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Your Easy To Use, Step By Step Guide

(Images Coming Soon)

Hi there, this is my simple plan on how you, the reader can deal with those internet emo bitches you see sucking the chodes of those that give them attention, leaving it clear for you to extract lulz from all teh surrounding people.

Step One, Preperation:

Facebook, the Emo center

Ok, first off you have to find yourself an emo faggot. A prime example of this is Facebook. This seemingly family orientated site is in fact the core and center for e-fags. Send of invites to furry as your founding start (Being a FB furry/troll I can tell you the pickings are good) To increase the your chances you need more furry "friends" so get this effect by making you're icon something with a tail wearing... well nothing at all, prefferably gay as that seems to be a re-occuring theme with emo fags.

Step Two, Spotting:

Ok, now check back once in a while and you will without fail find at least one emo faggot every couple of days (If not it's still good for basic trolling, but remember you're just a "highly oppinionated furry" you may not actually be a furry, but cool cover bro) So when you have your target get ready for the barrage that will follow.

Step Three, Let Teh Lulz Commence!:

Real Trouble

Comment on how worthless they are, telling them to get real and end it already. Remind them how their "emo faggotness" is ruining everyones time on teh internets. If you really want to get them bawwwwing use images such as the one on the left, showing true hardship throughout the world, crushing the large ammount of happiness they obtain from people telling them they're a good person, cause they're not.

Step Four, Fight Or Flight:

Keep on Trollin

After upsetting a furry emo shitbag one thing will happen, the white knights shall arrive. If you have obtained your suggested daily dose of lulz, just do a dissapearing act, marking down the emo fag here (at the bottom of the page) so others may feed. If however, like a true troll you wantz more, stick around and just piss all over the white knight and his emo faggot together. Rappidly the anger will grow until both faggots block you...but don't worry, there's alwayz more emo faggots to find.