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Phobos = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Phobos trolling well respected lawyers
Phobos creates beautiful artwork

Phobos is a "tryhard" lol where's your chan now fuckheads, a pretty princess, and, among users who are THE LEADERS OF ANONYMOUS, a Sephiroth clone. She is described as "the beautiful, androgynous Aryan queen of IRC". Don't you fucking forget it. After building an epic internet reputation on Encyclopedia Dramatica (later OhInternet) she decided to wreck half the chans on the Internet (whatsup weeaboos). Former member of #RustleLeague, GNAA, and dongforce. Labeled an Internet terrorist by Randi Harper, Laurelai, and Gamergate. Guilty of compromising numerous twitter accounts, deviantART profiles, and making your girlfriend insecure about her looks. Known for participation in IRC wars, Twitter d0xing, being BFFs with Meepsheep, and never banning anyone on WTFux IRC.

Believe it or not, Phobos claims to be a neuroscience student and one time actually said she worked at Google. She is currently "unemployed"; lol what? Phobos currently lives in Denver nope,Vail (where she railjammed your fucking mom) nevermind, Colorado Springs, Colorado where she recently married a carpet licking Brit dyke for a short period of time before immediately getting divorced for being too much of a bad bitch.

STATUS: Not banned from everything. Guess I'm too hardcore fgt.

Current Whereabouts

Phobos can be found on many ircd's proceeding to fuck all your shit up. #ed Come the fuck at me bro.

Im also on twitter you shitnerds: PERMANENTLY BANNED IN 24 HOURS

From Humble Beginnings

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VD April 2011

Phobos wasn't always the badass, epic trolling glam rocker we know today. There was a time when she was merely a young lad, carefully building up his internet reputation on hardcore underground sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica (also, OhInternet). Has done incredibly important things like write numerous AOTN. Peruse her masterful writing:

However, she was still failing to receive the admiration and respect that she deserved for her contributions to internet culture. So after moving to #buttes she proceeded to hone her hardchat abilities. Eventually she resurfaced on EDIRC sometime around 2012. She currently spends her time researching cutting edge school shooting jokes and insults directed toward the FAGGOT community.

Inspiring Quotes

Phobos is very newsworthy
Upcoming phobos novel
Yeah I am so try hard on Internet Relay Chat it is the most technical and difficult of human interaction. Go fuck yourself.


