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Cute, marketable version of fleacollerindustry

Hello. My name is fleacollerindustry, but you can call me Jae-kwang Kim (김재광).

Nonon is love

Nonon is life

(Addendum: I love all pink-haired girls with granny voices.)

Articles Created or otherwise Significantly Expanded

Article of the Now's!

  • Fembusters — I wrote maybe 70-75% of the article; so much shit has happened since starting it that it had to be split off into separate subset articles. DAMN I'm good! ED's Article of the now for both March 17-18, 2016 and June 17-18, 2016! Twice?? That's pretty fucking awesome!
  • Nu-male — Built the whole article from scratch. I really like what I did, as the article layout and text just sort of flowed organically. ED's Article of the Now for April 10-11, 2016!
  • 2B2T — The best anarchy Minecraft server ever. It's kinda in flux right now with a recent surge of newfags, so I'm asserting my oldfag SHILLING status by writing this article. ED's Article of the Now for July 7-8, 2016!

Completed Articles, either Articles that are pretty solid on their own, or ones that I've otherwise washed my hands of

  • Ghostbusters — updated it to be a general info page about the franchise rather than a simple forward to some old, forgotten meme that no one remembered; related to my Fembusters article
  • GoddessMine — back in the day... actually, this event was how I discovered ED to begin with
  • Overwatch — Base article created, mostly as a repository for the controversy that Tracer's butt created.
  • Oppression Hierarchy — List of people who need to check their privilege, in increasing order of Oppression.
  • Patty Mayo — set it up, maybe I'll update it again...
  • Clown World — when the world is honkin' mad, maybe the only thing left to do is honk back
  • Marianne Williamson — vote for our new mommy president!
  • TheEricButts — laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry at a Star Wars trailer, and the world laughs at you.
  • Where do you think we are? — don't fuck with it; it's perfect
  • Russian Bot — little did we know that we're all Russian bots
  • Chuck Wendig — moar liek CUCK Wendig, amirite?!
  • James Gunn — meh
  • Jilly Juice — drink it because it'll ail what cures you
  • Rinoa Super-Genius — watch out, Super-Genius coming through!

Need to work on

  • Char the Butcher — I'll complete this next; I know of a few people who can help me fill in the details. EDF2 thread.
  • Outrage Culture — Base article created, definitely need to expand it. Right now it's just a stub.
  • Whitewashing — Base article created, need to sort out a good ED-quality angle next.
  • Victimhood Industry — Another stub that I really ought to get around to filling out.
  • Goofykins — That creepy Goofy cosplayer, aka SammyCatnipnik
  • SEKRIT CLUB — Remember kids, you must NOT reveal the existence of these sites, or else you'll suffer the rage of its oldfags!
  • DELET THIS — Probably needs to be something more than just a picture telling you to delet this
  • Literally Who — right now it's a redirect, but I want to actually make something of it
  • Post Malone — need to add to it some more

20171027 New Ideas

  • Nu-male — update it to include info about how Nu-males promote "Listen and Believe" until someone accuses them of sexual harassment.
  • NeoGAF — link this article with Nu-Males and vice versa, as that's what brought it down.
  • Listen and Believe — SJW ideology which has inadvertently brought down 50% of male SJWs who subscribed to it
  • Star Trek Discovery — create the page to piss on the new series
  • The Orville — alternatively make this page
  • Star Trek — update this page with info about Discovery.

Articles I didn't create, but I contributed a certain level of effort on

  • The Great Meme War — I catalogued the various Meme War Units and their logos, ripped from various 4chan/pol/ threads
  • Mar9122 — GOOD: a new member who shits on people for the lulz. BAD: making a personal army request, having an internet history worth laughing over when shit hits the fan, not quitting while you're ahead
Technically didn't create these articles, but they had been deleted a while back because they were originally just "you sick!"-type articles written by butthurt people... but I had undeleted them and turned them into their current articles. Yay me.

Articles I didn't create, but I promised I would help with

Plan on creating the following articles, but can't at the moment


  • Tara Dublin — Crazy white bitch who does nothing but Tweet all day and flip off Trump supporters. Probably while drinking cosmos at the same time too.
  • Jordan Peterson — Canadian Anti-SJW hero who is doing God's work.
  • Annaliese Nielsen — Kooky white SJW who lectured an Asian on oppression.

