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Rape dungeons can be very much fun but you must make sure that you do it properly. You can get into very deep shit if the cops find five kids tied up in the basment with dildos hanging out there ass. I am one of the best pedophiles around [sauce plz!?!1!] so follow my tips and you can set up your rape dungeon right.

a pedophile

Location, Location, Location

It is very important that you pick a good location. Many people like to go to there own house but that can be very dangerous. If the kid escapes it is likely that they will tell the police and you will go away for a long time. some good places to hold the kids up are A empty factory or abandoned house,a caven under a field or a abandoned mine or cave. But my favourite is actully in the sewers it may smell but it really adds to the atmosphere of the dungeon.

The kids

The kids are the main part of the dungeon if it weren't for them there wouldnt be a dungeon. You can find kids to rape on any street corner and allyway. but getting the kids is the hard part you cant just get out and stuff them in the car or you will be spotted. So you can lure them into your awaiting van with some kind of toy or candy. ounce you have the kids in the van tie them down and drive to your chosen location when you have them ther you can do as much baby fuck as you want.

what happens in the dungon stays in the dungon