Unc drama coming up on Eyetoy

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Nigra attempts to close the Eyetoy's uncdrama pool

Unc drama coming up on Eyetoy is a meme started in MSN ED IRC (chat was dead in IRC) and goes to prove that you should STFU when someone else is talking or else things that don't make sense will be read by people stalking the conversation. The original log that was then spammed was:

Prima says (8:15 PM):
unc drama coming up
Secunda says (8:15 PM):
on Eyetoy

The original context had something to do with lolis playing playstation and Uncyclopedia lusers being unfunny as usual. After the original use it was cuntpasted again and again by ShadowCrush (a Freewebs n00b who was also involved in MSN ED IRC) and from there into the original ED IRC which was currently in a state of chat deadage.

Using the physical law of Forced Meme, after being repeated enough times, it became very funny.