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TwoKinds is a totally not furry webcomic written by an Azn weaboo called Tom Fischbach, created in 2003. It has racist undertones as a result of Tom's persecution by White Nationalists due to him being an Azn. It is blatant furry porn, with tits being on almost every page, despite Tom saying otherwise . Tom also lacks basic anatomy knowledge, as all his nude female characters have no nipples, vaginas or anuses. It is terribly drawn and its retarded main plot makes Tails Gets Trolled look like a masterpiece. It is lazily written, filled with shitty fantasy clichés and pointless subplots that don't go anywhere to the point of wanting to become an hero due to how bad it is.

The Comic

In the world of TwoKinds, there exists three dominant races. The first race being the humans, in particular, all white, not-a-trace-of-niggers humans who are in control of powerful magic and the ability to control the minds of millions of people, ruled by a group calling themselves the Templar. The second race are the Basitin, who are cheap stand-ins for Azn people and look like short rats that are so ashamed of their own bodies that they never show their paws or their nakedness in public, as well as being easily brainwashed by white human technology. And lastly, the third race are the Keidran, cross breeding, inbred animals who pounce around completely nude all the time, hated by all races, and are sold as slaves. They are controlled by intense desires to rape and kill outsiders, and are capable of speech but still act like animals. In other words, Black people. This world is a racial allegory made by a young Azn man who was the victim of racist bullies in school, and results in being the most racist anti-racist webcomic in existence.

This is the world of TwoKinds.


The main characters of this Shit.
  • Flora: Flora is Trace's girlfriend and was only included into the comic was so Tom could draw her tits and so that weaboo fantards could say "OMG FLORA IS TEH CUTEST". She plays no important role in the comic whatsoever, and when she's not bounding naked around her OMGTTLY TRUE LOVE Trace, Flora acts as a cocktease to the other characters.
  • Zen: Zen is the older brother of Natani, and the aforementioned person who transferred part of his soul into her, leading to his sister becoming a tranny, which I imagine is a decision he now regrets deeply. Apparently he's now an important character in the story, when in reality, no one gives a shit.
  • Eric: Eric is the rapist of the comic, and a closet furfag as all he wants to fuck is something with fur on it. He plays no important role in the comic apart from ferrying the main group across the sea, and only serves to fulfil Tom's rape fantasies.
The 'exciting' adventures of the other group.
  • Maren: Maren is bitchy leader of the second group, and was included in the comic only so the others don't wander off like asspies on a school trip. She used to be Trace's girlfriend but that's shit no one cares about.
  • Raine: Raine is supposed to be the former Grand Templar's daughter who was pwned by Trace in one of his tard rages, leaving Raine to fend for herself. Raine somehow is both a Keidran and a Human, but Tom explains it as 'Fuck you, that's how', when in reality, she's just another walking pair of tits.
  • The Templars: The Templar are supposed to be the villains of the comic, but have been turned into an organisation seemingly lead by asspies that can't decide whether they want to capture Trace or help him as a result of Tom's shitty writing.


This phrase was only put in to please the weaboo fantards that read the comic.

Our epic story begins with our main character Trace awaking in a forest with the most overused cliché possible, when he realises he has amnesia and can't remember who he is. After getting up, he hears a cry for help from within the forest, so he grabs his sword on his quest to save the damsel in distress. There, he finds another Human about to kill a Keidran, claiming that the Keidran is trespassing human territory. Trace jumps in to to defend the Keidran. The human then recognizes Trace as the Master Templar, a Keidran murderer. The human then leaves to reveal that he is actually someone wearing a mask, which is Tom's pathetic attempt to be dramatic. The Keidran then follows Trace for no other reason than Tom's lazy writing.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 starts action-packed, with Trace and the Keidran walking before eventually setting up camp. The author of the comic, Tom, decided that getting his female character topless was much more important than actual character development. Trace suggests they should go to the nearest town, to which the Keidran reacts by almost killing him, but stops when Trace says her name, Flora, but he doesn't know how he knows her name, but later in the comic, is given a half-assed explanation of this, which is just another example of Tom's shitty writing skills. Trace is then attacked by another Keidran, Scythe, who is Flora's fiancée, but is then stopped by Flora who then discusses their plans to kill Trace right in front of him, and ending with saying "I'll kill him myself" To which Trace reacts by nervously questioning that statement and not once considering to leave her.

