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Tunak Tunak Tun, otherwise known as just "Tunak," is the meme that never was. This is according to the Web 2.0 generation. Although wikipedia claims it "has become an internet meme," you probably haven't heard of it (or you wouldn't be looking it up here, lol.) The video for Tunak Tunak Tun was posted on YouTube back in 2005 or 2006, so it may already be both "old meme" and "not a meme" at the same time. Links to the video were posted later in mid-2007 to 4chan's /b/, where it never really caught on.

The above paragraph is incorrect. In fact, Tunak was old meme in 2000, where we just laughed at Daler Mehndi because he was incredibly cheesy. These were the dark times of Real Player and AIM, before YouTube and Flash.

Tunak was a popular video that once was passed around that involving one look-alike Indian guy pretending to be four, dancing to Indian music. This particular Indian is known as Daler Mendhi. In the video, he is depicted in various gyrating dances involving him and his interlacing fingers, making others think he's a terrorist, and stroking his left nipple with his left first finger. Oddly enough, the draenei's dance in world of warcraft is the exact same motion.

What could this possibly mean?

Before reading existing theories, see if you can possibly decipher wtf is going on by watching the video first:


Many theorists and experts on JewTube agree that the video was originally conceived after a drunken GAYzN fornicated with Pedobear and then became an hero for teh lulz afterward. The spirit of the unborn baby then drank the blood of a unicorn and returned to a solid state, stole the Sorcerer's Stone after Voldemort was banhammered and became Daler Mendhi. Since he was the product of haet and indigestion, he immediately sought revenge on all Amerifags, and thus created a shitty video that would eventually brainwash all Amerifags into zombies that imitate everything they see:

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