—Phobos on chatting

all of the old guard is gone I just watch now


—Phobos on being an oldfag

phobos vs Joseph

Moar info: Josephthelover/arbchat.
[20:48] * Sheneequa sets mode +v Phobos for #arbchat
[20:49] * weev ([email protected]) has joined #arbchat
[20:49] <weev> hi
[20:49] <@Sheneequa> yo
[20:49] <+Phobos> Hello weev
[20:49] <@Sheneequa> t minus 1 minute
[20:50] <@Sheneequa> k arbchat commence
[20:50] * Sheneequa sets mode -m for #arbchat
[20:50] * weev sets mode +o weev for #arbchat
[20:50] <+Phobos> j688 why do you care so much about this article
[20:50] <@weev> what is going on in here
[20:50] <@Sheneequa> The court will now hear the case of Josephthelover vs. the state of Dramatice
[20:50] <NeoLobster> Sheneequa: before you start anything... can you tell me... is this a troll's remorse case, or is j688 the trollee?
[20:50] <+j688> Requesting the removal of this article: it was a sock puppet account and there's no longer any other trace of that username online except that article
[20:50] <wylduser> voice prz
[20:50] <wylduser> neva mind
[20:50] <Blargh> lol idiot
[20:50] <Blargh> gg
[20:50] <+Phobos> then why do anything it is there, now let it die
[20:50] <@Sheneequa> Phobos will prosecute and j688 will defend and I will judge
[20:51] <+Phobos> there is no reason to remove it
[20:51] <BURK> ok back
[20:51] <+Phobos> and you're being a stupid fuck for randomly acting on it now
[20:51] <+j688> well i presented the case...acticle isn't worthy of being online. it is crossing over into a persons personal life
[20:51] <+Phobos> what
[20:51] <+Phobos> that's not a very good reason
[20:51] <+j688> no reason to keep it
[20:52] <@Sheneequa> j688 may I ask how it crosses into your life
[20:52] <+j688> very good one.
[20:52] <BURK> may i prosecute plz
[20:52] <@Sheneequa> BURK no because you're slow
[20:52] <+j688> like i said someone attached that account to me personally and is using it to blackmail.slander me
[20:52] <+Phobos> Lol blackmails
[20:52] <+Phobos> it is libel btw kthanx
[20:53] <BURK> j688: care to explain how you are being blackmailed without any mention of your powerword?
[20:53] <+j688> no. that should suffice
[20:53] <RLJ> lol
[20:53] <@weev> okay
[20:53] <+Phobos> Blackmails can be with anything
[20:53] <@weev> j688
[20:53] <@weev> i am an ED administrator
[20:53] <@weev> i could remove your article right now
[20:53] <@weev> on a whim
[20:53] <@weev> just because i felt like it
[20:53] <@weev> what this really comes down to is a matter of incentives
[20:53] <@weev> you want us to do something
[20:54] <@weev> and we're sitting here wondering exactly why we should do what you want
[20:54] <@weev> so seriously
[20:54] <@weev> what kind of incentive are you going to provide?
[20:54] <@weev> as we all know, i like the invisible hand to sorta jerk me off a little
[20:54] <+j688> what kind is there? post funny articles to replace one stupid one?
[20:54] <@weev> honestly
[20:54] <@weev> if you were capable of being funny
[20:54] <+j688> like the site actually.
[20:54] <@weev> you would have generated hilarity already
[20:54] <+j688> lol
[20:55] <+Phobos> Honestly you're asking for your article to be removed because another person was intelligent enough to call you on your faggotry and then point it out
[20:55] <+Phobos> That is a terrible reason to remove an article
[20:55] <@Sheneequa> j688 personally I find the article hilarious
[20:55] <+j688> being reasonable at this moment. hoping for the same
[20:55] <@Sheneequa> so I would claim that it's removal would hurt ED
[20:55] <BURK> yes
[20:55] <+j688> no quit. i couldn't care if someone is laughing at me
[20:55] <@Sheneequa> now, it has no mention of your name
[20:55] <@Sheneequa> or where you work
[20:55] <+j688> and whatever...this is different
[20:56] <+Phobos> Why is this different, please explain
[20:56] <+Phobos> if you would
[20:56] <+Phobos> that is a very vague statement
[20:56] <+j688> it just is
[20:56] <+Phobos> why
[20:56] <+Phobos> You're trying to convince ED to remove the article
[20:57] <+j688> without getting into specifics or my personal life it is
[20:57] <BURK> if it has no specifics
[20:57] <BURK> then it isnt hurting you
[20:57] <+Phobos> You still haven't presented a specific reason just vague superalitives
[20:57] <BURK> yes
[20:57] <RLJ> How is explaining how this person allegedly linked the article/username to you getting into your personal life?
[20:57] <BURK> you just keep saying it is without any evidence
[20:57] <BURK> please provide evidence of blackmail before making such rash accusations
[20:57] <+Phobos> and even then
[20:57] <+j688> like i said someone is using it to slander/blackmail me. i got a job where i work with the public. it could be bad for me personally
[20:58] <wylduser> lololol
[20:58] <+j688> only thing online with that username. anything in the article is irrelevant because every link is dead
[20:58] <BURK> j688: explain why we should care
[20:58] <+j688> isn't funny without the links
[20:58] <@Sheneequa>
[20:58] <@Sheneequa> that was pretty funny
[20:58] <RLJ> Yeah, but how did it happen that this person discovered that web persona was you?
[20:58] <+j688> because if someone came to me with such a request i wouldn't question it
[20:59] <BURK>
[20:59] <BURK> j688: we arent you
[20:59] <+j688> lol dimitri is a real guy
[20:59] <+j688> not me.
[20:59] <+Phobos> Again you haven't presented a reason as to why the article should be removed, it's funny, people want it there, and it has a purpose, why should the article be removed
[20:59] <+Phobos> Lol Toronto
[21:00] <RLJ> j688 : anyway even if it was removed the person could still blackmail you, right?
[21:00] <+j688> i stated many reasons so far. that's your interpretation
[21:00] <RLJ> How do you know they didn't download the article?
[21:00] <+Phobos> It's still cached
[21:00] <+Phobos> google caches EVERYTHING
[21:00] <+j688> no

phobos vs ED IRC

Moar info: The_Great_ED_IRC_War_of_2013.

