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Unblocking is the administrator's equivalent of troll's remorse. But then again, they're all elitist snobs, and are no less worthy of the coveted title of "Troll" than WoW or MONGO.

Unblocking requires lvl 40 mining and lvl 30 strength.

Unblocking on ED

  1. See Template:Unblock
  2. Add {{unblock|(and state your reason here)}}.
  3. Oh, banned users can't edit their talk pages here. Sorry. :(

Unblocking on forum websites

No hope rests here. Just create a new sockpuppet and continue trolling. Get a few friends together for a DDoS attacks to avenge your fallen account!

Unblocking on Wikipedia

The best method is to do fuckin' nothing. Get a sockpuppet, lay low for a while, and then enact your revenge upon Wikipedia by spamming, moving pages, making personal attacks, and anything else that is more enjoyable than adding to a directionless cesspool of facts.

For great lulz.