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'Stepping in to his daily tits massage appointment'

Tyler Juett was the bastard child of Michelle Juette - A Britfag chavette living in Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood land). Tyler, aged 17, was stabbed to death attempting to burgle some dudes house. With Britain having the fucked up judicial system that it does, the hero was sentenced and released on bail a day later.

So, you Americunts are thinking 'what's the problem?', and rightly so. However, this is England and they have some sort of moral issue with people defending themselves against intruders.

The Trolling Begins: Daily Mail is a pretty cool guy


Ebaums world caught onto the story and was duly outraged. After a long night-shift of doxing, trolling and fapping justice had been served, and the hero's internet reputation restored. Tylers facebook memorial page was spammed with appraisal for the guy who killed him while defending himself, his family and his property, mudkips and Pedobears. Tylers facebook and memorial facebook were both hacked and Bel-air'd. His Gonetoosoon remembrance page was later taken down after it too received heavy amounts of Anon-Spam. The trolling continued into the early hours of the morning. The Daily Mail (moar like daily Fail, amirite?) caught wind of the hero's inordinate amount of internet 'support' and wrote an article (complete with troll quotes); much to Anon's delight. Drama ensued.

Anon Gains Further News attention: Sky News and The Mirror fall victim

Sky news later picked up on the story and wrote an article with the Headline 'Teen Burglar Web Tribute Pulled Over Abuse', which basically reported all the facebook drama. A local paper called the Fenland Citizen also reported the trolling.

In a strange plot twist Michelle (dead dudes mum) posted on facebook that her son did indeed 'deserve it'. Suspicious?; and the mirror being the amazingly well researched newspaper that it is based an entire article on the comments in question.

Okay guys, stop this. I'm starting to accept my babby did do some bad things, I am very sorry for his actions, it wasn't the first time he did this.


The Mirror always research their articles well.

The article can be found here.

The Aftermath

this is michelle tylers mum im having to use my sisters facebook page as some sick sad bastard has hacked mine i just want to say that anthing that was supposed to be of me to tyler was not me i love tyler with all my heart he was my baby and still is my thanks to levi for setting this site up and once again I LOVE MY SON ALWAYS AND FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT.........TYLERS MUM MICHELLE


—Michelle Juett

this is tylers mum michelle i would just like to say anything in the papers today is not of me the wankers that hacked my facebook account have replied to the emails pretending to be me


—Michelle Juett

THANKS its michelle can you let all of tylers friends know that my michelle juett on facebook was hacked and i have never said anything negative about my baby please


—Michelle Juett


Meanwhile, a Facebook group set up as a tribute to Juett, of nearby Aspley, was quickly taken over with explicit comments suggesting Juett had got what he deserved. One of the few postings not littered with obscenities said the teenager's death was his "comeuppance for commiting for a wrongdoing".


—Brought to you from Sky news' professional Internet Drama team

A Facebook group set up as a tribute to Juett, of nearby Aspley, had been defaced with pictures of the teenager superimposed on to graphic images.Another web page where tributes to the youngster were left had to be taken down after it became inundated with obscene messages from people claiming he deserved to die.


Fenland Citizen

Among the many abusive comments in the same vein were furious responses from Juett's friends.


—Sky News Just loves reporting internet drama

He done what we do. But it went wrong, so that's unlucky.


—The Daily Mail, quoting another troll from his memorial site

there lil puffs n there makin up fake names...they ant got no friends on there lists either there jst perthetic computer nerds hu sit on der arse all day hatin on ppl coz they have note else to do


—Megan Voce - weird bitch


Knife > Head Gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Action Being Placed Against Insurgency Group

At approximately 4:40 AM - March 16, 2009 Faggots and emo crushers, the daily press decided to call out anon and it's abilities. In this article they bawwwwww about the death of a 17 year old wigger. They also had set up a memorial page for Tyler which was immediately trolled. Lulz continued after a second article was produced about the dead nigra. Daily Nigra Shit Nobody Cares About

Chat Log With A Friend of Tyler (Nigra)

See pics as Gallery for proof. David a friend on Tyler decided to use his poor use of words in facebook to fight the shit loads of cock mongering the Facebook Memorial page was getting.

7:17pm David:
are u the 1 hu was callin tyler an takein the piss cuz he dead?

