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Ladies - he's single!

Typhon aka: Lee Shapiro is a fat fucking jewish furry from fucking Columbus, Ohio with Latexfox, SonicBlu and WolfDog. This know it all doesn't work because he got fired after playing Everquest 2 instead of working. He is a member of the Furluminati as evidenced here, here, and here. His fursona is a crux, which is a made up character in Second Life, making him a faggot otherkin. He claims he had a part in a massed grave uncovering in some African country but he's a filthy liar who doesn't know the difference between there/their/they're, then/than, or your/you're. He tried to steal his ex-roommate's wife's pink Nintendo DS but it was taken back. He also showers less than once a week, making him a typical furfag.

He was invited to ED IRC and killed, yiffed, and eaten by the childish admins. Weev also fuckyou'd him after he finally woke up. He types about 4wpm, making him somewhat boring to fursecute, but his perfursecution complex meant he was at least somewhat entertaining. Ghettofinger thinks he's a troll, which is possible as noone can actually believe they have a spiritual connection to a crux except for about two million deranged furries.

The furry article according to Typhon


THe previous page here was showing artworks and pictures obtained illegally.

Here are some truths to consider.

1) Furrys [sic] have contribued [sic] more money to charities, then [sic] most orginizations [sic] combined. 2) Only a small percentage of the fandom are true jerks, like the ones called Sibe and Divefox, these few are the ones the bigoted consintrate [sic] on for giving a [sic] entire thing a bad name. 3) Other then [sic] the small percentage mentioned there is [sic] hardly any arguements [sic] or disagreements about the fandom at all, but alot [sic] of support for each other.

This page was edited and will be kept this way by,

The man who belives [sic] TRUTH will rule over HATE.



See Typhon/Chat log for a log by Samsara (does not have whole conversation).

Typhon after a fuckyou.

[21:40] * Typhon is [email protected] (Whatever)
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_d77172a9746f997478c4f @#LOL_DONGS_98b5e410d2a4226526f95 @#LOL_DONGS_69ff05fe2235cb7b71622 @#LOL_DONGS_8e66edaae290ba2f578ad @#LOL_DONGS_b66bb37d2330b4a805a49 @#LOL_DONGS_6cb0745b8e1ef622b47f4 @#LOL_DONGS_52b17994f6507d054e0e5 @#LOL_DONGS_d724be45e236665d1e149 @#LOL_DONGS_c19f98febd7ef345fd9f4 @#LOL_DONGS_e7a4d16b870d967364d05 @#LOL_DONGS_78c74aaaf7268a15be7e1 @#LOL_DONGS_ae0b1b6eda895f410405a @#LOL_DONGS_cd6b7a230406d308d96a1
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_4b071dc800d925273d653 @#LOL_DONGS_95c199423b0aa0ef45758 @#LOL_DONGS_665f4ffe3d9ea39b7920c @#LOL_DONGS_7232aa3d812eef33dcb68 @#LOL_DONGS_b0fb3de757a6fd43b8ebd @#LOL_DONGS_3d5daa6d06646ec3a12b5 @#LOL_DONGS_5549d57c8b2c66eb23fe6 @#LOL_DONGS_759577e47e8300800096f @#LOL_DONGS_e78cfae454b6ccb1523df @#LOL_DONGS_4762d5d8aed8f2cdf9749 @#LOL_DONGS_1fbda9f5647fe245cd12a @#LOL_DONGS_9ef9683d99bdca7cfcaf6 @#LOL_DONGS_f1adf39545a9dcb337197
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_749e16e46b121f1aa492b @#LOL_DONGS_3512a2d1353a79978a77a @#LOL_DONGS_bdc59286bbfe47e3d9925 @#LOL_DONGS_d7d5171102c5c26ca756d @#LOL_DONGS_e4fdb03e11508091c8e6e @#LOL_DONGS_1c00ab8c278414b47d20a @#LOL_DONGS_d50d29be069b8c0f52455 @#LOL_DONGS_9d26f53ff3dd6fc6b031a @#LOL_DONGS_a992107eff441caadb988 @#LOL_DONGS_cc4009503a4cc90ebb9a4 @#LOL_DONGS_aa63a9753c8738ed11803 @#LOL_DONGS_a6858212d273f5138d642 @#LOL_DONGS_750237841818b5ddcc54b
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_e9560734a22f6e8e2451e @#LOL_DONGS_d1907550616b578c9fbae @#LOL_DONGS_1e68d4571452849ddd74c @#LOL_DONGS_b1b5fe0f37d496ad926ad @#LOL_DONGS_3e64f34e94a61cfb4a570 @#LOL_DONGS_05219d7d8c4ef9be8844e @#LOL_DONGS_a8a464b2b6a9a3f67a152 @#LOL_DONGS_9f31c8e2f2a092faa4a48 @#LOL_DONGS_fede20aecbe572e846c79 @#LOL_DONGS_3848fb92bdba0806e2532 @#LOL_DONGS_668527b316dec6da94ea5 @#LOL_DONGS_ee89183d67ff0989ec5c4 @#LOL_DONGS_1d906372eeed13c20ed86
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_0712e87fc1a71eb29da72 @#LOL_DONGS_e1615aa385a49d92ab172 @#LOL_DONGS_b1b51d64586c43742516d @#LOL_DONGS_340e048c8e03839a6317b @#LOL_DONGS_c2f4000ae844af78ae467 @#LOL_DONGS_0dca67de327ba0e637ecf @#LOL_DONGS_9ca206ee439eabe925244 @#LOL_DONGS_6755f672aeeba6ccc1d04 @#LOL_DONGS_0d061093d7f04edb04740 @#LOL_DONGS_8b63be3a2f06fa6735528 @#LOL_DONGS_883aab8267d32dd0c1abd @#LOL_DONGS_103945821184f226ea9ee @#LOL_DONGS_64eab9712818b44f6ca54
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_f6a96dd07440002ce2aba @#LOL_DONGS_bef5f1e6400da044193bd @#LOL_DONGS_968cfac9b7f9de23c3fba @#LOL_DONGS_f30992b697c9df74c4e6e @#LOL_DONGS_0974b19982ae10b8dc9aa @#LOL_DONGS_33241a03e443765a7d4d4 @#LOL_DONGS_688cf14dc7ba3f3930dd5 @#LOL_DONGS_f3e73de4f38c7b4aa54a5 @#LOL_DONGS_d00604172c308f9b109e2 @#LOL_DONGS_5c9f338258afc4ab6cf1d @#LOL_DONGS_824816329cb63301c1862 @#LOL_DONGS_0decd79bc1e1547ef7c54 @#LOL_DONGS_7e7b3a99745eb62859285
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_5e0e0aa6001cd75ea2fde @#LOL_DONGS_4e2492850ade0366e643c @#LOL_DONGS_cb32fc45f8cd0540db53c @#LOL_DONGS_596a4e2fda1f4dd71dcf1 @#LOL_DONGS_1ef69a37e92548e49e9fc @#LOL_DONGS_41a288ab226494c834fa3 @#LOL_DONGS_f04727a881ca550520b4b @#LOL_DONGS_d3b19d5475400e7a68cdb @#LOL_DONGS_05a1b8eada5440ad94496 @#LOL_DONGS_7d0c114801884a58f72e5 @#LOL_DONGS_d7e54331519cd1c519dfc @#LOL_DONGS_7056ac7bc1e1693ac06ce @#LOL_DONGS_282600488c48ada9f41a9
[21:40] * Typhon is on: @#LOL_DONGS_fe6e68b9222cbc0386979 @#LOL_DONGS_9e10ec8408cf0864f0934 @#LOL_DONGS_8ab4588feda2ccf7f54c3 @#LOL_DONGS_015fe75df1956cf31ee77 @#LOL_DONGS_37a3df318efcff4291f9b @#LOL_DONGS_479d2afb14c18b7f2ec3a @#LOL_DONGS_954f0352126ff81e9e578 @#LOL_DONGS_58e1534acd9f0ca0599b6 @#LOL_DONGS_06ffbf05c1811df226530
[21:40] * Typhon using bantown.hub (I Will Have Your Humility)
[21:40] * Typhon has been idle for 1 minute 27 seconds (Logged on at 7/30/2006 7:30:46 PM)

