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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.


Her animu eyes... you thought they couldn't get any bigger but apparently you were wrong. She is truly an hero.

Tsukinohoshi (now at ~Deviant-ZAngel (deactivated) ) is an epic lolcow TARTlet who has shit-tastic pictures uploaded on her devianTART page. Her real name is Katrina Welch, but she insists on using the kawaii desu penname, Kat Kitty. Her entire page is plastered with wanna-be Sailor Moon characters and super kawaii desu images too horrible to be called art. She is also a huge weaboo and one of the biggest Mary Sues ever spawned.

Kat has her own magical girl story, and tries to pass it off as the most original thing ever even though it's painfully obvious that she saw one too many Sailor Moon episodes and decided that it would be super special awesome if she was to make her own story that was practically a carbon copy. If you try to confront her about this, though, she'll just deny it over and over and if you make her angry enough she'll post a journal about you and her inbox will be flooded with the pseudo-concern of millions of TARTlets who are either too stupid to realize how horrible her art is or just like to watch her page for the lulz. Don't be fooled: she is not a troll, as much as she looks like one. She is just incredibly Wapanese.

The Summary of Her Fagtastic Story

For your viewing pleasure, here is the summary of Zodiac Angels directly from the mouth of the lovely artist Tsukinohoshi. KAWAII DESU NE!!

[-+]Zodiac Angels: A Summation (No shit, this is what it's really about.)

This story is a magical girl story about twelve young earth girls who are given the powers of the Zodiac and transform into magical angels. It is a story that explains how we can become easily corrupted. It is a story about war, religion, morals, betrayels, love, friendship and courage.

Queen Alexanderia is the queen of the angel kingdom. Because their were so many different powers of the zodiac, Queen Alexanderia created the zodiac gems that contained all of the zodiac powers. She originally created the Zodiac Gems to guide all living creatures to their destiny, and to help them throughout their daily lives.

These powers would be easier for the queen to monitor if they are in the form of gems, so that is why she made the zodiac gemstones. The magical powers from the zodiac were what also gave all living creatures the life source that they had.

As the gemstones continued to gain more and more power, the queen realized that someone would eventually try and take the gems for themselves, and misuse them for whatever purpose that they would need them for.

Queen Alexanderia sent them down to earth where they will be safe, hiding them inside living and non-living things to make them a lot harder to find. All animated and in-animated objects carry the Zodiac Gems. Within a person or an animal, the zodiac gems can be found deep inside the person's or creature's soul. The gems themselves come in many different colors, and, each gem have the symbols of the zodiac signs written on its center.

King Drake is the king of the vampire kingdom, and when he discovered the zodiac gemstones, he decided to take them for his own selfish reasons. He thinks that these pendants will give him the power he needs to take over the universe. King Drake desires more power because he's very greedy; he's not satisfied until he has more power. With the newly found information on the Zodiac Gemstones, he decided to send out his loyal vampire warriors and their monsters to earth. He also thinks that the zodiac gemstones would be a nice addition for his collection of luxurious items.

In order to find and activate the gemstones, a spirit from any living creature is required. If the spirit activates the magic in one of the zodiac gemstones, it will create powerful magic.

Whoever has the gemstones will be able to purify or impurify the universe.

If the evil King Drake gets the zodiac gems first, the world will be plagued with impurities, destruction and evil. The world and everyone in it will also be converted to evil. The universe will become corrupted with evil as well. The world and the universe it lives in will be a place of darkness, violence, bloodshed and hatred.

To prevent this from happening, Queen Alexanderia chooses twelve young earth girls to become the Zodiac Angels and protect the magical powers of the zodiac and to also protect the universe.

Will these new angels of justice be able to stop him, or will the universe be doomed to evil and destruction? Can the Zodiac Angels save the universe, and defeat the vampires before it's too late? To find out, please read the story.

A Better, More Accurate Summary

This is what you see before you die.

