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Stephen Colbert tells it like it is.
Lori explains Sailor Moon cosplay dos-and-don'ts.
Pikachu wants to die inside.
Here Usagi Kou deep throats a banana. Orihime fans were never the same again.
Here Usagi Kou violates the Inuyasha furfag community.
She even goes for 5 year old males. Quick, call pedobear!!
Here Usagi Kou rapes the Paradise Kiss community with her Kool-Aid bleached hair. Girls and whiny pretty boys committed suicide when they saw the photos.

Lj-favicon.png Sailormoon AKA Usagi Kou is a cosplayer for the anime Sailor Moon.

Her broken personality

Many idiots who consider cosplay to be serious business will claim that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. In reality, she is a psychotic camwhore and otakukin who believes that she is Sailor Moon and that anyone who tries to cosplay as the same characters as her is copying her. She lives her life around this delusion and will even go so far as to not fuck a man if he doesn't look like Sailor Moon's boyfriend (or the transsexual that has a crush on her later in the series). She will also call him "Mamo-chan" regardless of his real name( all other male names are unknown to her.) She used to claim that she was a "natural blonde"even though she is in actuality a poor Latina. She also buys costumes from a website and claims that she made them. This is one of the ultimate taboos among cosplay losers.

Usagi Kou is also a member of the Kewl Kou Klan. This is basically the retarded younger brother of the Ku Klux Klan that seeks to be the greatest Sailor Moon cosplayers evar. Everyone in this group is Usagi Kou's bitch and will come to start drama whenever her name is mentioned somewhere.

Being a high school dropout, Usagi Kou cannot spell to save her life. As a result, she created the dumb phrase "I EET YUU". She has "copyrighted" this phrase and will throw a hissy fit whenever someone uses it without her permission.

She has recently started to invade the Naruto fandom. She now believes that she is also the character Kurenai and has started gathering more minions. While falling into the Naruto fandom she took part in a masquerade skit in 2005 with a large group of other Naruto cosplayers, lied about making her costume, and ruined the group's chances of taking part in the skit competition. As a result she was banned from competition at the majority of east coast anime conventions.
Here's how it went:
Judge: Did you use a serger to make that costume?
Stupid Latina: What's a serger?
Judge: BANNED!!!!
(See: Saeto) From the way she has since carried herself at events, almost getting innocent people in trouble doesn't seem to faze her at all.

Laurie Usagi's movie career

Usagi Kou also tried to make a movie based off her broken personality of Sailor Moon. Hollywood quickly black-listed Usagi Kou from ever making more movies. Sadly she didn't listen to the blacklisting and found ways around it, as shown in this movie where she proves that she wears the daddy pants in the relationship: (More of her stupid videos can be found following the Related Links.)


She has also done the world a favor by having an abortion. Sadly, pro-life groups and the aborted fetus seek revenge via Jack McCoy from Law & Order. Usagi Kou has recently announced that she is pregnant again thanks to drugging and fucking her latest boy toy. Like any good Hispanic bitch, she's keeping the baby. She aborted this one too.

Recent facts

Usagi Kou's attachment to drama at Anime Next 2005 (where she made her Kurenai debut into the Naruto Cosplaying world) has made her an outcast among all Naruto Cosplayers. The next cosplaying community she's adopted herself into (probably without having watched the series or read the manga like she has done in the past) is Bleach (the obvious ingredient to her "natural" blonde hair).


Usagi Kou and her sex slave at Katsucon 2006. His normal name was lost when she made him dye his hair black, and dubbed him "Mamo-chan".

Usagi Kou will probably do a vanity search, find this page, and call the rest of the Klan to start some drama.

No one who contributes to this page is jealous of her. Even though she will try her hardest to convince herself, her brainwashed minions, and others otherwise.

Ever since she broke up with her last "Mamo-chan" , she has dyed her hair back to Hispanic black and gained quite a bit of weight. She tells her haters that she actually has a job now, which means that she sucks cock at the border for pesos, instead of doing it out of her love for cum.

Usagi Kou planned out a tiny little scheme in which she would meet up with her minions in New York City one evening in the winter of 2005, while on a date with her husband, that would get her away from him, so she could be with her "Mamo-chan" boyfriend instead. After she "accidentally" met up with her minions she ignored her husband altogether. "Til death do you part"?

Usagi is a bitch to most if not all people who don't agree with her. Recently at Katsucon 2007, she made her roommates sleep on the floor, without blankets or pillows, as if they were dogs to her, while she hogged her King Size bed to herself. When her "friends" informed her that they had found new lodging, she informed them that unless they remain her slaves; they couldn't participate in her private Sailor Suck shoot. Wow...ugly, mean, and treats other people like animals.

She now lives in Randolph, New Jersey.

Usagi Kou also plays World of Warcraft, Horde side on Mannoroth.

SURPRISE BUTTSEX! her new favorite word. What a stupid whorish wetback. Even Carlos Mencia's midget wouldn't touch her. Did I mention that she had an abortion? She recently had another one in late 2007 making her a total whore.


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