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Bringing lulz and justice and other fucked up stuff to Encyclopedia Dramatica since May 2nd 2011!


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Once upon a time, in the year 2011, there was war against the next level attention whores known as the Reply Girls on YouTube. Only one reply girl is the prime problem of all problems and that is Chrissie Barmore as MeganLeeHeart who goes by reply girl MeganSpeaks. Megan is the accomplice, the partner in crime, the Bonnie & Clyde, and the boyfriend wife of everyone's favorite scam artist and sociopath with a psychopathic temper tantrum, Brian Martin, aka LifeInATent! The people of ED begged for someone to make a ED article about Megan and to step up against the big bad LIAT. One day, a IvoRobotnik was new to lurk around ED. With everybody's hope for a MeganSpeaks article, IvoRobotnik started the article with his mighty Pingas, thrusting the article with leaked info and lulz! The people have cheered for IvoRobotnik and his trusty Pingas as a hero!

And that was the very first article I started back in May 2011. And also that is why I am on LIAT's Top 5 Assassination List. Thanks to me, more people were glad to know what's going on and to help contribute.


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A supporter of LIATBuster's LIATBUSTERS.


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