The author, Tsukinohoshi (or Kat) is an unoriginal shit who couldn't think of any better story if her life depended on it. Her self-insert character, Ashley Angelic, transforms into a magical girl named Angel Cancer, probably so named because looking at Kat's art will give you a fucking brain tumor. There are eleven other Angels and they all have names that are just as fucking retarded (Star Stellar or Candy Candison, anyone?) as well as cookie cutter personalities and powers directly ripped from Sailor Moon. They receive SPESHUL POWAHZ from Queen Alexanderia, queen of the angel kingdom, who wants them to protect the universe because with her boundless power and undoubtedly huge angel army, she obviously can't fucking do it herelf. All the girls are 14 (except for one who is 10), thus lolis. Despite Kat being a nigra, all her characters are white except for two who are black and one who's a Mexican (and she puts HEAVY emphasis on the fact that she's Mexican). There's one dude character whose name is Zoey and is screwing Angel Cancer. All the Angels are fighting against King Drake, king of the vampires, who like every villain in every other anime is trying to take over the UNIVARSE LOL.

Similarities Between Zodiac Angels and Sailor Moon

  • Main character has pigtails
  • Also a pretty magic staff
  • Main character's attacks involve copious amounts of rainbows
  • A furry creature gives her and her friends the magic powers
  • They transform into other personas, yet do not change at all in appearance (Other than their SUPER KAWAII DESU NE senshi outfits, of course!)
  • It's painfully obvious who the main girl is supposed to be in love with
  • They have super pretty magical girl transformation sequences
  • There is an evil villain that is plotting to take over the universe
  • Queen Alexanderia = Queen Serenity
  • Each character has their own SPESHUL element and color
  • Each character has 50+ different attacks and uses them by shouting the name out
  • Both series have one character who's younger than everyone else and sucks balls

TL;DR It's Sailor Moon with Edward Cullen wannabes.

Not much unlike Chris-Chan, TsukinoHoshi seems to be under the impression her work will be an instant success when in reality it is in fact a lawsuit waiting to happen. If a person tries to advise her on her speshul story She tard rages at them writing paragraphs of lame excuses about her not wanting to change a single thing, because it's all her idea.

Siette Squad

More story telling fail as Kat starts a new story with the same unoriginal content, stereotypical characters and animu style after she claimed to be more "western". It's more Sailor Moon ripping with a dash of that fail marks this as Kat's speshulty. It's a fail child of animu and super hero comics as quote from her on the cover page.

Look at all that skill.

This is the front view of the comic book "SietteSquad". Western Superhero style meets "magical girl" in this exciting, action-packed and teenage-drama on going series. It will be posted every weekend to include on fridays, with drawings of the characters and concept art of their world during the weekdays.


—Kat now aka Violetwinds, commenting on her new animu comic.

Her L33t Skills

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Kat.
Some of her shit-tastic art of her main OC that is NOTHING like Sailor Moon at all. Srsly, totally not. Also, lens flare ftw?
Prepare for raep.
Whatever that is hanging from his crotch, it's definitely not a dick. Tumor, anyone?

Besides being a weeaboo and drawing overly-shiney animu, her anatomy is shit. Rather than LEARNING how to draw people, she continues to learn how to color. However, her coloring skills phail hard, her shading is terrible, and she drowns all of her pictures in sparkles, bubbles, and pretty bright lights instead of actually trying to make them look good. She has also recently discovered DAZ Studio 3, the crappy rendering program all talentless weeabooes use, and can't figure out how to give any of her Mary Sues eyebrows.

Like other fat fucks who will always be virgins, Kat draws terrible attempted porn of her own characters. This is hilarious because she has no fucking clue how to draw vaginas, probably because she's never seen hers. She also drew porn of the only main male character, in which his nipples look like Band-aids and his dick is apparently camoflauged. One wonders how long we have until Rule 34 of Tuxedo Mask Zoey and Sailor Moon Angel Cancer surfaces. As this pic showcases, she's getting ever closer to full blown porn. When this happens, however, it will just give trolls more ammo for their lulz crusade.

All of her OCs are stereotypical and unoriginal, and she has absolutely no talent in story writing. She's attempted to write songs before, but they all come out incredibly lame and are so cheesey that you need to read them with a glass of wine. Apparently, her fans take this advice too literally because for anyone to think that her art is remotely good, they'd have to be drunk off their asses.

She also uploads a shitton of pictures every day, so it's obvious that she takes little to no time on them at all. But that's also obvious just from looking at them, as she has the artistic talent of an autistic 5-year-old. The only other explanation for her being able to upload that many pictures at that rate would be that she is, indeed, God.

