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Seriously.TV is a YouTube channel so SJW, it's hard to believe that it's not satire.


From the makers of rape culture, unjust wars, and everything bad


—Actual quote from Seriously.TV

  • Unboxing with Dylan Marron: Some faggot "unboxes" "abstract concepts", such as islamophobia, from the viewpoint of a Tumblrina.
  • Trump Guy: Some guy with great acting skills acts like a real Donald Trump supporter in public. This is supposed to piss off normal bystanders and expose how retarded real Trump supporters are or something, but due to his acting being as believable as you ever getting any pussy, no one actually gives a fuck.
  • Future News: Hilarious animated shorts that make [[|Gen Zed cartoon|Gen Zed]] look like Disney in terms of animation quality.

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