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Three gentleman who obviously enjoy giving a UFIA once in a while
A TotalFark user about to join the UFIA club.

UFIA is an old meme acronym meaning Unsolicited Finger In the Anus.

The term was popularized on the website Fark.com after someone posted a news story involving a young man who had given his friend a little backdoor attention with his finger. The article quotes a judge as saying: "an unsolicited finger in the anus, while crude, is not criminal".

Much like every other Fark cliche, this one was beaten into the ground quickly after its inception and is no longer funny. Briefly there were some IRL lulz when Fark proprietor Drew Curtis bought the naming rights to the Boston Fleet Center and attempted to name it, for 24 hours, the Fark.com UFIA Arena. Later on a 2-mile stretch of highway in Tennessee was named "UFIA Highway" by some TotalFarkers.


There are different opinions on the funniness of this phrase. But to truly understand it, you need to have been a farker for a while.


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