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A text based MMORPG in which you choose a zombie or human and duke it out in a city called Malton. Has nifty Firefox additions too. Has the capacity for fun but this capacity is rarely filled.

Some of the most amazing graphics of our time.
What every Urban Dead player wishes to be.
What every Urban Dead player is.

Things to do

Walk around the city and collect ammo if you're a human and attack barricades if you're a zombie. If a human dies they become a zombie, and other humans can turn zombies into humans with a syringe. Here are easy steps to playing

  1. Create a character
  2. Whine about how repetitive the game is. Luckily you have no life and plenty of time to master it.
  3. Wait ten hours for your guy to regain enough energy to walk ten screens.
  4. Give yourself a trenchcoat and katana in your character description.
  5. Die, turn into a zombie. You have no imagination and want to be the heroic good guy with a katana, so repeat step one.

What you should Expect

  • IF you visit this game you are greeted by registration and other douchefaggory. After that you start the game. Now do not mistake the game for a menu bar, this is all it is. It really is a bunch of buttons that lead to different areas. Now if you have the patience and retardation of an aspie you may just get far enough to die and become a zombie and then get healed or whatever and get stuck in a loop of anus-munching.


Most of drama happens on the wiki, which the game uses in lieu of a forum. Although, that's not to say that there's no drama in game.

On the wiki drama

From an internet tough guy threatening some fag, to suggesting that prayer be put in game, the wiki is never short of drama. Apparently, many people who play Urban Dead are also fans of Resident Evil. At least 100 groups believe that they are "The true Umbrella" and they all constantly start wars with each other over it. Sysops abuse their powers regularly, and if you start trouble (Read: not agreeing with them) they'll find some random precedent for it and ban you because they can. You can help by suggesting that crucifixes have a practical purpose and screenshotting the results.

In game drama

Drama in game can generated by killing other players, different groups getting into a bitchfest over who can spray paint where, spamming the radio, and really any other way that you would flame someone on the interwebz

Exploit Drama

a nifty (yet now removed) address bar exploit would allow a player to perfor actions without using an energy, by selecting drop, canceling and adding the command to for the relevent action after it, in doing this, 2 long time players were able to completely rape the most heavily defended and guarded base in the entire game by them selves, they were banned shortly after and then I was too

Note to casual trolls: do not discover exploits and take credit for them if you want to keep playing thr game


- Was trolled by SA goons once twice.
- Both sides (zombies and humans) bitch the game is against them on the wiki
- Has 1,162,854 dead and rising. (players)


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