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"You are a twit. Now go crawl the fuck back under your sister, you purulent, cow-felching gleet."
Your typical pair of twits
Courage (C.D.): "Computer, how do you get rid of bad eggplants?"
Computer: "Throw them in the garbage, you twit."

Twit is a contraction for twinkie fit. Twit can also be used to describe someone of incredibly low intelligence and more than a likely chance of inbreeding.

A twit on a Citadel BBS is a user who has been fully or partially banned from the system. Twitted users on DOC BBSes can log in and read posts, but cannot post or change their profiles. In this sense, twit can also be used as a verb.

Twits abound in all web cultures, and bloggers and forum chatters always let them know when they have been identified.

Debating Economic Theory

  • "You are a twit and idiot. Most folks here already know that, they are just too nice to tell you. Well I am in my Taxpayer/Consumer mode right now so I don't give a shit if you like me or what I got to say on this post to you or not. Is there any part of what I just said that you don't understand?"

Encouraging Healthful Habits

  • "You are a twit. If you are 15 you are wasting your life away with a nasty habit. I'm not wanting to pick a fight with the smokers, but you all have to agree that it is not something to flaunt around, trying to sound cool. So maybe you shouldn't be so worried about 'looking cool' as you should be about your (I'm sure now) dwindling health. Good job, moron."

Music Reviews:

  • "Unless of course we're talking about Michael Jackson, then you are an idiot if you don't see that every single MJ song is the greatest, and if you don't like him clearly you're a twit. And if you don't see that the entire world is out to get him then you are plain ignorant. A plainly ignorant, idiotic twit.

Personal Feuding

  • "I should say the same thing to you for your various offensive comments I decided not to post. People like you are the exact reason why my comments are on pre moderate. For a bit I felt sorry as though I may have done something wrong, but your other comments (which I did not post) just showed me that you are a twit."

Restaurant Reviews:

Sensitive Sociologists:

Gently Suggesting A Change Of Venue

  • "Gawd, you are a twit. Why don't you prance on over to rec.pets.cats and poke around and maybe it'll dawn on you. I'm not holding my breath on this, though. You really are a moron. Now go crawl the fuck back under your sister, you purulent, cow-felching gleet, you are no longer welcome."

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