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A wolf-satyr licking a unicorn mare
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Unicorn Orgy is a site of sexual unicorn sculptures discovered by Something Awful and featured as the ALOD. It was further propagated by Boing Boing and Matt Drudge.

Apparently, Chris Wayan -- a furry -- was inspired to create these unicorns in a dream. The reason being, in the artist's own words, that "I witnessed a secret reunion of long-separated unicorns--transparent ghostly unicorns--that turned into a wild party, and then... a unicorn orgy!" And so, a paper mache sculpture was created. All told, it took him seven years to build, due to frequent breaks to masturbate himself to the work in progress, often while also watching the film, "The Last Unicorn".

"While not everyone in the orgy is a unicorn, it started with unicorns. Most things do."

Lola, the dream that inspired this, also inspired drawings of sexy trees, interspecies sex, and dream beings.

In September 2005, Wayan publicly declared that the dream, as well as the whole unicorn black person, was done purely for the lulz. However, like many other things done for the lulz, a unicorn orgy made from paper mache was considered too soon.

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