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This user is an EDitor.

I'm Back-sort of! Slowly more nerdy edits are bound to return. I also have a mostly unused forum account because... forums...

Pages I've worked a bunch on

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Factual trolling is best trolling.

....that became Article of the Now (arranged by date)

  • Doug Winger: Created a long-overdue page on the Furry Godfather. Article of the now October 27-28 2015
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Overhaul with plot information, pictures, and character info. Article of the now October 29-30 2015
  • Pokémon Go: My rewrite launched the article into AotN status. It only improved from there. Article of the now July 13-14, 2016

Pages I need to work moar on

  • Hott: Hot & Not galleries.
  • Bayonetta: It's a lollercaust waiting to happen...
  • James M. Hardiman: Another skunkfucker who needs a better page. First Winger, now him?

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Cannibal Holocaust is awesome!

Horror Films!

Should try these next time I get bored...

My work is never done