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If God were a member, his name would be CoreyDuffel

TYMB (Tum Yeto MastuhBat0rz). The Tymb is a forum where young skateboarders come to debate who does the biggest drugs, fucks the most amount of women and skates the best. If it weren't for a man named Corey Duffel, with help from Toy Machine, Zero, Death Box, Dekline, and Rukus Metal OF COURSE, the TYMB wouldn't exist at all.


Started in 1989 by Todd Swank, but nobody cares about that because it's before any of their current users were born. On Dec. 3rd, 2002 Somebody hit reset and everything got deleted. People who remember this incident sometimes use it as an excuse to be moar idiotic then the current users. These people are known as the TYBBz or OG's.

TYMB Today

Many members feel that the TYMB has fallen in quality since it's big upgrade to PHPBB3 and beforehand, the TYMB was a kind, honest, reliable and all around fun place to talk. In all honesty, it was littered with Jews, Emos and Michael Cera. Topics discussed are drugs, music, drugs, cars, drugs, no job, drugs, food, drugs, skateboarding sucks, fuck skateperception.com, fuck George Bush, Yay George Bush and Narcotics.

Like Germany, There are no black people on the Internet in TYMB.

The People Vs. Old School Geoff Rowley

If everything wrong about the internet could be summed up by one character, that character would be Old School Geoff Rowley, or OSGR for short. Named Ellen, or something dykey like that, OSGR has been lurkin the forums since God was a boy. She livesin the middle of fucking nowhere, an actual carpet muncher, and only likes music if it's on vinyl and hasn't been heard of by anyone out of Tacoma, WA. She is a typical case of the internets gone bad.

The Fakie Flip

Sometime a million years ago, OSGR did what no man has ever done before; it seems to power her very existance: She FAKIE FLIPPED A FIVE FOOT LOADING DOCK. Now, if you're not aquanted with the norms of skateboarding, this trick is SERIOUSLY FUCKING HARD. Tony Hawk hasn't even done it, and he's done the 900. Unfortunately, the footage is no longer with us, as by the power of misfortune, OSGR just had to have a 56k connection and no time to upload the footage. Speculation occurs to this day of what remains of the original master tapes. Either the FBI took them, or OSGR taped over it while eating her girlfriend out.

so any computer update? or you still runnin that 56k of yours, that sadly couldnt handle your full hd clip of that fakie flip down that huge ass gap?


—4pie, speaking on behalf of every saddened tymber at the loss of possibly the greatest footage ever recorded

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