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concept idea

directory for workload- make as short and simple as possible and link to major resource / work / policy pages - streamline

basically list of advice / tasks for workers. might go below The TJC on navigation.

Anyone reading this is encouraged to add info or alert me if this shit exists

(ED work propaganda poster here)

Encyclopedia Dramatica is well over a decade old. As such, we've collected and created massive amounts of information. As time goes on, such information always gets lost or outdated and errors in the system remain left untouched. That is why the most important asset to ED is You - the consumer. We cordially invite you to register an account (or logon) and assist us with maintenance of the website. You will find the workload is relatively easy- ED doesn't require an advanced degree of skill to edit. We aren't Wikipedia either, so don't worry about 99% of your edits getting undone by bureaucratic autists.

If you're interested in assisting with the e-war effort, here are several tasks available for all:


Encyclopedia Dramatica:Opentasks - Directory listing several tasks open to the public.

For The Administration

As an EDitor or Sysop, you are granted much more power over the common man. Namely, you're able to delete and restore content. The following tasks are only available to staff. As a staff member, you are strongly advised to put in extra manpower towards site maintenance.

General tasks:

  1. Article Quality Control: Delete any bad and irrelevant articles, especially Shitty attack articles. Delete abandoned and unfinished pages. Generally, avoid deleting any pages created before 2012.
  2. Remove DOX, CP and other illegal materials unless stated otherwise (except the pizza.. That always has to go.)
  3. Delete shitty images that have no views and have no place anywhere. Keep in mind that it's accepted and encouraged to leave images up if they have sizeable views as they're probably cached in google images, bringing in more views for the site. Delete duplicate images if they have no views and aren't piped to any articles.


  • Category:GNA - Good New Articles. Please remove the GNA template from pages more than a month old. Seek out new pages and add the GNA template to them if they're of relatively decent quality. The bot BNA will automatically take care of the rest.

For more information, please refer to the categories below: