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Definitely an inside job. You can see the cruise missile's smoke trail in the upper left corner.

Truthers are sanctimonious pricks who believe in absurd conspiracy theories blaming the US Government for 9/11 butthurt, when it is obvious that Jews were responsible for the attacks. While the truthers usually then counter that Jews control the government as well and therefore the government was responsible, this ignores the fact that in the end, it's still really the Jews that are the most proximate cause. The 9/11 truth movement are the hacks that realized that you could fleece gullible fools by ripping off an YouTube Favicon.png Immortal Technique song and calling it an ideology.

Many truthers also believe in bizarre theories in combination with their 9/11 theory, including one or more of the following:


Truther beliefs amount to political fiction written by insecure faggots who want an excuse to hate authority, to feel superior to people who don't believe in their idiotic filth, and who probably fap to posters of Neo from the Matrix. The reason they fail hard is they expect their foolishness to be taken seriously, leading to a classic case of Unwarranted self importance. The most advanced sufferers of this delusion metaphorically (and physically) have their head so far up their own ass they can see out their own mouth, accusing others of being stupid for not accepting their idiotic theories, and insisting that their fictional view of reality is correct.

Truther are several rungs below Scientologists, people who believe that gray aliens with big black eyes are being covered up by the government, and people who think they are/want to be vampires. Given their delusional beliefs, they are in very good company with the mentally retarded and the general population of /b/ (significant overlap between those groups amirite? [ No, uamrong ]).

This conspiracy theory has spawned a subculture on the internet, with the result that the viral idea that terrorism is fake and instead the us government is complicit in 9/11 has spread to infect the moron population of the internet (at least 70% at risk of infection, based on numbers I made up). This means it's important to let truthers know they are failures, to try to save them. Of course they're usually too stupid to save and would probably just find something else to believe in anyway, so it's probably not worth the time.

The truther mentality is similar to that of the mother of Ronald McNair, one of the astronauts killed in the Challenger disaster, who was convinced until the day she died that her son had survived the disaster and was alive on an island. This shows how the mind can embrace a lie to avoid acknowledging painful realities.

Ronald is still alive. He's a good swimmer, a smart boy. He fell into that ocean and swam to an island somewhere. They'll find him someday.


—Pearl Montgomery McNair, displaying the ability of the human mind to believe a lie when it is easier than confronting the truth


Truthfags in their natural habitat: obnoxious and pointless protests that allow them to revel in their social maladjustment like a dog rolling in its own shit
Retarded troll trolling even more retarded truther with stupid internet memes. DO A BARREL ROLL!!!
Typical truther expressing the prevailing opinion of the 9/11 truth movement
Truthers have obsessions with calling people who don't believe their batshit ways a sheep. Note his grammar.

The truther emerged from anger over the failure of the US Government to protect its buildings from AIPAC's Jew-skewing of foreign policy (namely, supporting Israfail), causing massive butthurt and setting the stage for the jew pwning of wtc. Because the truther couldn't accept that their government was incompetent, they decided it was instead complicit, and spent the next six years claiming that tiny puffs of smoke proved their dumb idea was actually what happened. Unlike Holocaust deniers, who are right, these guys are really just a bunch of jewlovers who refuse to accept the mainstream reality. Their ego tends to be the main fuel for their beliefs and often annoying advocacy on the internet and elsewhere.

Part of being a truther is the belief that you're so fantastically clever that you can figure out the massive world conspiracies that all the sheeple can't see. The idea that maybe the US government isn't competent enough to pull something like that off never seems to occur to these people, but then conspiracy theorists generally have a much higher opinion of their governments than is necessarily deserved.

Part of the reason truther arguments are so easily defeated is they focus on 9/11 itself without seeing it in a general context of terrorism. Therefore, they are easily flustered when asked, if 9/11 was an inside job, does that mean that Was Theo van Gogh,the Beslan School Massacre and the London bus bombings were inside jobs too.

So far in the test subjects examined (one but the investigation is ongoing) this just resulted in a string of abuse and a promise to "defend the truth when I feel like it" instead of any rational response to the reality that their conspiracy theory falls apart when you try to apply it to incidents other than 9/11; the Truther movement rests on the concept that there is no such thing as terrorism and that it is all a "wag the dog" style illusion. The reality of terror therefore kills their argument every time, which makes them angry, and hence the insults.

On the down side, this means they're never going to realize they're wrong and will probably go on believing in bullshit until they die, which wouldn't be so bad, but they spread their bullshit online and create more truther in the process when idiots believe them. However, on the up side, they are great trolling prospects, you don't even really have to try, just think rationally. They hate that.

The Real Motivation

Truthers believe that 9/11 was an inside job because they cannot face the truth: that the mighty US military is incapable of protecting them, that it's an epic clusterfuck of incompetence, whose only response to any contingency is fucking shit up with bombs costing a quarter of a mil a pop. Why weren't the fighters scrambled? Because the people responsible for doing so suck at their jobs. Sorry. All you need to know about the US military is this: after 9/11 they responded by sending aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf. Dipshits.

The Real Conspiracy

Many reality manipulation artists on the web these days like to play games in which the end goal is basically to see how many screwballs you can manipulate into believing something completely and absolutely absurd. The idea is to make fiction a perceptual reality for a large portion of the populous.

As such, when the first tin foil Truthers started coming onto the scene many trolls quickly jumped on the bandwagon and began producing YouTube videos and image macros designed to virally spread disinformation and half-truths via high level social engineering and psychological manipulation. A proverbial "sleight of hand", the closer the trolls focused the users attention on minute, inconsequential details, such as the temperature of burning jet fuel, the less and less of the "big picture" they were able to see, making it extremely easy to manipulate their perceptions.

As a result, many of the image macros and YouTube videos upon which so many Truther's rely on for the "facts" in their failing arguments are in reality nothing more than complete bullshit created by trolls, essentially creating a conspiracy within a conspiracy. The incredible irony of it all playing directly into the general nature and core essence of the game itself.

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