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Two Babies One Fox is what happens when a retarded babyfur is given crayons and told to "draw nice." Known for managing to stuff the holy trinity of sick fuck fetishes (pedophilia, scat, vomit and furry with diapers for good measure) into one god awful comic.


We begin the comic with our protagonist Tails sitting on a bench on the playground where he can be seen keeping an eye on the children. As average in a furfaggot comic, the knowledgeable parents have left their children alone in a public park where no one could possibly snatch their children from this park. When two children show up to play at the park Tails asks if they want to play a forbidden game. The children sensibly agree and Tails proceeds to strip them naked and instruct them to shit on each other. After pages of shit so disgusting it would make bubba blush, the comic ends with Cream and OCs mother picking them up and telling tails to use lube next time before winking at him and leaving like nothing had ever happened

The Comic itself

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As you would have guessed, this was received very well by the furry population with many still fapping to it.

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