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Hello there, we're back on air. I'll try to re-create some of the articles I wrote plus try to recover others that were lost to help all EDitors out.

So far, the articles 90% recovered are:

Others I still have to recover/help out are:

  • Rocky Balboa - Done!
  • Lionel Messi
  • Attack on Titan Nevermind, Google Cache didn't find a saved version.
  • Devil May Cry - Done!
  • Maybe GoT
  • Knights of the Zo- oh wait, no cache found. Oh bother.

Articles in process:

  • Overwatch - Done, can't wait for this overrated shit to be forgotten in the near future
  • The Last of Us aka the most overrated TWD episode ever
  • RWBY
  • The Muller Report (The Alita article was saved! Hooray!)
  • George Soros No need, article found safe and sound.
  • Lost Harry Potter text from August 2019
  • Disenchantment - Another one done!
  • Voltron - Done as well
  • Shenmue - Surprisingly done!