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Basics of sylver

Sylver The loin also known as a WrathFox, or Santiago Volara, is a raging homo who is a batshit insane, narcissistic, and egotistical flaming babyfur. He expects people to pity him for the shit he pulls, thinking that he can never be blamed for his faggotry. He has also left journal entries on Furaffinity complaining about shit nobody cares about. He was also busted for having CP on his computer, while claiming that he never clicked it, because as we all know well, computers download sick fuck material on their own.

Sylver also loves to talk about how his daddy beat him, molested him, and shit no one care about. He also loves using that as a exuse for mistakes. Clearly his father didn't beat him hard enough.

Sylver Leaving FA.



"this is what happens if you meet sylver!"



The pedophile conviction

In 2003, Sylver was convicted of holding child porn on his computer, claiming that browsing through Limewire accidentally led him to downlod babyfucking. Not only was he dumb enough to trust Limewire, but claiming that searching for "little girls naked" was an accident is pretty fucking dumb. Turns out that when the party van came long, a picture of a 8 year old girl showing off her special places was found on his computer.

The knife

So sylvers dumbass mate pulled a knife on his roomie not wanting to Clean. His mate got his ass beat and the knife took. So sylver tryed to call the police and lie.. He then got the phone tooken and his ass beat.

Sylver in RL
Sylver on king of the hill!



Sylver and his rants!

So today sylver tried to call the mother of Shikikit. Sadly enough telling the other kids momma don't work when your a grown adult.



—Sylver Leaving FA Again.

Response to sylvers comments


Response to sylvers comments

Yar the rant!
What the rant got him!

The rape



Sylver is claiming he was raped.. Honestly heres more truth.. The dumbass cheated on his mate. And when his mate found out he called rape.. Heres example.

  • (1) I love Caleb and Eric beyond anything
  • (2) I was sexually assualted by Shadowfox/Shikikit
  • (3) I'm over what that bastard did
  • (4) The reason I never pressed charges is b/c I was afraid of being looked at like a freak
  • (5) Eric loves me and Caleb, and I'm happy about that. He reminds me everyday we have nothing to worry about while we are all together, as does Caleb.
  • (6) Shikikit needs to leave me alone. He is a dangerous person that should behind bars, but I don't want to be the one to send him there.
  • (7) I'm creating a new FA account soon.



—Sylver Leaving FA Again.

However sylver got a swift response of the following..

"So.. in your words..
  • You talked me into having sex with you. THATS RAPE*

Sorry dude. its only rape if your unwilling..

Accept you cheated on caleb.. Also the story on how you said i forced you. Not true. I Never said that you had to.. Because im a bottom. a. Subby b. And last off i belive you raped me that night.

The reason you are so defesive. is because heres the truth..

You dumped caleb for me.. 1st day when we got in the car you was already groping me and shit.

That creeped me out honestly. That night you got in my pants.

Then i dumped you for Lieing to me that night.

In all honestly most gay debating is biyst.. Yea i did knock the hell outta sylver for being a Idiot.

Only reason he mate pulled a knife on me..

Point being.. Every one knows sylver is a lair. And Sylver cheated on his mate and cannot accept it. And he did not give his virginity to him.

If Sylver did not make this up.. Caleb woulda dumped him for cheating.

Apparently, being anally raped isnt good enough for him since he decided to start his own brand of ear rape with a video where he tries to sing a song to his prison daddy {



Sheds some light eh?

Sylver Leaving FA Again.



The Raid on his accounts

So /b/ heard of this guy and raided Sylver and calebs FA accounts and his phone.

Also pointing out the fact of calebs Aids which he probably got AIDS from too much gay sex with his "boss"

You got Aids!

Raid was done by group called brand090 funding lulz.

The result of the raids

Naplamxxx2 Decided to call his work and call a complaint. this got sylver fired. After he got fired.. We put his mate on Exhibit to laugh at. This led to a skype chat.. The chat while being TL/DR is a rather lulzy read is now currently uploaded. The report that got Sylver fired can be found online see below. The lolsuit threat dox can also be found below.

Sylver being the brilliant mastermind that he is decided to try dodging the banhammer and tried to edit the article of another person who was supposed to be behind the whole thing however he was quickly spotted and swiftly told GTFO.

Sylvers contact info





pounced: (Defending his self)

Brand090 site :

Skype:Wrath Fox

Sock puppet ED Account: NarcoticGoldfish ( Dont click page will crash browser)

Phone: 8325463086

Report that got him fired from his job:

Lolsuit transcript:

Lolsuit transcript download:

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