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US Copyright Group, also known as Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, and Savecinema is a group of lulzy patent trolls whose main method of trolling includes sending copyright lulsuits to fucking everyone everyone, claiming that copyright infringement hurts innovation, and stealing the full html of their main competitors website. They are notable for really pissing off the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and just about everyone else. For a bit of amusment, going to sites like Torrent Freak and talk about how they support the film industry will give asspie levels of nerd rage. Copyright is easy for everyone to get angry over, so it is easy to troll and/or flame. Some have said it was all for the lulz, but sadly this is most likely not so.

We believe that internet piracy is wrong and hurt's the industry
Stealing our competitor's HTML and images is A-OK

So you like bittorrent?

When you torrent, you seed as soon as you get the first bytes, so unless norton is set up to block traffic P2P leaving your client, you are broadcasting your IP. Most trackers will ban you if you don't seed anyway, so it won't work for long. USCG finds you by looking into the bittorrent stream and find your ye olde IP address, or an IP address. It really does not matter to them. They say they look for whom ever is seeding their clients is what the look for, but really they just use a fucking random number generator or something. Any string of numbers will work, letter or two is still cool. I mean who really would download Far Cry the movie? They are notable for being the first people to sue over Bittorrent, all the RIAA lawsuits were over shit like Limewire. Also they sue people for gay porn. Why? Fuck you that's why. These are the kind of lawyers that you see on late night TV, trying to get you to sue your boss for stubbing your toe.

Method of Operation

So let's say these annoying bastards now have your IP, now what? They have to take several legal steps before they can bring suit against you. Namely, finding out Who the fuck you are. That's right, unlike the hax0rs on steroids over at 4chan, these idiots have to go through a nice tedious process to figure out who you are. In order to to this, they have to force your ISP to to revel your address. This is done by sending 5,000 IP addresses and forcing a court to hand over the dox. Comcast ignores the court deal and just hands them over. Cool, eh? They have done this to over 100,000 people now.

After they have your dox, they send you a nice letter telling you to pay them $5k or they will sue your ass. (and tell the world your porn preferences) Yes this is extortion. Bitch to your congressman, whole lot of good that will do.

They have shown that they have no understanding of the legal process by filing all of their suits in one court. Yeah, you kind of need to file that suit in the district that the infringement occurred, mai boi. This resulted in over 5,000 of their suits being dropped in court. Losers.

They claim that suing people over copyright infringement is just another source of income for film makers. WTF, They are clearly wasting their jewgolds on coke or meth. My movie is shit, and nobody will buy it, so I will sue random people so I can make money. Uwe Boll is the man responsible behind this altitude, and is also one of USCG biggest clients. People actually think this is logical, and all we can do is hope for the human race.


In what might be the greatest display of irony every, USCG was caught stealing the HTML and images of a major competitors website. On this day many people butthurt over copyright cried out in a single voice: YES. Instantly you could smell the lulz. No srs, look With this, USCG became the bitches of the internet and the source of many jokes. Not that they weren't bitches already.

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