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November 2011
January 2012
My philosophy of life, the universe, God and the Human condition.

When constructing a userpage it is important to include what appears to be some kind of profound quote about your philosophy of life, the universe, God and the Human condition that actually holds no real meaning. Something that people will see on your userpage but never read, past maybe, the first sentence.

So when people notice your page that will see that body of text and think "Wow what a profound human being, I wish I could be like them." Such a phenomenon allows such individuals to include the sentence "Penis tastes exceptional" and have nobody question what the fuck you are saying. Of course there will always be the loser that upon reading the first line thought I might actually hold all the answers.

In conclusion: cocks, cocks, cocks, smoke weed


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Articles i done did

Brock Turner (with others) ~ Emu War ~ Gina Rinehart ~ Inhalants (rewrite) ~ Prep the Bull ~ Tony Abbott

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