phobos vs ToKeN

Moar info: ToKeN.
May 09 18:03:05 <NKT>	Meepsheep: I approve
May 09 18:05:55 <phobos>	no one cares lol
May 09 18:06:57 <Meepsheep>	NKT i think you should read
May 09 18:06:57 <Zalgo>	Title: The psychology of Identity: Pride and prejudice, loneliness and encounter (at
May 09 18:07:17 <Meepsheep>	And some persons desire to be desired with such desperate intensity that you can literally see in their eyes the inner emptiness they seek to fill.
May 09 18:07:17 <Meepsheep>	But they never can fill the void. 
May 09 18:07:31 <nicotine>	NEVAR
May 09 18:08:03 <phobos>	n e v e r 
May 09 18:08:23 <NKT>	also
May 09 18:08:24 <Zalgo>	Title: AnonOps • Press Release (at
May 09 18:11:48 <phobos>	yeah thats what happens when you snitch on people NKT 
May 09 18:11:51 <phobos>	they go to jail
May 09 18:12:38 <NKT>	lol i snitched on noone
May 09 18:13:35 <phobos>	then why were you identified, raided, and not sent to jail despite everyone else 
May 09 18:13:40 <phobos>	doing just that
May 09 18:14:18 <NKT>	phobos: there was like 40 raided in jan. 15 in july
May 09 18:14:29 <NKT>	or something like that
May 09 18:15:09 <phobos>	but ur cool guy OpPayback oper Anonops IRCop 
May 09 18:15:14 <NKT>	the feds picked 13 randoms and 1 ircop
May 09 18:15:15 <phobos>	good thing those 40 people werent ircops
May 09 18:15:28 <phobos>	you know who also was an ircop? Nerdo 
May 09 18:15:34 <phobos>	good thing you put him in jail
May 09 18:15:38 <nicotine>	rip NKT
May 09 18:15:39 <poko-afk>	yes rip
May 09 18:16:00 <phobos>	TKN math: 13 + 1 = 40
May 09 18:16:02 <NKT>	phobos: people started getting v& way before that jan
May 09 18:16:26 <phobos>	yeah for an Op that you hosted on your IRC network 
May 09 18:16:28 <phobos>	not really your network
May 09 18:16:33 <phobos>	but im sure you like to see it that way
May 09 18:16:54 <NKT>	phobos, im not saying 13+1 = 40
May 09 18:17:11 <phobos>	youre also not denying that you cooperated with the feds
May 09 18:17:20 <NKT>	lolno
May 09 18:17:31 <NKT>	i didnt cooperate
May 09 18:18:08 <phobos>	oh I guess then that all of your former bffs are lying and poor TKN the target is just being viciously slandered 
May 09 18:18:41 <NKT>	yeah pretty much
May 09 18:18:46 <NKT>	words are words
May 09 18:18:50 <phobos>	yeah how about suck a dick nerd you snitch ass faggot 
May 09 18:18:57 <phobos>	those are some nice words
May 09 18:19:06 <Meepsheep>	iawtc
May 09 18:19:29 <NKT>
May 09 18:19:30 <Zalgo>	Title: FBI goes after Anonymous for pro-WikiLeaks DDoS attacks | Ars Technica (at
May 09 18:19:53 <NKT>	40+ searches, 13/14 arrested
May 09 18:20:31 <NKT>	mercedes was the bonzi of anonops, didnt do shit but troll
May 09 18:20:44 <Meepsheep>	mercedes was more valued than you are here
May 09 18:20:47 <phobos>	then why are you two such good friends on twitter :   )
May 09 18:21:01 <phobos>	throwing more of your friends under the bus TKN?
May 09 18:21:06 <phobos>	seems like a pattern is emerging lol
May 09 18:21:13 <Meepsheep>	TKN is just sore that No didnt cop out n00ds to him
May 09 18:21:14 <NKT>	not to the same extent as bonzi
May 09 18:21:15 <poko-afk>	same
May 09 18:21:50 <NKT>	i prob ended up killing her 50% of time
