, and stated:

Even ED won't bother me, becuase I like Wikipedia (tm) better.


—Trumi, I am back ! (Apr 28, 2008)

This was already voted as The Greatest Comeback of 2008. Curses on you,Trumi !

April 29: Trumi understands something important

Double facepalm.jpg

I understood something important thanks to Encyclopedia dramatica. It's purpose is to make people learn on their mistakes and to make them laugh not only at others jokes,but also at ourselves. It is very important. This ED article is funny and helpful: it taught me how to behave to not do the same mistake again and to be honest and mention original artists. Also Thanks to them I got over it. I will remember to mention or credit the original users and won't bother others to see pics I have-attention comes when it wants to. Thanks Encyclopediadramatica staff- Thanks to you I will be a better artist and avoid same mistakes in the future.

Now I understand the true purpose of ED:to make people better.


—Trumi (as Glaci)

What a pathetic way to go ! He should have remained silent and embarrassed... and took his time to reconsider his wrongs.

As written four times in a row in this article. Way to go, trumi! So just get it,shut up,accept your past and don't make it worse,ok ?


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