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Pirates? where? HELP ME!

Underbelly is a controversial and shitty Australian TV series about one of the countries most notorious crime gangs. While this may seem like a typical and over-done concept for a TV show, this one is based off actual people who are quite fucking pissed off that they're being portrayed for the criminals they are on national television. It has nothing to do with the video game web show by the same name that was previously on ScrewAttack.

Pirates? on MY internets?

This led them to take channel nine to court and get the show pulled from air in Victoria, only making it look like a better show than it actually is. Apparently this was done because of fears the show may influence potential jurors in an upcoming murder trial but we all know the judge was just scared of being whacked. It was even banned from distribution online, because apparently it is now possible to enforce rules on the wild west that is the internets.

However, in breaking news, according to some sources, there is a dark and mysterious group of people on this new technology they call the internets, WHO PIRATE TV SHOWS! When the retarded court judges found out about this internets phenomenon they simultaneously shit bricks and threatened everyone sharing this show around with massive lolsuits.

The police even hired internets experts to help track down the pirates and people found uploading the show could face copyright charges! AND contempt of court charges! So basically all the court order did was piss off channel 9, who are fucked anyway due to pissing off a powerful crime gang.

Wait a Second

In 2009 and 2010 the Australian TV networks decided to re-air the UNCENSORED show Underbelly no srsly

Hypocrite much

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