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USI Bullshit

This is going to sound usi as fuck...

Ok, I never intended to write this, I’ll be honest, but here we go.  I don't know
what you would call this, but I guess farewell will work.  I intended to walk 
away with out saying anything, but I realize that would be as rude as fuck, and 
I have too many friends here to not say anything so here we go.  I no longer 
trust the intregaty of the internet as a whole, and I believe that any internet 
use with a name or a handle is now simply asking for trouble. I have no grudge with
ED, or any other groups or people I have interacted with over the last seven 
month, nor was I forced  to write this, nor leave. The fact of the matter is that
the internet is no longer safe nor secure, and with that, I will leave you with a 
few warnings.

SOPA and NDAA have demonstrated to me that this country is dying, and fast, and 
this will simply be 2 pieces of advice.  If you are able to leave the United 
States, do so.  Leave as soon as you are able.  Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong,
Japan and Israel (irony) are some of the freest places left on earth.  I am 
currently examining my options, and am looking at Switzerland.  If you are not 
able to leave the US, try to move to the middle of the country.  Do not move to 
any city with a population over 10,000.  Make sure you are at least 200 miles 
downwind from any military base, and 75-100 away from them in any direction. 
I would suggest buying a bottle of iodine supplements in any case.  A simple 
google search will tell you how to use them.  Avoid the coasts and borders at all
costs.  If you choose to leave the country, do not leave by US airlines, instead, 
drive to Canada or Mexico, and leave from there. 

The other warning is this, and is a simple analogy. When a species is isolated,
it evolves very quickly, due to the limited number of genes available to dilute
the mutation.  The same happens with ideas, remember that the term "meme" was 
used first to describe how ideas spread and mutated, and is used as the mental
equivalent of an STD.  The internet, with its multitude of voices, dilutes 
every voice to an extant, and it is becoming more severe.  Do not let your 
voice and mind be washed away in the tide.  I believe this to be a significant 
danger to society.  For more details, a reading of Brave New World Revisited will
suffice. It's 60 years out of date, but should still send a chill down your spine.

Well that should cover it, and I really don't have much to say, other then that,
smile, laugh, and have a good time.  This was not an easy choice. I enjoyed my 
time here, and I enjoyed meeting and talking with you all.  

Auf Wiedersehen,  

Zac (Mu)

Stuff I do Portal:Faggotry
revert vandals clean up random pages and other random crap

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