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Donald Trump

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Police.gif Fact Alert
Donald Trump bought a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Couldnt Stop Trump.jpg

I would look her in that fat, ugly face of hers and say 'Rosie, you're fired!'


—Donald Trump

The Donald, or Donald Trump (Did Nothing Wrong), is a god amongst men. Never half-piss around when The Donald is around cause he'll rape you for not fully pissing around, fire you for being unproductive, sue you for libel, and pillage your clan of its cattle. Donald Trump is a fucking genius. One fact that proves just how much of a genius The Donald is, he has personally gone bankrupt four fucking times. Wrong, faggot.He's pissed away billions of dollars and yet people still get in line to give this asshole their money. In addition to the power to dupe Jews and goyim out of their money, Trump also has the ability to suspend time itself. This amazing power means that even though he continues to get older, his girlfriends never age beyond 23. This power is also known as "money," and allows even an ugly, paunchy, used car salesman like Trump to score more tail than you ever will. Fags at ED stand behind him every step of the way.

He also has his own world renowned television show, in which he makes niggers and women do his work for him. Recently, Trump is running for president and has, surprisingly, been supported by many. On the other hand, many lulz were had at his expense. The Donald is a primordial source of lulz, for example he was what caused Loki to cut off Sif's golden hair because The Donald only deserves the best in toupées.

Just another day on Trump's Twitter account.


ED Approved

Hey, Donald Trump! I saw what you did with Rosie.
I just wanted to say keep up the good work.

The Donald gets the Encyclopedia Dramatica seal of approval.

Sif's hair toupée.

Life of Leisure

Trump during his daily routine.

Trump spends his days in his Manhattan home, eating delicious cake and playing with himself. He dreams of Jessi Slaughter and faps his 24 karat gilded five inch penis. In recent years he has begun to lure in little boys with wads of cash to have sex with him. Trump, being the latent homosexual that is his agenda, is the sole financial source behind Boku no Pico. It is rumored that the plot is inspired by Trump's childhood, but given how much Trump brags about his accomplishments, if he did have such an awesome childhood--he'd never shut the fuck up about it. It is speculated that he will pander to militant homosexuals after he locks up the GOP nomination. He also has an extensive wardrobe, which ranges from green business suits to skimpy, black panties. It should be noted that Trump has managed to bankrupt his entire business empire, twice, the first time it was a chain of casino resorts, which even those with the most tenuous grasp on economics, will tell you is fucking impossible unless you are a hire complete and utter retards. Both times Trump got back on his feet again, from a combination of giving blowjobs to his neo-con friends (including the Clintons) and begging for bailouts from the government. The joke is on you cause he has "fuck you" money many times over and you are reading this not fully clothed.

The Apprentice

Trump's great reality television show is called The Apprentice. The show also has a retarded brother called "The Celebrity Apprentice." This show has been home to many stars, including Lil' Jon, La Toya Jackson, and that one fat guy. Donald Trump has also been seen extorting money from other contestants including rock singer Meatloaf. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be hosting the next The Celebrity Apprentice because even Donald Trump's job has been stolen by an immigrant.

2012 Presidential Election

I do not know what the 13 stripes represent [on the US flag].


—Donald Trump on The Colbert Report

2016 Presidential Election

Self Explanatory.
The Trump Train has no brakes!
If only pundits were as aware as this meme regarding Trump's rise.
This is what stormfags actually beleive.
To understand today’s Republican Party, you have to understand that despite the fact that they had on the stage five governors, three senators, and a brain surgeon, first and foremost they wanted to get the opinion of Donald Trump—a ham-colored cartoon character from I Love the ‘80s. Once you accept that, the rest of the night makes perfect sense.

That’s all they have to sell: fear. Hope and change meet pee and poo. The entire slate of them up there seemed entirely unaware of the fact that women can now vote. Megyn Kelly asked Trump right off the bat about Trump calling women ‘fat pigs,’ ‘slobs,’ and ‘dogs.’ Trump’s answer? ‘I don’t have time for political correctness.’ He’s like one of those construction workers from the ‘70s who goes, ‘Nice tits. Oh, what? I can’t compliment a lady anymore?’ It’s crazy.”


— --Bill Maher, a typical libtard who can't be more mature than "pee and poo."

Sorry, Trump! I'm not voting for you and I don't think anybody else will, either.


Chris-chan stumps the Trump. (Now that Chris-chan's a shemale, he's a leftist.)

More on why Trump will win ==> [1]

Trump vs Trump

Trump 'Make America Great Again' Hat Meme

In 2015, Trump introduced his campaign swag bearing the slogan 'Make America Great Again'.

By the end of 2016, it is expected that everyone in America who isn't a SJW or ISIS member will be sporting the popular 'Make America Great Again' ballcap   

Rick Wilson

Dopey cuckservative, father of aspiring piss-pimp.

Within the frigid depths of January, 2016, Republican media consultant and adviser to multiple failed candidates Rick Wilson railed against Trump the only way he knew how. During a television interview, Wilson denounced Trump's younger supporters as childless men who fap to anime and will never amount to anything. Though none can deny the obvious truth of such a statement, said lack of refutation did nothing to deter something along the lines of blowback.

Watchful and doubtlessly butthurt Trumpenkriegers almost immediately discovered that Wilson's son was a 19 year old layabout whose primary activity was writing and publishing blatantly cringeworthy snuff and rape fapfiction. It appears as though Wilson has yet to realize the hypocrisy of the situation, as his own deviant wastrel is no better than the weeaboos he openly loathes.


The notorious suppressed 1991 documentary
Donald Trump is ISIS' number one recruiter.

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Trump Gallery About missing Pics

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