And even though over-exposure to her art would cause any right-minded person to commit suicide, Kat is generous enough to post tutorials for all of you. That's right, she has coloring tutorials in her DevianTART gallery and even shows you how to draw her beautiful animu eyes!!1!11one!! Isn't that great?!

She also writes poetry and has written quite a few songs for her shitty magical girl story, probably incase someone ever comes across it and likes it enough to make it into a real anime. Of course, that would be another sign of the apocolypse and if that is ever to happen, everyone should panic like hell. Because, let's face it, that's about as likely as someone actually winning the game. The songs she has written for the story are also corny, fag-tastic, and enough to make one want to gouge their eyes out with a spork. A warning should go out to Kat's fans: do not read her songs and poetry for fear of losing what little brain cells you still have left.

Kat probably has no friends and no life, seeing as she uploads AT LEAST one journal entry every day, like people actually care what the fuck she's doing. Kat also has the tendency to block other people who criticize her art. Regardless of the fact that she posts her shitty pictures on an art website, if you give her any sort of criticism, she will argue with you. Then, if you get her angry enough, she will block you and hide all your comments. Conversely, if one were to watch her, Kat would practically piss her pants and then shower praises on you, to the point of NEVER EVER LEAVING YOU ALONE. Because Kat only listens to the people who kiss her ass and tell her how amazing she is and how cute her art is. So be warned: don't ever tell her you don't like her art or she may block you and then make a big whiney journal about you on her DeviantSpace page or her LiveJournal. She also hides her activity on deviantART, probably due to e-paranoia. In short, Kat employs typical retarded tartlet antics and believes that she is lord and master of all that she surveys. Her mental ability is on par with a twelve year old girl as she can' t even pick up the most basic drawing techniques. When pointed out that she is a manchild she bawwws hard and proceeds to ragequit for a few days. Only to return once again as the whole fucking thing repeats itself.Our friend Kat is liable to critiquing artists, when in fact she baws about other people doing the same to her. Seems like Kat needs to practice what she preeches about perspective and anatomy eh?

Katrina M. Welch: The Weaboo Behind the Interwebs

What the beast wishes she looked like. Also, apparently she is a heroine.

Katrina M. Welch is a 22 year old Janitor at Wendy's. If this isn't fail enough, here are some samples from her profile area in convenient condensed form.

Nicknames: Kat, K-Chan, KK-Chan, Kitty, Kitt, Twinkie (cus my skin is golden yellow with brown tints like those twinkie bars), Minnie-mouse (voice is squeaky; have been called that before on several occasions), Tiny, Trinity, Tiger, Chicka (by my spanish friends), Momma (also by spanish friends), Baby Girl, Babe, Pumpkin, and "Beasty" (don't ask...**slaps Ethan** ), Katty Chi or Katty (curtosy of Flora/Jen aka floranaturefairy on DA)


Tsukinohoshi, usually it shouldn't be flattering when people call you "Twinkie"

Skin: Brown with golden yellow tints


Tsukinohoshi, in denial

Heritage: African American (Say it out loud! I'm black and I'm proud!)


Tsukinohoshi, on being a black person

Religion: My family's religion is Christianity. I don't really have a religion, but I do believe that there is a god and a devil. I also believe that Jesus Christ existed and did many wonderful things. I'm not exactly atheist, sense I do believe in something. However I don't want a religion at all due to offensive topics and arguements that usually start from religions.


Tsukinohoshi, refusing to accept Raptor Jesus as her Lord and Saviour

Favorite Female Characters: Kinomoto Sakura, Tsukino Usagi, Aino Minako, Kino Makoto, Hino Rei Mizuno Ami, Meoh Setsuna (basically all of the sailor senshi team), Tenou Haruka....there's more favorite female characters but the list is longer than the male characters, so the rest of the thousand favorite anime females won't be listed.


Tsukinohoshi, secretly a lesbian

Drawing Info: I started drawing since I was 2 and I got way better as I continued to draw. Been drawing all my life. Even to this day I still have disproportions and I still need to learn perspective and how to properly shade. Nobody’s perfect


Tsukinohoshi, on her mad skillz

Her Friends

Tsukinohoshi's "friends" on deviantART tiptoe around her like a hibernating bear they're afraid to wake up. Why they even bother to associate with her in the first place is anyone's guess. All of her friends seem to be trying to help her improve her drawing and leave various helpful critiques on her deviations. Despite numerous critiques, tutorials and redlines from her current "main teachers", (~iKiska, ~pink-anthony and *THWT), Kat still fails to learn a single thing. Or read the help given. Or look at it. Their efforts are completely futile because Tsukinohoshi steadfastly ignores all advice and plunges ahead with her badly drawn deformed shiny weeaboo shit.