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Chapter 2

Trace and Flora walk into a bar which results in Trace getting totally pwnd by a woman. The story then shifts to a Red Haired faggot that looks like a tranny due to how badly drawn he is, fighting a Basitin called Keith, which is then stopped by Trace. He then talks with the Basitin and readily accepts going to his city because the plot says so, because Tom is too lazy to put any other reason than "My People Need Your Help". Trace then buys a "SubtleSeed Crystal" to give to Flora, then Keith tries to attack Flora, so Trace uses his magic to slam Keith against a tree, but none of this is important, so nobody should care about it. Later, another Keidran tells Flora to kill Trace, but she decides against it at the last minute, but Keith spots her knife and cuts her, so she runs off, then Trace run after her and hugs her, even though he was told she tried to kill him.

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Chapter 3

The Chapter starts with Trace bandaging Flora's foot, even though she was going to kill him, so they go to a human city to find a Cleric, to which he comments of the size of her breasts so Flora compares the size of her tits to other women, which is obviously Tom's sexual fantasy, as he'll never get laid in real life. They then go to a tavern and Flora drinks some milk that makes her want to rape Trace, at which point, a painfully unfunny scene follows, where all the characters burst in, and try to kill Trace, but they get away, so the rest of the characters eat pizza. During the night, Keith has a wet dream about having sex with Flora and in the morning, Flora crawls into Trace's bed to show that she's so happy.

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Chapter 4

The story carries on with Flora having a dream about meeting her old friend, but it isn't important and doesn't contribute to the main story, then Trace awakes with Flora in his bed, thinking that they had sex, then Flora says she's eleven years old, making Trace a paedophile, but Tom comes up with some bullshit explanation about Keidrans only living to about 20. They then leave the tavern, and purely out of coincidence, and in no way forced, they find Flora's old friend, so Flora tells Trace to free him, but another Templar is waiting there, and they engage in a DBZ-style fight, which results in Trace killing innocent people and strangling Flora, but is knocked out by a smack in the head. Flora's old friend then comes up for an explanation for Trace's actions and Keith has a dream about being banished, Tl;dr, nothing much happens, making the entire chapter pointless.

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Chapter 5

OMMMG THEY KISSSD SO HAWT!!!11!!!11!!!1!!!!1!!!!111!!!11111!!!

Trace wakes up and finds Flora in the river and they talk about some emotional bullshit that's not important, and Trace decides to leave, but Flora jumps on him and wants him to stay, despite the fact he almost killed her. Then Keith walks by and thinks they're having anal sex and Trace and Flora kiss, causing all the weaboo fantards who read the comic to ejaculate simultaneously. Keith then talks about Keidrans going into Heat and they can never stay with one person, but nobody gives a fuck about that. Keith then takes out an old letter from his wife that abandoned him and rips it apart, which Flora finds, and tells Keith about it, and asdh-ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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Chapter 6

Trace, Keith and Flora go to a town and stay in a tavern where he learns from a fan that he is married to a woman, so he talks with her about things that contribute nothing to the plot and is a waste of time. Then Flora overhears a conversation with Trace and his wife saying that Flora "She's just a Keidran" so she runs off crying like a bitch and finds a definitely not suspicious person wanting to help her out, so Flora trusts her. This results in Flora being possessed by Ephemural, a character that's supposed to be important but is completely forgotten after this chapter, and is rarely mentioned again, which is another example of Tom's ADHD writing skills. Trace and Ephemural then engage in another DBZ-style fight, Tl;dr, they win. The next morning, they find that the city is just an illusion deployed by Ephemural, and it turns out that Trace's wife was brought back by Ephemural and is actually dead!!onemilliononehundredeleventhousandonehundredeleven.

