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Real Name Kim Roovers
Born 30 March 1997
Residence Netherlands
deviantART Deviantart-favicon.png Truth-Lely-Gaia (active)
Dumblr Tumblricon.png truth-lely-gaia
JewTube YouTube Favicon.png Truth-Lely-Gaia

Deviantart-favicon.png Truth-Lely-Gaia (also known as KYJANA, KIM ROOVERS, and [INSERT NEW SELF-INSERT NAME HERE]) is a average sonic fan as well as a talented artist. She fangirls over the one and only Wannabe Edgy The Hedgie aka: Shadow The Faghog from the one and only crapload known as Sanic, She has a habit of getting spammed and because she has so many 16 year old haters and because of her past and interests, Kim doesn't want to grow up which is no wonder she spends all of her time ignoring the sonic SJW fans, original, and even SUGOI DESUNAYYYYYY. Many individuals state that she constantly gets harassed stalked and even attempted to leave because of the sudden butthurt moralfags on a perverted art site with millions of fetish post and pictures.

Crawling In Relationships

Deviantart-favicon.png shadowthehedgehog950

Deviantart-favicon.png flamez777 (Wannabe)

Not a boyfriend, more a 'I want to fuck you in an alleyway' kind of love. Flameyboy here is a hugeeeeeee crush of Kim's simply because he is so HAWWTTT and badass who honestly doesn't care about her and wants her fan more than her because BOOOOOBBSSS

Kim realised the only man for her was the one and only Shadow The Hedgehog, especially on the 28th of February 2016 where she declared herself as Shadow's real girlfriend. Who she is lucky to have as a persona since people who are anti sonic fags always treat her like shit like she is not human mostly because of stupid anti sonic and extreme sonic fantards.

Being a True Artist.

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But is it art?

As Kim believes she is a true artist(which is very true) and can't change in any way possible because she's somehow strangely cool, she knows how to draw properly unlike other shitty "artists" on the site who beg for requests and begging for comments and faves.

Nobody Understands Me

Kim possesses the amazing art skills of being able to produce art that releases her inner emotions she must encounter everyday by being herself. Just be lucky she never makes kill art on people who bitch about her like the world is only about them only.

Remember kids!: always express yourself through art and never on your body! Say no to self-harm!

Art Thievery

One day, a group of people on deviantArt had come together to help devise and pile up a bunch of pictures that our amazing queen had totally made by herself. Her main source of this bullshit is mostly poorly traced from a hentai artist known as Slugbox.

Because of this, her artwork's anatomy snaps in fucking half in the most unpleasing and unsettling way imaginable


Even if you're not real, even if people will call me crazy. I always have loved you. Not as a fangirl, but... as a girlfriend.



I am real for you, not them.


—Kim's Shadow telling her he is real for her.

I'm sorry,

I'm truly sorry for the scars and damage I've done with my dumb behavior Sure I might be 18, but that doesn't mean anything I'm still allowed to make mistakes as a human being I'm not living a sin to make a human mistake Please forgive me and let's move on, it's all I ask for I ask for nothing more and nothing less I don't ask for fame, attention or a fight I ask for forgiveness and peace I would repeat saying that I'm sorry for this whole journal as a spam... But... that's how sorry I am. If I could say this in voice, you would hear how sorry I am How much I regret for the wrong path I took I'm sorry..~


—Kim's cancer poetry.

A: Rather not... I don't take or accept critique. Not even suggestions from strangers. Most people won't understand my thoughts and character process anyways. I'm not perfect and I'm only here to draw for the fun and I improve on my own without any help


—Kim stating she is improving on her own.

6. It's made to be an abusive relationship (While I think that many pairings that are made out to be "abusive" aren't I've seen a lot involving an OC that makes the character look like a rapist. I'm looking at YOU Truth-Lely-Gaia. *Looks at my poor green hedgehog you made out to be a creeper*)


JINXDROWNED, hating her for weaboo reasons but still handing it to the baby.

can we please keep this between us? There is no reason to spread a problem in the open internet cause people will blame either me or you for it. We could have just talked in notes, such problems need to be private you never know how the internet people will use it against us


—Kim being a cunt to her Fan after a dude she wanted to date was more interested in her fan's hakuna matatas


Kim often dedicates her shitty JewTube to crappy speedpaints of how she wants to bone Shadow and also fail attempts of speeches and GOD AWFUL "animation". Come embrace the wonders of Kyvagina's amazingggg talents.

So apparently the hoe likes splatoon now

Here we see Kim and Shadow playing games together.

A rant about how she steals artwork.

Long as fuck video but good points about this hoe


Someone want some Skul dick tonight

How To Troll Her

  • Critique her art.
  • Tell Her sonic art isn't real art.
  • Redesign her shitty hoe character.
  • Be a man who can do a good impersonator of Shadow The Hedgehog [100% chance of getting her on Skype].
  • Tell her she's too sexual.
  • Tell her she's too frigid.
  • Tell her men only like her to jack off.
  • Say her Deviantart-favicon.png kurokokokoru-emo is better than her.
  • Tell her she's sexist.
  • Tell her you are glad she cuts herself.
  • Tell her it makes you lulz that her ex faked his death.
  • Tell her she's going to die alone.
  • Call her a Weaboo.
  • Call her Kim.
  • Say Flamez will never love her because he's just as big of a faggot as she is.
  • Point out how much of a fake gamer she is.
  • Make a journal calling her out.
  • Steal her crappy oc.
  • Pretend to be like Shadow The Hedgehog [potential chance of a possible date]
  • Tell her how much of a Mary Sue her shitty character is.

Whiteknights and Blacknights?

For those who just want some fucking ASSSSSS. There are some moralfags that get butthurt and act like 5 year old fantards who act like they have never seen or heard of the P0RNZ and rule34. Going all: OMGZZ YOU MAKES THE PORNZ OF MY SAVOIR SONIC!!! GETS OFFS THE INTERWEBS YOU SONIC FURFAG!!! 111!!! which are like praise jesus she draws vagina, yet there are also some really pathetic people desperate for some fictional tits which are like the only good thing KYJOKE is good at making.

Deviantart-favicon.png DatCrazyCatCritic(AKA shadowfan92) - who is a well known "critic" shitty "original" doll maker OC maker raging hater of Akaidaila(maybe even a fetish of her) who stalking and talking about her to this day and tries to convincing people she is the devil/Donald Trump of the sonic fan base.

Deviantart-favicon.png ToxicPhantomSan -"JUST LEAVE HER ALONE OKAY", the master of criticism regarding events.

YouTube Favicon.png [1] SkulShurtugalTCG is a sad lonely desperate pokemon wanker who basically attempting to ditch his wife as an artist to get some of the Truth-Lely-Ass.

There is also the occasional furfags who vandalise this page attempting to get validation and spunked on by their mighty gaia.

Can be found

deviantART|Deviantart-favicon.png Truth-Lely-Gaia (active) Dumblr|Tumblricon.png truth-lely-gaia Dumblr|Tumblricon.png demureduskHer cringy new one JewTube|YouTube Favicon.png

Twitter: @PixelInkling Amino:

Her cancer of FurAffinity:

Now she have a discord server please send her lulz:

If you wanna trigger her more and say her self insert is a mary sue,here is her perosnal disocrd: -- ̗̀ Pixel | | Kyjana ̖́-#8071

Her skype: Kyjana Creations live:demuredusk

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