May 09 18:21:54 <phobos>	NKT was desperate to get her mugshots to masturbate furiously to
May 09 18:22:07 <NKT>	lol
May 09 18:22:10 <phobos>	nah you didnt I have the logs of you getting lolbanned in most channels you didnt own 
May 09 18:22:12 <nicotine>	[18:20:41] <@NKT> mercedes was the bonzi of anonops, didnt do shit but troll
May 09 18:22:21 <phobos>	no one liked you there 
May 09 18:22:24 <phobos>	and no one likes you here
May 09 18:22:37 <phobos>	you were a publicity ploy for a desperate Ryan
May 09 18:22:49 <NKT>	your right "no one" likes me
May 09 18:22:50 <phobos>	spoilers: no one cared that you left
May 09 18:22:57 <NKT>	a lot of people dont like me
May 09 18:23:11 <phobos>	yeah that happens to most snitches 
May 09 18:23:36 <Meepsheep>	its ok tkn i would hit too
May 09 18:23:36 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	[AntiVandal] Possible blanking of [[Anonymous]] by [[User:Onideus]] (Removed 24260 chars)
May 09 18:23:37 <Zalgo>	Title: [8.2 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at
May 09 18:23:40 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	[AntiVandal] Possible blanking of [[The Hand of Clod]] by [[User:Mr Jonzz]] (Removed 4336 chars)
May 09 18:24:36 <NKT>	0/10 would not hit
May 09 18:25:27 <NKT>	any other questions
May 09 18:25:28 <phobos>	well you dont do anything outside of IRC and trying to be cool online 
May 09 18:25:42 <phobos>	so your assertion is meaningless
May 09 18:26:00 <NKT>	phobos: im p hardd to find outside of irc
May 09 18:26:15 <phobos>	why dont you rate your hand it is the only compassion youve known
May 09 18:26:43 <phobos>	yeah im sure your basement is p hard to find TKN
May 09 18:26:49 <phobos>	its underground afterall
May 09 18:27:18 <NKT>	i dont need faggots and anons ringing my house bitch about how i supposedlynratted them out
May 09 18:27:23 <Meepsheep> TKN_MAMA
May 09 18:27:24 <Zalgo>	Title: [26.0 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at
May 09 18:27:36 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	Could not load Talk:The Hand of Clod:
May 09 18:27:44 <NKT>	i dont need faggots and anons ringing my house bitching about how i supposedl nratted them out*
May 09 18:27:45 <phobos>	maybe you should have tried not being a snitch TKN
May 09 18:27:57 <phobos>	you seem to be typing erratically 
May 09 18:28:00 <phobos>	is everything ok?
May 09 18:28:17 <Meepsheep>	   NKT take your xanax and go to sleep   
May 09 18:28:18 <Meepsheep>	   NKT take your xanax and go to sleep   
May 09 18:28:18 <Meepsheep>	   NKT take your xanax and go to sleep   
May 09 18:28:18 <Meepsheep>	   NKT take your xanax and go to sleep   
May 09 18:28:18 <Meepsheep>	   NKT take your xanax and go to sleep   
May 09 18:28:18 <Meepsheep>	   NKT take your xanax and go to sleep   
May 09 18:28:27 <NKT>	not at keyboard
May 09 18:28:29 <phobos>	does this subject stress u?
May 09 18:28:32 <NKT>	touchscreen
May 09 18:28:40 <NKT>	phobos: no
May 09 18:28:46 <Meepsheep>	did you steal it
May 09 18:28:54 <phobos>	is it boost mobile
May 09 18:29:02 <phobos>	I know how black people love dat boost mobile