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Chapter 7

Trace, Keith and Flora walk through the woods, where Flora goes for a walk and meets with her fiancée , who wants her to come back so they can get married, but Flora says no, because Trace is now her OMGTTLY TRUE LOVE and thinks that Trace is more important than her entire race dying out. Trace and Flora then get into their tent and they finally have sex, causing all weeaboo fantards who read the comic to fall into a fit of uncontrollable ejaculation while tying "OMMMG TRASCE AND FLOARE HAD SEXXX" on the forum. They are then attacked by assassins, which results in unnecessarily extended fight scene, where they fight for about 10 pages, then Trace summons a Black Dragon, Keith and one of the Assassins have a gay moment, and then a White Dragon comes and kills the Black Dragon and then they all collapse for no reason, so the Dragon takes them on a hillside, Tl;dr, it's a giant clusterfuck.

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Chapter 8

All of them wake up and the Dragon flies off, and one of the Assassin's, Natani, finds another group of humans who try to attack her, and another unnecessary fight scene commences, spoiler alert, they win. They then get to the town with a port where there is a convenient festival going on, so they go into the town, but they are burning "Subtle Flowers" which cause Keidrans to rape any living thing around it, which results in Natani almost being raped by Flora, then they are taken into to the house of a slave trader. The slave trader, Eric, then wants to paint Flora in payment for taking them to the Basitin Islands, and Keith and Natani get into the same bath and it turns out Natani is a girl!!!!1!!1.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 starts with Eric's brother showing up, and they talk about things that contribute nothing to the plot, making the entire scene pointless. What follows is a waste of your time, as most of the chapter is sexual tension between Keith and Natani, some shit about Trace and Flora getting married and dying early, but nobody gives a fuck about that, then more sexual tension between Keith and Natani, and even more sexual tension between Keith and Natani, which proves that Tom will remain a virgin for the rest of his life, and will have to live out his sexual fantasies in his webcomic.

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Chapter 10

They arrive on the Basitin Island and are greeted by the three Generals, most of the chapter consists of pointless scenes that don't add anything to the main story and a much more preferable option is to an hero. Once they get off the ship, they talk about Keith's unbanishment, one of the ship slaves turns into a girl, which is probably another sexual fantasy of Tom's. One of the Generals who was Keith's best friend, called Alaric, has a gay moment with Keith and then proceeds to show Keith a naked statue of him that the General made. He also shows Keith that Templars are on the island building a tower and that he has to kill Natani. There's some bullshit about Keith meeting his Ex-wife, and Flora acts like a bitch and the chapter ends on a shitty cliffhanger where Trace gets knocked out by Basitin soldiers.

Chapter 11

It begins with even more sexual tension between Keith and Natani, and then she tells Keith about how her brother had to transfer some of his soul into her, in order to heal her, causing them to always be mentally connected or some stupid shit like that. The story then quickly shifts to the slave that was turned into a girl, and how his friend is looking at his naked body. The focus then goes back to Keith and Natani, where Keith tries to become an hero because he's too much of a pussy to complete his task, but is stopped by Natani who then kisses him, which resulted in all the weeaboo fantards who read the comic to ejaculate once more. Trace is then shown chained to circle, with one of the Templars coming up with a bullshit explanation of how the tower works. The group then makes a plan to set Trace free, then they fight against the three Generals, and surprisingly, they win. Keith's gay friend Alaric dies, Trace awakens and goes on a tard rage which ends up killing innocent children and people, and Laura, Keith's ex-wife, sacrifices herself to blow up the tower for Allah.

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Chapter 12

When she's not Trace's OMGTTLY TRUE LOVE, she's a cocktease to other characters.

