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You can help by adhering to their every whim and desire and learning your place, you dirty Jew.


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My Personal Crap

Articles I'm working On

Shit on my to-do list/shit to remember

  • Point out and/or fix any broken links I can find.
  • Find any pictures ED needs and adding them.
    • Replacing recent shitty pics with older, better versions, without deleting duplicates like that butthurt banned autist Onideus
  • Replacing as many thumbnails with full images when and where I can.
  • Adding as much lulz to ED as possible.
  • DON'T be the kind of cunt who shits on new user talk pages concerning their new work. Onideus did that shit, and he was a massive faggot for it.
  • Don't always assume someone removing shit with edits mostly confined to one article is doing so in bad faith. Check article history and talk page more carefully if not sure, leave it to someone else to look at if you still aren't sure, else you could fuck over honest editors by being a banhammer wielding dickhead.

Pictures I uploaded for Meepsheep

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ED Government

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