May 09 18:29:03 <NKT>	no its sprint
May 09 18:29:13 <NKT>	Meepsheep: i still have reciept
May 09 18:29:35 <Meepsheep>	the reciept you stole
May 09 18:29:41 <phobos>	lol
May 09 18:30:00 <NKT>	lol Meepsheep 
May 09 18:31:00 <Meepsheep> anonops security during NKT era
May 09 18:31:01 <Zalgo>	Title: [67.1 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at
May 09 18:31:18 <phobos>	that motherfucker is secure
May 09 18:31:50 <nicotine>	hold me
May 09 18:31:56 <nicotine>	im insecure
May 09 18:32:24 <phobos>	its okay nicotine we will shortly be raided by the IRC police due to TKN's constant logbot
May 09 18:32:30 <phobos>	they will take care of us from now on
May 09 18:33:10 <nicotine>	o ok
May 09 18:33:15 <nicotine>	powdered eggs for everyone
May 09 18:34:09 <phobos>	TKN isnt your handler getting tired of making runs to 7-11 for cheetos 
May 09 18:34:12 <NKT>	  also notice how everyone v& was like 23+
May 09 18:34:26 <NKT>	cheetos are fucking disgusting btw
May 09 18:34:40 <Nemnem>	NKT why havent you told anyone
May 09 18:34:42 <phobos>	then why do you keep buying them on the FBI's fime?
May 09 18:34:50 <phobos>	dime*
May 09 18:34:55 <NKT>	wat?
May 09 18:34:58 <nicotine>	cheetos are fucking awesome
May 09 18:35:00 <nicotine>	the fuck is wrong with you
May 09 18:35:27 <phobos>	TKN is mad he cant snitch on frito lay 
May 09 18:35:31 <phobos>	it is how he solves most of his problems
May 09 18:36:12 <phobos>	hello? FBI? this is ur good pal TKN. I just saw cheetos ddos the pentagon I have logs
May 09 18:36:29 <NKT>	phobos: if youre trying to be funny, you should just stop now
May 09 19:05:45 <NKT>	phobos: even if i did snitch on anonops, why the fuck are your panties in a bunch
May 09 19:05:59 <NKT>	about anonops
May 09 19:06:00 <nicotine>	[19:05:55] <@NKT> phobos: even if i did snitch on anonops, why the fuck are your panties in a bunch
May 09 19:06:01 <nicotine>	[19:05:55] <@NKT> phobos: even if i did snitch on anonops, why the fuck are your panties in a bunch
May 09 19:06:01 <nicotine>	[19:05:55] <@NKT> phobos: even if i did snitch on anonops, why the fuck are your panties in a bunch
May 09 19:06:02 	Nemnem has quit (Ping timeout)
May 09 19:06:10 <phobos>	lol snitch 
May 09 19:06:15 <NKT>	theure relevant as uncyclopedia
May 09 19:06:33 <phobos>	x   D
May 09 19:07:02 <dryad>	!ud snitch
May 09 19:07:02 <Zalgo>	[UrbanDictionary] snitch --> 1. A person who tells on someone. 2. A bum of a person.
May 09 19:07:07 <dryad>	!ud stool pigeon
May 09 19:07:08 <Zalgo>	[UrbanDictionary] stool pigeon --> dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
May 09 19:07:29 <NKT>	theees more to anonops than ircops there will ever tell you about
May 09 19:07:52 <NKT>	they will ever tell you about*
May 09 19:08:27 <NKT>	asb an example, they put server passwords on piratepad
May 09 19:08:31 <NKT>	as*
May 09 19:10:22 <NKT>	ask them about snowycloud
May 09 19:10:38 <NKT>	thats a good story
May 09 19:10:41 <Simplex>	i support nkt
May 09 19:10:43 <Simplex>	and his nerdery
May 09 19:11:33 <NKT>	ask about whatnhappenes to Tred
May 09 19:12:10 <NKT>	what happened to*
May 09 19:12:34 <NKT>	or rootdisp10x
May 09 19:14:51 <NKT>	 /w 20