The other group is shown in a tavern when it is attacked by Keidrans, and coincidentally, they meet Scythe, who tries to sneak them out, but fails, which is then followed by dialogue you couldn't possibly give a flying fuck about. The focus then goes to the main group in the infirmary, which shows a riveting plot point about Natani being given a woman's dress, and Flora finds out she's pregnant, but that's not important. The rest of the chapter features Keith at his trial, Trace sleeping with a Dragon and the slaves on the ship, but no one cares about that. At Keith's trial, there's some bullshit about Keith's gay friend taking advantage of the Basitin system, which ends up with Keith becoming ambassador, and Trace finds Keith's half-dead ex-wife under the Dragon, so he brings her to Keith, where she dies in his arms while he cries like a little bitch.

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Chapter 13

The other group finds a Templar group of soldiers, which they quickly run away from, making the entire thing pointless, Flora jumps on Trace, Natani returns from having Tea with the Female King, Laura's body gets cremated and then they all leave the island. Tl;dr, not much happens.

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Chapter 14

While on the boat, Flora bitches about setting Eric's slaves free, the slaves plan a mutiny, which immediately fails, another pointless scene commences when Natani gets her robes sewn, adding nothing to the plot, then a fire starts, but is put out as quickly as it started, and results in Natani getting stripped naked, and then the slaves go on some bullshit lecture about trannies. Eric then blames it on the slaves, but it turns out it was a Basitin girl that got aboard undetected and Eric agrees to free his slaves.

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Chapter 15

In this chapter; the main group are still on the boat because having one exciting chapter about the entire group doing sweet FA on a boat wasn't enough for Tom. To summarize what happens on the boat: Keith becomes an angsty little bitch, and then starts tripping balls and hallucinating, the sex-slave and Natani proceed to have a bitch fight over pointless bullshit and Trace the retard attempts to make breakfast for Flora with expected results. Going over to the second group; they get attacked by Natani's brother, somehow leading to the Guido fucking up Raine, whose presence in the comic has been non-existent up until this point, then Guido and Scythe then make up. Returning back to the main group, Natani says that she has some spell that can allow Keith to see his dead wife, but takes energy out of Keith or some stupid shit like that, while Eric is confirmed for a /b/tard after Flora finds out that he's getting sweet Basitin loli.

Chapter 16

The chapter opens with the other group having a conversation that yet again contributes fuck all to the story, but we are apparently supposed to care because it's "emotional". Since Tom is a lazy writer, he thought he'd kill some time by spouting even more exposition that no one gives a shit about, before ending it all with joke because it just so happened to be April the 1st, which thoroughly ravaged the anuses of his fans, but they failed to realize that Tom doesn't care about them. The story then goes back to the main group with some shitty subplots relating to some robes for Natani, Keith saying goodbye to his dead wife, and Flora revealing to Trace that she is pregnant, followed by her immediately wanting to fuck Trace - which I imagine is her idea of a threesome - all of which culminates in what is supposed to be Tom's idea of 'drama', before finally climaxing with a blatantly obvious fanservice scene with Natani and Keith, which expectedly lead to Tom's fantards on the forum rejoicing with glee.

10th Anniversary Chapter

The "10th Anniversary Chapter", which has ironically been entitled, "Reflections", seeing as Tom has got quite a bit of reflecting to do on his own life, essentially involves the main characters reflecting on all the shitty things they've done throughout the duration of the webcomic while also contributing nothing to the story, as usual; and then ending finally with a heart-warming scene where they all go star gazing on the deck of the boat.

Summary of TwoKinds

Wh... Wuh... What the fuck.

The Creator: Tom Fischbach

The fucktard himself
Natani's ass, an important plot point.

The brilliant author of this comic, Tom Fischbach, is an Azn weaboo faggot who created TwoKinds due to Tom's persecution by White Nationalists. Tom is presumed to have assburgers, and like most furry manchildren he can be found either making shitty artwork of his characters (most of which, include tits) or updating his comic with his ADHD writing skills where he can never seem to concentrate on one thing. Tom is a virgin, obviously shown by the obscene amount of nudity and sexual tension between the characters. Fischbach is a homosexual retard, judging by his deviantART account.