Her Partner

Yes. Another human being is actually allowing Kat to continue with her shitty Zodiac Angels crap. And she's intelligent. And she doesn't suck at drawing. And she's not killing Kat and her awful artwork with fire. What the hell.

Deviantart-favicon.png Kazeyasha is supposedly helping Kat develop her Zodiac Angels series. Exactly why is an enigma, since she seems at least twice as intelligent as Kat and draws about 10 times better. She's still a weeaboo faggot though, since her gallery is full of fanart and other retarded things. Apparently Kazeyasha is in charge of creating the villains and ACTUALLY DRAWING THE MANGA. That's right, Kat sucks so hard at drawing that she actually realizes it and wants someone else to draw her shit Sailor Moon-ripoff series FOR HER. Thankfully, no comics have been produced yet and probably never will be, at this rate. Hopefully Kazeyasha still has a chance to get away from Kat before she is crushed by her rolling mounds of fat.


Ninty nine bottles of bear on the wall, ninty nine bottles of bear...if one falls down the other falls too, ninty nine bottles of bear on the wall!!


—I want some bottles of bear too

I just realized that three of my characters had mispelled names.


—And that took you how long?

I learned a few tricks in photoshop to make those prettiful backgrounds! YAY! :D I love learning new things.


—"prettiful backgrounds"? You mean gradients?

Like the title says, Kat broke her old glasses. Thankfully I found a spare one from last year and it seems that my vision have remained the same...if I hadn't have found the old ones I would've been screwed 'cause my glasses are my eyes. Without my second pair of eyes I would *NOT* be able to see anything. I wouldn't be able to draw, read or surf the net/chat. So thank god for finding a spare! :3


—Because we all know you can't live without drawing and surfing the 'net.

lol i didn't rush through it, sometimes spots are forgotten about while I color on something. I take my time on all my projects, it usually takes about an hour for me just to finish one picture. One hour for plotting/sketching and another hour just for adding colors and shading.


—Because we all know, all amazing artists spend almost 1-2 hours on one piece of artwork.

Trust me, you won't be disappoint.


—Tsukinohoshit... I AM DISAPPOINT

The Gallery of DArama

Someone Bullies Kat, OH NOES

Someone call the waaaambulance.

There was recently an incident where a group of interwebs people were cyber-bullying Kat. They even sent her their entire chat log in a note on DevianTART. However, after she threatened to have one of the mods drop the banhammer on them, they immediately pussed out and apologized. Here's the entire conversation: BashingKat.PNG

Kat's Reception to Honest Critique

Such an understanding person. The world truly does not deserve her radiant presence.

Once upon a time, Tsukinohoshi shouted with glee Baleeted that her mother finally accepted that she just had no patience for math and that she could apply to art colleges. A few days later, she made a follow up journal declaring that she admitted she just couldn't see herself getting a job in art. Her BFF Rinnay then decided to nicely break it to her. In a lengthy comment, she suggested that Kat improve her knowledge of anatomy, stop using dodge and burn, and said she couldn't believe Tsukinohoshi didn't use references. Tsukinohoshi, being the understandable and forgiving saint she is, told her that her art wasn't amazing but she wasn't terrible and that she would never stop drawing. Being the rude ex-friend that this person was, Rinnay told her that she was taking offense when she truly just trying to tell her the truth. Tsukinohoshi, once again being the angel our world needs, tells her that the bitch misunderstood her and told her what she already said: She's still going to draw. What a forgiving and understanding person we have in our terrible world.