7:18pm Teh:

7:18pm David:
i seen u takein the piss about tyler juett cuz he got stabbed

7:18pm Teh:
no its for laughs

7:19pm David:
y is it a laughin matter tho did u no him

7:19pm Teh:
yea he used to bully me everyday in school

7:20pm David:
so u fink it funny to take the piss now an u older than him so how did he bully u

7:21pm Teh:
my facebook age is not my real age I am 16 and I went to school with him. 2 days before I killed him.. 
he stole my camera from my locker before he died I mean

7:21pm David:
look u are a faggit man wait till u get killed i will laugh at ya fam

7:22pm Teh:
I won't die.... like the little bitch style Tyler did fucking stabbed in the cranium like a little 
bitch by his own knife he must be representing pussies

7:23pm David:
u are a faggit get a fuckin life man

7:23pm Teh:
I have one now that I took Tylers
this is a lullercoaster dont you understand you weak bitch

7:24pm David:
u are a twat mate just cuz my man bulled u at school u have to call him now he dead y dint u di that 
when he was alive ?

7:25pm Teh:
I did it when he was alive... I pissed on his head before the guy knifed him

7:25pm David:
yh i bet ya was shit scared of him ya pussy

7:26pm Teh:
He was a scared bitch when he looked into my eyes as I jabbed the knife in his fucking cranium

7:27pm David:
y u allwasy got to fink u are a bad man tryin to fink u stabbed him u stupid twat u can not even cut 

7:27pm Teh:
I had sex with him.

7:29pm David:

7:29pm Teh:
No he was he took it like a man
I came all over him

7:29pm David:
u young ppl dont no what the word cum meens

7:30pm Teh:
want me to show you.... I have a pic of tylers dick

7:31pm David:
whatever u gay lil fuck piss off

9:23pm David:
no i wont to see a post tellin them to stop

9:24pm Teh:
ok I did just go to iheartanime.com/lolwut

9:24pm David:
i amon it

9:25pm Teh:
just wait there for 2 minutes and reply to a thread

9:26pm David:
there still doin it

9:26pm Teh:
I am trying to get them to stop I am doing hq and all I promise you by tomorrow it will all be gone 
thank you for your cooperation

9:27pm David:
nopw i wont the to fuckin stop now

9:27pm Teh:
I am trying it is out of my power now

9:28pm David: 
well nuffin i can do that u asl then ask

9:28pm Teh:
That is true...

9:28pm David:
well u stated it now u stop it

9:28pm Teh:
I am sorry I did not start it a man by the name of Jeff Bridges started it in the USA

9:28pm David:
what school u used to go to

9:29pm Teh:
I live in the USA sir A man named jeff bridges from the USA posted the story and facebook. on 
ebaumsworld.com he then hacked the site and all its affiliates I am sorry ---- Chav's IP


The pre hearing of trial brave soldier who help Tyler travel to the great council estate in sky will be held on January 18th 2010, with the main trial set to start in April [1]

On Monday, April 19th, the murder charges against Omari Roberts were dropped[2]. In what was a great victory for British justice, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that they could not rely on the evidence of Tyler's accomplice due to him also being a thieving, lying little fuckbag who, quite frankly, should also have been pwnt.

It is hoped that the result of this case will encourage more IRL permabanning of burgling scumbags in the United Kingdom, where it is still illegal to harm someone who enters your house illegally with the intention of carrying out IRL leeching or raping your family.

2010 Raid On Tylers Facebook Tribute

09 April 2010 an unwitting anon decided to post a link to Tyler Juetts Facebook tribute page along with details of the entire situation to 4chan boards /b/ and /r9k/.

Anonymous being as they are, haters of all things chav couldn't pass up this opportunity and the following lulz ensued.

A few of the more memorable quotes left on the official Facebook tribute page.

Why is everyone havin a stab at this Tyler kid?


His life was CUT short... ?


You seem to think he'd get into heaven, but i don't think he made the CUT.


Sweet track jacket, guess he couldn't run from that knife fast enough!


Yo dawg I herd u liek knives so we put one in yo artery so u can bleed while u rob.




Why is everyone havin a stab at this Tyler kid?


His life was CUT short... ?


You seem to think he'd get into heaven, but i don't think he made the CUT.


Sweet track jacket, guess he couldn't run from that knife fast enough!


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