[21:40] * typhon :End of /WHOIS list.

Update: 3/30/12

Apparently his room mates can't stand his smell anymore either! He's getting kicked out of there, too!

I know I don't talk much, but I really need to move from where I am. Preferably in or near Columbus Ohio. I have a job, and my own transportation. I also have a better job lined up. This move is being done due to some drama that came up that I need to get away from. Please let me know via private emails or calls 614-592-2289

Thanks, Typhon

Lack of mechanical ability

Not only does he not know how to change the oil in a car, but he doesn't have insurance, either. Ohio is also a mandatory insurance state.

Currently I am inbetween insurance companys. The u-haul option would still require I find someone to help with the tow. I also don't make enough to afford $100+ for towing. So unless I find someone that can help me figure out what is wrong with the car and fix it myself, maybe with there help. It needs to go in to the shop.

Kicked out yet again!

Sadly, our dear hero has yet again befallen a fate known to most furfags: homelessness.

His email:

I am being asked to move, the person in charge of the place is giving me to till the 14th, but I can stay a little longer if needed. I would prefer a place somewhat near where I work currently, which is the Circle K near college and picerington. Though I have a better job lined up currently. I also do have transportation and my own bed among a couple of small things other then my computer I would be bringing along.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

~ Typhon

Can't we all just get along?

No car? No problem!

Poor little Typhon being the great person that he is must be having a hard time.

So lets make this short shall we.

Car impounded, license taken away.

Need to purchase a temp license so I can get the car title and get the car out of the impound lot.

Then get my birth certificate, from ny so I can get a normal license again

Then pay all the ticket fees

All on a min wage salary....

yea.. not fun...

Only you can help keep great people driving. Won't you help him out?


Apparently this beautiful she-beast has tied the knot with our bachelor-of-the-year.

Well it hsa happened after a long time, finally got married to Lynarkitty as of Mar 13th 2017. The next step in this is to move with her to Australlia. So yea the gryphon is going there folks.

I guess that's one way to tidy up the gene pool and make it more beautiful by taking these two furfags out of it!

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