Kat's Reception to Honest Critique Part 2

One day, terribly insensitive Koshou decided to critique sweet, angelic Kat's artwork. When she found out that Kat usually spends an entire hour working on her art, she decided to be a jerk and laugh at her! An hour?! Ha! She told Kat lies about how real a artist spends over 100 hours in MS Paint to obtain true art! But luckily, Kat saw through her lies and told her that she worked very hard during that one hour. Koshou then lies to her again, telling poor Kat that an hour is not enough time, and to slow down. Kat finally has enough of her lies and blocks her, successfully saving her gallery from lies! But the terror doesn't stop there! Koshou gets so offended that she decides to make a journal, gloating over her conquest to terrorize poor Kat. Luckily, Floranaturefairy, her new BFF, since Rinnay was too much of a jerkface, comes to save the day! Flora tells everyone to resolve this in a more kind fashion, such as notes, and that making this journal is against the rules of etiquette. But as we know, Koshou was too much of a jerk so Kat had to block her! She also told Flora blasphemous lies about how that rule had changed. Will Sailor Kat and Sailor Flora prevail?! Or will the evil queen known as Koshou succeed?! Find out next time on, Tsukinohoshi's Bullshit!

The Resolution

Finally, poor lil' Kat realized that she had lost the argument, and unblocked her. She then proceeded to make a journal apologizing to Koshou, but the damage was done. Koshou, so offended, told her that she's glad Kat apologized, but "completely missed the point and you have yet to take responsibility for anything else that you're doing, so I am done with this." Kat then told her she would work hard to improve, and so they made up and then got married and had deformed lesbian babies.


The viewing public may not be entirely aware of the current situation between Kat and Koshou, but it seems that they are BFFs now according to this shitty picture BAWWWWWWWLEETED. What seems most likely is that Koshou got tired of Kat calling her mommy Flora to bitch her out for being so mean to her little baby and decided to apologize to get them off of her back. Kat probably had an orgasm at that moment from the sheer joy of making a new friend whom she did not realize probably still hates her guts and decided to seal the deal with a present. We can only hope that this is not the end of the drama, because it is far too entertaining to see Kat bitch and whine when she is being "cyber bullied".

Kat's Reception to Honest Critique: The Sequel

A few years later, Kat approached a young and budding artist affectionately nicknamed Mrs. Bingley, and asked Mrs. Bingley for critiques on her works. Thinking herself a good Samaritan, Mrs. Bingley agreed to help Kat even though one could see from ten miles away that the artist felt talented Kat had no potential. They conversed back and forth, allegedly over instant messaging, for two months when... Kat mysteriously ceased communications with her new 'teacher' in July. Mrs. Bingley assumed this meant Kat was finally stepping down the pedestal and working herself harder than ever on her artwork, and so the young artist decided to simply leave Kat be to her garbage. However, in September, Mrs. Bingley appeared on DeviantArt once again and decided that the first thing upon revisiting would be to check on Kat's cesspit that is her gallery for any signs of progress. To her colossal disappointment, however, Kat had not improved at all. Angered, Mrs. Bingley rattled off a TL;DR rant which was promptly hidden and the beloved artist blocked. But oh no, Kat had fucked with the wrong person. The next day, on Complaints's liveliest hour, Mrs. Bingley posted a thread dedicated to our wonderful creative genius flaming her, [1] and to Kat's ultimate chagrin, no one took her side. Kat wisely--or not wisely, you decide--chose not to post in the thread, but instead DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING in her gallery in a fit of reserved embarrassment and butthurt. It should be noted that even after all those years, even after all the flaming and blocking, even after all the drama, neither Kat's artistic skill nor behavior has changed.

No moar dodge tool?!

In a recent journal, Tsukinohoshi came down from the heavens and announced that she would no longer be using the dodge tool. Oh noes!! What will Tsukinohoshit do without the dodge tool?!

...No, seriously. She can't figure out how to shade without using the dodge tool.

It all started when Koshou noticed that Tsukinohoshi was using burn like a retard and told her to cut that shit out. Tsukinohoshi immediately got all defensive and unleashed the butthurt:

lol I don't use the burn tool at all...I even have a WIP kinda thing showing what I do when I color in my gallery, in the WIP section. I hate the burn tool cus it doesn't give me enough control over the colors and often makes them too dark. The only thing I use is the dodge tool for the highlights, set on 20% opacity.


—Tsukinohoshi, in denial

I don't use the burn tool..*sweatdrops*..

Thanks though.


—Tsukinohoshi, still in denial

I DO NOT use the burn tool...just the default brush for shadows, and dodge for highlights. ;;;

Thanks though.