Related to other articles

  • Nu-male article has info about the following generations, which I need to work on:
  • Greatest Generation (1910-1927) — The generation that was born during WW1, fought during WW2 and Korea, and were the ones who built everything that is still good that we have today (even computers and the internet were rooted in their hard work)
  • Silent Generation (1927-1945) — They exist, but are generally irrelevant to the story. They tend to be folded into the Greatest Generation, simply because they both suffered during the Great Depression and WW2.
  • Baby Boomer Generation (1946-1964) — The generation that truly fucked shit up, the first generation who truly never suffered much shit. The Baby Boomers were responsible for two generations, the early set of which (1946-1955) bore...
  • Generation X (1965-1981) — The generation that were the prototypes for the Baby Boomer's new world order, but still had the Greatest Generations to teach them right ways and thus weren't too bad off. But they themselves eventually helped give birth to the later set of...
  • Millennial Generation (1982-2000) — The current generation which is starting to run everything, and was the generation where the Baby Boomer's shitty lessons ran unchallenged by the aging/dying Greatest Generation. The early set of this generation (1982-1990) were born to the later of the Baby Boomers (1956-1964), while the later set (1991-2000) were born to the Generation Xers. Millennials are the source of a lot of today's bullshit ideas, like the Occupy movement, and are full of either Nu-Males or Alt-Rights.
  • Generation Z (2001-today) — These little shits are the first generation born post-Internet and will never know a world without cellphones. Poor kids.

Entertainment Titles

  • Space Patrol Luluco — TRIGGER is saving anime once again!
  • TRIGGER — might as well make an article for the most awesome anime studio in the history of forever!
  • One Punch Man — why not? I dunno what I could write about it though...
  • Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) — How can I shitpost together an article about what is basically the best manga in the history of history? Just watch, I guess. (SPOILER ALERT!: Desty Nova dies)

Internet Culture

  • Fake Nerd — because some people don't think they exist


  • Body Cleaning — So an article about picking at zits, popping blackheads, pulling dead and/or clipping ingrown toenails, etc. SOMEHOW I can make a relevant article out of those videos. SOMEHOW.
  • Metric System — I'm sick of people calling the metric system the more superior system of measurements, so I'm gonna use this opportunity to completely shit on it.
  • Pop Science — This isn't actual science, but a version of science that people worship as the new God. Pop science is always right. Pop science must be listened to. Ironically, Pop science encourages people to NOT think, because (pop) science will solve all our problems.

Other Notes

Left and Right

Facts and Comparisons about the Left and Right. It's complete yin-yang.

  • The Horseshoe Theory sorta explains how extremism from the Far Left and Far Right make them more similar to one another than actual average Left and Right folk. However, upon further thought, I think the Horseshoe Theory doesn't quite explain things properly. There is something going on, but I feel like someone was trying to figure it out, only to give up halfway along, pull over, and then came up the "Horseshoe Theory".
  • It's just that... the alternative position—against the Horseshoe Theory—is that the far-Left and far-Right CANNOT be reconciled, because there is no middle ground between "love everyone!" and "kill everyone!". Of course that position is childish and simplistic... but that's also what I feel about the horseshoe theory.
  • So... I guess I need to keep thinking about this some more. That said, I do at least accept the following, and therefore the following points are waypoints on the road towards figuring out a better alternative to the Horseshoe Theory.
  • Both Left and Right absolutely can be prejudice. However, their prejudice is expressed differently. Generally speaking...
  • The Right....:
  • practices Hostile Prejudice ("fuck off nigger or else we'll lynch your black ass")
  • is more active and violent in their prejudice ("let's go cruising to find faggots we can beat up!")
  • in a certain way "acknowledges" their prejudice ("Sure I hate wetbacks, and if you don't like it you can blow it out your ass!")
  • ...while the Left...:
  • practices Benevolent Prejudice ("you need good white people like me to do everything for you because you can't to it yourself")
  • is more passive and ignoring/dismissive in their prejudice ("you can be equal to us, just so long as you do it OVER THERE and not around us or anything we do")
  • will never acknowledge to being prejudice ("oh, you poor black people, I love all of you! ... OMG I'm glad they're gone, I was afraid for my life there!")
  • For some reason, I have observed lately that the Left has been resorting to being WORSE than than Right in their quest to defeat the Right, like a really bad interpretation of "fighting fire with fire".
  • For example, if the Right does something that is 55% wrong, the Left will in turn act 75% wrong in their quest to stop the Right. WORSE, they'll claim that they are either justified in being 75% wrong, or they will claim that they're actually NOT 75% wrong but are instead only 25% wrong, or they will admit to being 75% wrong but then claim that the Right is actually 95% wrong... and therefore are definitely less wrong than the Right.
  • I don't understand why they have to do things this way... all they need to do is just call the Right out for being 55% wrong for what it is, using just the facts, and they can't lose! But it doesn't happen that way... Liberals WILLINGLY make it worse, and I don't understand why.