I was inspired to write Twokinds after having experienced a lot of racial discrimination from kids at my school, who were predominently [[[sic]]] white. My writing skills at the time were not very good, but I still felt like I was doing something good by trying to create a good message through my writing.


—Tom Fischbach, Drawing animal vaginas and tits will raise awareness about racism

The Great E-begging Scam of 2012

All this and more, for the cheap price of $25,000

In May 2012, Tom created a Kickstarter Project for his AIDS-ridden webcomic in order to spread his furfaggotry to the real world. Within the first few hours of the project going up, his rabid, fucktarded fanbase funded the completely reasonable $25,000 asked by Tom. His Kickstarter rewards include, $10 and above to receive a half-assed short comic done by Tom with a plot pulled right out of his ass just to give his already exploited fans the illusion that they're getting something back. In order to be a character in the comic itself, Tom asks for the low, low price of $5,000 which some mongoloid, furfaggot actually paid for. At the end of the project, Tom was able to squeeze out over $197,000 from his fans, which just goes to shows how retarded the furry fandom really is.


A typical discussion at the TwoKinds forum.

TwoKinds' fanbase consists of a lulzy mix of sexually frustrated furry tweens and manchildren. A simple glance of the TwoKinds forum will introduce your sight to hundreds of threads made by fantards asking which character will fuck another character, because even they know that the plot isn't important. As TwoKinds slowly rose in popularity, its level of weeaboo fantards began to reach critical tard level. And while all the bitching, shipping and flame wars continues on the forum, the creator, Tom Fischbach, is just sitting back counting all the Jew gold he made off of his E-begging. The entire fanbase of TwoKinds is a lolcow, and should be trolled constantly for epic lulz.

My question is simple, I think. Why aren't Trace and Flora the only couple with "romantic scenes"? Ok, maybe Natani and Keith can't be too romantic when they love each other in secret, but sometimes they could have nice moments, couldn't they?


—Most of the topics on the forum will be fantards asking about shipping.

Well thought out criticisms of the webcomic? LOL B&.

Shipping Feuds

"Shippers" are losers who obsess over non-existent relationships in their favourite form of entertainment due to a lack of love in their own life. TwoKinds shippers are constantly creating the same forum thread which asks which character will fuck which and asking the author what will happen, even though he never responds to his fan bases' questions because he doesn't give a shit about them as he is too busy counting his hard-earned money from his webcomic. Over the course of over a decade, the heated arguments and debates between the sexually frustrated furfags and fantards over which character will fuck another character has gotten progressively more violent as the fans desperately hope that their sick furfag fantasy comes true.

How to Troll TwoKinds Fantards

Not surprisingly, it doesn't take much effort to troll the sexually frustrated readers of TwoKinds, as all you need to post on the forum is that you don't like the comic which will anally ravage all TwoKinds fans, invoking typical responses like "IF YOU DONT LIEK THE TOWKINDS THEN WHI R U EVN HEER!!!111!????", even going as far as butthurt Moderators banning you because none of the fucktarded furfag members on the forum can refute logical criticisms of the webcomic. Lulz are guaranteed.

TwoKinds: Animated

TwoKinds: Animated was project created by the weeaboo fantard readers of TwoKinds in the hopes of seeing Flora's animated tits, started in 2009. It was a project destined to fail, as none of the participants of the project had any real talent. The best animator they could actually find had skills that made the animation look like shit smeared over the screen.

After catching wind of their videos being mocked, they were then promptly taken down.

Not surprisingly, the project failed, after all the members realised that they would never find a good animator and would never get anything done, so they left. But in a shocking turn of events, another brave weeaboo fantard decided to revive the project in the hopes that a TwoKinds animated series would be created. History repeated itself when the project was stuck with plenty of talentless voice actors, but no good animators, only to find themselves allowing another retarded animator with skills equal to that of a kid with assburgers onto the project. In both projects, nothing was ever produced and is most likely a dead project now.

Majority of Content in TwoKinds

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