—Tsukinohoshi, AW HELL NAW

Oki, while you guys might not agree with me, i like using dodge. It's the only thing I use when i color though, no burn. I tried other ways to color but I didn't like them as much. Thanks for your advice though.



The same tartlet suggested that she should also lay off the dodge tool or risk becoming the next Amuria, though even Queen SHINY DESU is better than this stupid shit. Eventually, Tsukinohoshi got sick of people trying to help her improve and posted a journal saying that she would stop using the dodge tool FOREVAR, probably so she could get them all to shut up. However, like a fat crack-addicted whore, she can't stay away from the magical dodge tool, surrepitiously sneaking it into her pictures even though she swears she'll never use it again.

Tsukinohoshi Says: Plagiarizing is BAD, KIDS!

In the aftermath of the Incarnate fiasco, Tsukinohoshi left a lengthy comment on Nick Simmons' deviantART page, extolling the virtues of originality and vowing revenge on him. It's good to know that we have a Pretty Soldier of Justice on our side.

Some highlights:

That's like saying "Oh I'm gonna copy from super man because it's not really that popular or whatever, or i'm gonna copy directly from sailor moon because it's not that popular anymore--at least, I THINK it's not. Nobody will notice. I'm gonna copy every comic that came out and every drawing that the artist made."


—Tsukinohoshi, maybe you should look at that thing you call a deviantART page....

Enjoy your fail.


—Tsukinohoshi, how did I /b/tard

~Deviant-ZAngel: The Account Switch

File:This is the cancer.jpg
Her "new" style. It still causes seizures and vomiting. WTF is with all the rainbows?!?

Last Thursday, Tsukinohoshi randomly switched accounts to ~Deviant-ZAngel (deactivated). She claims this is because she changed and improved her art style, not making any mention of her trolls or problems with her "friends". Yeah, that's definitely true.

Despite these claims, one look at her gallery shows that while her style is indeed slightly different, her drawing ability is still shit.

Hey, why the big change? o.o


—Random tartlet, on Tsukinohoshi jumping ship

cus I hated the artwork on my old account. I wanted them gone. :( And they are gone. Yay! <3 I also wanted to start over with this new account <3 my drawing style has changed and I wanted that to reflect in my gallery.


—Tsukinohoshi, covering her ass

So.... not only does she suck at drawing and taking criticism, she's also too fucking lazy to just delete her deviations. A winner is she.

Her new "semi-realism" style. LOOK AT THOSE LIPS. LOOK AT THEM.

Truth of the matter is, Kat moved accounts after an argument with one of her "teachers".

A person who she had blocked commented on one of the redlines that Deviantart-favicon.png pink-anthony had made for Kat. Kat read the comment conversation between the deviants, assumed they were bitching about her and got as butthurt as any teenage girl would (OMG LOL SHE'S ACTUALLY 22). She leapt into a long, essay-like, sulky reply, claiming that the worse pain anyone can experience in the world, is the pain of being trolled. Yes guise, trolling iz indeed moar pain that war!!1!

This self-centred comment sparked off a flame attack on her by several different deviants. Despite her half-arsed apology attempts, no one fully forgave her, because after months of dealing with a stubborn 12 year old girl trapped in the body of a 22 year old woman, who refused to listen, no one gave a flying fuck anymore.

After much sad face emoticons and general fucking around for sympathy, Kat deactivated and set up her new account, claiming she needed a fresh start and wanted to leave her old work behind. That same day, she set up ~Deviant-ZAngel and proceeded to reload EVERYTHING from =tsukinohoshi back onto it. Progress fail.

It is also obvious that she is still entirely butthurt by the criticism she has gotten from other deviants, and is terrified of getting more, as she has deactivated adding comments on any of her pictures on this new account. She allows comments now, but still replies to criticism with the same old series of sadfaces and attempts at getting pity. Comments are locked again. This is proof that, regardless of the fact that she is trying to prove to others that she and her art have grown and matured, and although she is trying to hide behind a new username so less people will know about her history of fail, she will always be Tsukinohoshit to the world. We should congratulate Kat for making one of the dumbest moves anyone could have made on the internet ever. Bravo, Kat. You win internets.