Ideas I want to claim AND timestamp

20190210 (or prior)

  • Blaxploitation Film Council
  • Blacksploitation Film Council
  • Officially licensed movie of the Blaxploitation Film Council; submit your film to the BFC in order to attain certification of your movie as an official "blaxploitation film"!
  • Tiananmen Square Crunch
  • Tiananmen Toast Crunch, Tian'anmen Square Crunch, Tian'anmen Toast Crunch
  • Commercial:
  • KID: "But can they see why democratic reformers love Tiananmen Square Crunch?"
  • COMMUNIST A: "Because it's revolutionary?"
  • COMMUNIST B: "Because it supports the proletariat?"
  • COMMUNIST C: "Because it serves as a vanguard for workers rights?"
  • KID: "[BUZZ!] Not even close! It's because there's so much freedom and equality packed into every single bite!"
  • Alternative commercial:
  • KID: "But can they see why the Chinese Communist Party loves Tiananmen Square Crunch?"
  • PROTESTER A: "Because it defends the rights of the people?"
  • PROTESTER B: "Because it reinforces the rule of law?"
  • PROTESTER C: "Because it helps build a stable democracy?"
  • KID: "[BUZZ!] Not even close! It's because there's so much power and oppression packed into every single bite!"


  • Lobotomus Prime


  • Castrisylvania — likely the more proper name for "Castlevania". Specifically, given names like Transylvania and Pennsylvania, which means "beyond the woods" and "Penn's woods" respectively... if "Castlevania" is intended to be related to those names (given it sounds like it would be written as "casylvania") then it should probably be "Castrisylvania", meaning "(the) Castle's woods", assuming the Latin word "castrum" is used for "castle".
  • If castellum is instead preferable, then the term probably would be "Castellisylvania".
  • Of course my Latin is crap, so if someone has a better idea, I'm all ears.


  • Clarence Boddigart: "Switched, leave!"
  • Two Nintendo Switches leave out the front door.


  • Halalcoholic
  • T-shirt design: "Flat Earthers are REAL!"


Ryu: "haduken!"

  • "I'm pukin'!"
  • "I'm pukin'!"
  • "GoddammitimfukkinPUKIN!"


Imagine for a moment the Alien franchise. Everything is exactly the same, same actors, nothing has changed.... except that Ellen Ripley is played by Aretha Franklin.

Just think about it for a moment, will you?

...or Ripley is played by Luther Vandross. Your choice.

You'll thank me later.



Notes for what to take care of RE: Great ED Downtime of 2019

  • Archive sites:
  • — Probably archive checker site; checks Google Cache, Wayback Machine, and for any backups of requested URL
  • HTML 2 WIKI — not an archive site, but useful to help mass convert HTML text to wiki format
  • Tasks to perform, ideally in order:
  • RECREATE: Check list of New Pages which were not backup'd for my articles which need to be remade. These include:
  • REUPLOAD: Reupload all pictures for my articles which were not backup'd
  • PROTIP: if picture file page still exists, check original image dimensions, then check local images for that dimension
  • RECOVER: Check megalodon for archives of existing articles and compare modification date; update any pages which don't match
  • REPLACE: Any page which was deleted and it doesn't seem its original user will return to bring it back, provided it's worth bringing back
  • Anyone who wanted their article deleted might get a lucky break, provided they don't do anything to make us remember to bring their article back...
  • REI: Jerk off to Rei Ayanami hentai

Looks like I've got a lot of work ahead of me, especially with that last one.

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