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Below are stories or words of wisdoms typed by random basement dwellers on one of the many chans.


User:AlGore/4chan/Sharkeyes - Identify a mass shooter or other criminal by searching for 'Shark Eyes' in them.

User:AlGore/4chan/SyriaGeneral - 4chan manages to track down and kill terrorists.

User:AlGore/4chan/Wildman - A man goes into the wild. This is his story.

User:AlGore/4chan/Normie - If you arent a NORP, you're FUCKED. READ THIS.

User:AlGore/4chan/NormieNPC - good info an anon wrote

User:AlGore/4chan/PowerLevel - Power Level reveals

User:AlGore/4chan/Chicken - story of a guy who legit fucks a chicken LOL

User:AlGore/4chan/Pedro - a dude from 4chan robs a bank

User:AlGore/4chan/Loli - tragic story of a teenager who finds a cute 16-ish yo girl with a lolita complex

User:AlGore/4chan/Uberautism - extremely autistic story

Lacking pictures

basically any pages lacking a screencap.

User:AlGore/4chan/Tumblr - The Tumblr Feminist’s Dream

User:AlGore/4chan/USA - American foreign policy

User:AlGore/4chan/Africa - African Mindset

User:AlGore/4chan/Marxist - Marxist mindsets

User:AlGore/4chan/Juden - kike story by anon

User:AlGore/4chan/Feminaziapoligia - Never apologize to a feminist

User:AlGore/4chan/cuckout1 - lulzy liberal cuck story by anon

User:AlGore/4chan/cuckout2 - SJW degeneracy story from same thread


Someone please find the 4chan archive for the following threads and replace the link bro