Identity Fail: The Account Switch (con't)

In record breaking time Kat has evolved into a new form of fail by creating 2 new identities in over the course of two weeks. From the bawleeted ~SeleneLady to the most recently created ~Peachcherryblossom (also deactivated) she has committed complete fail by trying to change her name, age, and style. She haz carTOONy style nao!!!11! Apparently she's a Disney loving failhart now, let's give her an applause!!!11! Apaarently she's too kawaii to draw animu anymore.


As of recent our friend Kat has attempted to adapt a "new original style" which is not animu. Not that this matters that much anyway, she's still the goddess to the art world that we all know and love! She still takes critique so brilliantly and improves her skills heavily based off of it.

New Accountz, New stylez

Not drawing animu anymore, right.

Once again fail never learns as Kat dumps animu style to pursue cartoony styles! Fail is even more apparent since she just can’t get that kawaii out of her blood. She still draws animu and has once again came out to be a weeaboo TARTlet.

Let’s no forget magical girls with a new series, Siette Squad! Just another cardboard cut out of animu, fail and clichés after she claimed to have dropped the style.

Go buys artz naow! She has also opened commissions because apparently she doesn’t draw art for free.

One more thing before I end this: I do not draw artwork for free. It costs me money to be able to go back to the art store and get more supplies, so if you want me to draw something for you you have to pay me. I don't have a paypal account set up yet, but when I do I will be willing to make commissions. Don't expect any free art trades from me because of all the investments involved with buying art more supplies.



—TsukinoHoshi, from her new devianTART profile.

Not only has she decided to leave the comfort zone of animu and comics but she's dappled into furry art. The level of faggory is high when she reveals her love and devotion to the super murry furry love of minotaurs.

Her true love.

I have always loved minotaurs and see them more than just "evil" beings, I also see them with human hearts, free will of their own that can decide good from evil. To me they're not just mindless beast that slay whatever they feel like as they are shown in mythology stories and movies. These guys have their own families and things like that. .. .so I'll work on drawing what it'd be like to have them this way.”


, Great example of reasoning skills. Kat explaining her devotion to minotaurs after drawing them the exact way she said they are depicted. FAIL.

New Accountz, New stylez (con't)

Iron manz

It's amazing just how many accounts this failhart needs to make before she learns. Once again, animu bad and super heroes kewl. Much like on her Sheezyart account there's cock fulls of anti-animu goodness. Disguising herself always fails because who could cover up all dat fail? Not even avoiding animu sparkly desu is enough.

Old time watcher saiz hai.Thanks for proving the obvious, dumbass.

Let's not forget realism because she's so good at it. She boasts about spending hours on this shit. Time never getting back to fap to super heroes.

Called "Heaven" but should be called "Art Hell".

Writing skillz!

Once upon a time, there were two TARTlets known as Deviantart-favicon.png HiryuGouki and Deviantart-favicon.png SuperSachiko, both of whom had sub-par art--however theirs were still much better than Kat's. Detecting this, Kat contacted Deviantart-favicon.png Mistress-Bingley (deactivated), affectionately known as Mrs. Bingley of course, and hinted at the possibility of, gasp, two articles on the aforementioned deviants. Mrs. Bingley, after much persuading, agreed to pitch in and help Kat make the articles. It was compromised that Mrs. Bingley would do the coding, and Kat the writing. Many days ensued, when finally Kat gleefully declared the article on HiryuGouki was complete and once again, persuaded, nay, forced Mrs. Bingley to take the entire responsibility of creating the article, with claims of how EncyclopediaDramatica would react if they ever found out she was behind it as well. With exasperation, Mrs. Bingley caved and did all the work of coding the article and uploading evidence via image files--however with consequences. As a result of Kat's dumbfuckery, the account attracted the attention of oldfags whom then proceeded to repeatedly chastise Mrs. Bingley at Kat's fault. Finally, after the HiryuGouki article had been made and secured, it was time for Kat to further push Mrs. Bingley to not only code but also to write the article on SuperSachiko. Fortunately, as referred to an above section, Kat ceased communications with Mrs. Bingley before the second article of fail could be created. It should be noted with hilarity that everything Kat wrote about those two deviants could reflect her own ways.


CAUTION: Fail ahead.

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Kat also loves getting fanart of her TOTALLY KAWAII characters, and has a whole favorites folder devoted to it. Why don't you send her some?

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