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Jumping Toast.png
This luser flounced from ED,
apparently under the impression that anyone would actually miss them,
or even notice they were gone.

They were wrong.

Wtf nigger face.jpg Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
Some of the shit you are about to see here might be true.
A gay medal this community gave me, seriously I work hard by not having a life and this is what you assholes award me with?

Toast cosplay.jpg


This user is toast.

You can help by posting toast pictures.

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I love you too <3
Eat this to enter

Asspie quiz score

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Notes about oddguy

Police.gif This page is being watched by oddguy

These are notes I took concerning oddguy , feel free to use this information.

Objective List

  • Make sure ED is not gay

Status: Impossible

  • Make a gallery on the ED article

Status: Completed Checkmark 2.gif

  • Fap over pictures of toast until I die from exhaustion

Status: Not Completed

Now that you're done reading my userpage