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The internet has recently felt the impact of what some call "gaming culture"- that is, sitting in front of your computer for hours on end playing Counterstrike, with nothing but a bag of Doritos and a 3-Liter bottle of Mountain Dew for sustenance. Many gamers feel that their gaming experience is interesting or that they have teh 1337 5K177Z, so they set up a stream on, which exists solely as a medium for lazy fedora warriors to beg for donations so that they can buy the latest piece of computer shit that will only lead to them gaming more and not getting laid. Luckily, a brave group of heroes has arisen to protect the interwebs from this obese virgin menace...


The hub of all the newfag raiders, is where raiders go to find a target, exchange tactics, recruit and form teams, and share videos of past raids. Prior to RaidForums was and, a much smaller raiding site that was created in February 2015. After multiple issues with BlackForums, the site went down. There was no ;go-to; site for raiding other than 4chan. Later in March of 2015, Raid Forums was created by SummiT and developed by Predator.

Sites Prior to RaidForums was the first site used for raiding, excluding 4chan. It was a very small community that was shut down once it hit 1,000 registered users. Apparently the owner was doxed or swatted. was later set up as a new haven for raiders. It was developed and owned by a raider by the name of Pirate. It had multiple issues and caused raiders to move onto blackforums, which lived longer than alphas did. Unlike blackforums, alphas is still up to this day, but is not related to raiding anymore.

Raiding Tactics

Raiders use a wide variety of tactics to sabotage a user's stream. These include:

Chat Spamming

Some raiders use spambots to bypass limits on how often messages can be sent. This results in floods of ASCII Goatses, Hitlers and <Message Deleted by System32>. A decent spambot can cost money to a skiddie like you who hasn't invested the day it would take into learning how make one yourself by creating a GUI in Visual Basic, so if you don't feel like spending your hard-earned shekels on trolling, fret not! Spamming is considered obnoxious to silent raiders who are trying to convince the streamer of something - spamming only alerts the streamer that they are being raided, leading them to block chat.

Song request trolling

Some streamers allow viewers to post links to youtube videos of songs they like. The songs are put onto a playlist and played back on the streamer's computer as background music. Raiders take full advantage of this by posting links to Moonman's greatest hits, Sanic, ISIS remixes, and Scotland Forever. But really, anything is good if it causes the streamer to shit their pants.

System32 Virus "hoax"

Most tech-savvy users are well aware of the infamous System32 virus. This virus roots itself in the system directory, disguising itself as an important file. It can cause things such as speakers and webcams to cease working, making it one of the worst viruses a streamer can get. Viewers can tell a user has this virus by being unable to hear audio or see the stream itself. In addition, System32 hides Twitch chat messages with <Message Deleted by System32>. To help the streamer, you will need their Skype address. Be aware that some streamers will be hesitant to offer their address unless the asker appears to be a Twitch dev. Once the Skype is obtained, you can share it with your fellow do-gooders and guide them through deleting System32 via Skype.

Spamming their Skype

By pretending to be a Twitch dev, Raiders can coax a streamer's Skype out of them and then share it with other Raiders. They then call the streamer all at once and either guide them through deleting System32 or play Sanic.


Dedicated Raiders can find out a streamer's ip address with just their Skype address. To do this, the raider coaxes the streamer into revealing their Skype, and then typing the username into a Skype resolver. Usually (but not always), the Skype resolver will reveal to you the user's ip, which can then be pasted in an ip locator to find the user's address or general area.

Hijacking the Stream

Each stream has a stream key, or an assigned number. Anyone who has this key can take compete control of the stream and do whatever they want. This "whatever" is usually playing porn and Meatspin, much to the disdain of the original streamer. They can sometimes be seen panicking in the comments section, which provides even more lulz. Raiders will try to see how long they can keep the hijacked stream up before being spotted and subsequently removed by Twitch's team of Puritans for violating ToS. The current record stands around half an hour of hentai and lesbian porn.

Sending pizzas/hookers to their address

Raiders will call a local pizza place and order the most undesirable pizza and the most fugly hookers to be delivered to the streamer's address. Watch in amusement as the streamer pauses to get the door and comes back a few minutes later, confused and $20 short.

Suggesting things to "clean their system"

You can help a streamer "improve" their computer's performance in a number of ways. One great trick is to tell them to put salt on their speakers to increase audio quality.


Information icon.png Encyclopedia Dramatica does not recommend swatting EVER. This is just a documentation of how some people raid Twitch streams

Self-explanatory, using the doxing methods above and caller ID spoofing to send a SWAT team to the streamer's home for a multiple amount of reasons, such as "admitting" to hoarding CP, homicide, kidnapping, etc. Usually results in lots of lulz and a dead dog if they're lucky, but unfortunately no one has truly gotten arrested yet. However, swatters aren't immune to being caught themselves, earning them a several-year vacation to Bubba's rape shack once they've been found out.

Raid Memes

Raids sometimes result in memes.

Door Giveaway

Used to confuse the streamer. Raiders will enter and type, "Is there a door giveaway here?" "Press 123 for Door Giveaway," etc. If done enough times, the streamer will get mad and/or confused, and proceed to throw a fit.

Press F to pay respects

Raiders will type "f" after a streamer goes offline due to the raid. A reference to a hilarious moment from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, in which the character attends a soldier's funeral, and the player is told to "Press F to pay respects."

Shoe on Head

A decent way to annoy and confuse a streamer, asking the streamer to place a shoe on their head is also a good opportunity for raiders to take a screenshot as a souvenir of the raid.

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