May 09 20:46:53 <FredJuicy>	NKT
May 09 20:46:58 <FredJuicy>	it's funny how you have to let simplex back
May 09 20:46:59 <FredJuicy>	in
May 09 20:47:00 <dryad>	There's a gentleman that's going round
May 09 20:47:01 <dryad>	Turning the joint upside down
May 09 20:47:03 <dryad>	Stool Pigeon... Ha-cha-cha-cha!
May 09 20:47:03 <FredJuicy>	becuase he's the only one that will back you up
May 09 20:47:04 <dryad>	He's an old ex-con that's been away
May 09 20:47:06 <dryad>	Now he's back, no one's safe
May 09 20:47:07 <dryad>	Stool Pigeon... Ha-cha-cha-cha!
May 09 20:47:09 <dryad>	If you wanna squeal, said the FBI
May 09 20:47:10 <dryad>	We can make a deal, make it worth your while
May 09 20:47:11 <NKT>	`mute Simplex 
May 09 20:47:11 *	DanielBrandt sets modes [#wiki +b ~q:*!*]
May 09 20:47:12 <dryad>	So he told it all and in return
May 09 20:47:13 <dryad>	He got a credit card and a Thunderbird
May 09 20:47:15 <NKT>	FredJuicy: 
May 09 20:47:15 <dryad>	And the maximum security
May 09 20:47:16 <dryad>	Even after plastic surgery
May 09 20:47:18 <dryad>	So go on and squeal, said the FBI
May 09 20:47:19 <dryad>	We can make a deal, make it worth your while
May 09 20:47:21 <dryad>	There's a gentleman that's going round
May 09 20:47:23 <dryad>	Turning the joint upside down
May 09 20:47:24 <dryad>	Stool Pigeon... Ha-cha-cha-cha!
May 09 20:47:26 <dryad>	He's an old ex-con that's been away
May 09 20:47:27 <dryad>	Now he's back, no one's safe
May 09 20:47:29 <dryad>	Stool Pigeon... Ha-cha-cha-cha!
May 09 20:47:30 <dryad>	After all the talk then they wired him
May 09 20:47:32 <dryad>	And he took a walk with his crooked friends
May 09 20:47:33 <dryad>	And they joked about the good old days
May 09 20:47:35 <dryad>	And he recorded it on a reel of tape
May 09 20:47:35 <NKT>	dont remem what i was gonna say now
May 09 20:47:36 <dryad>	He caught the mug who did in the forgery
May 09 20:47:38 <dryad>	And the babe in charge of larceny
May 09 20:47:39 <dryad>	So the FBI they rewarded him
May 09 20:47:41 <dryad>	Because they like a guy who will stab a friend
May 09 20:47:42 <dryad>	There's a gentleman that's going round
May 09 20:47:44 <dryad>	Turning the joint upside down
May 09 20:47:45 <dryad>	Stool Pigeon... Ha-cha-cha-cha!
May 09 20:47:46 <NKT>	but
May 09 20:47:47 <dryad>	He's an old ex-con that's been away
May 09 20:47:48 <dryad>	Now he's back, no one's safe
May 09 20:47:50 <dryad>	Stool Pigeon... Ha-cha-cha-cha! 
May 09 20:48:10 <NKT>	theyre just taking the word of other people
May 09 20:48:26 <NKT>	yet they hsve no evidence to back them out
May 09 20:48:45 <phobos>	I have provided numerous sources of evidence
May 09 20:48:49 <phobos>	you just dont listen TKN
May 09 20:48:52 <phobos>	ur deaf
May 09 20:49:04 <NKT>	for all anyone knows, they couldvjust be trying to save their ass
May 09 20:49:09 <phobos>	(because that is all you have provided in response to numerous people calling you a snitch)
May 09 20:49:11 <phobos>	ur just deaf
May 09 20:49:29 <NKT>	phobos: im writing an irc book here
May 09 20:49:48 <phobos>	is it a book about how you dont belong on any IRC?
May 09 20:50:19 <NKT>	`mute phobos let me finish hen we can get comments from he peanut galley
May 09 20:50:19 *	DanielBrandt sets modes [#wiki +b ~q:*!*@pretty.girl]
May 09 20:50:25 <NKT>	the*
May 09 20:50:33 <dryad>	actually NKT it is the history of hacking
May 09 20:51:28 <NKT>	wheres the proof instead of you taking other peoples word
May 09 20:51:41 <NKT>	you're trusting some random fag on the internet
May 09 20:51:50 <NKT>	random fags*
May 09 20:51:51 *	FredJuicy sets modes [#wiki -b ~q:*!*@pretty.girl]
May 09 20:52:20 <NKT>	plus preety much everyone from skidsrus hated me
May 09 20:52:35 <NKT>	evilworks was from skidsrus and so was shitstorm
May 09 20:52:48 <phobos>	no TKN everyone on anonops hated you
May 09 20:52:52 <phobos>	because you were a snitch
May 09 20:52:58 <phobos>	garrett just hated you because you are a retard
May 09 20:53:15 <NKT>	phobos: you didnt let me finish
May 09 20:53:19 <phobos>	why should I 
May 09 20:53:25 <phobos>	you have been repeating yourself for the last hour
May 09 20:53:33 <NKT>	so have you
May 09 20:53:34 <phobos>	no one likes you except from ChanNPlay
May 09 20:53:38 <phobos>	there
May 09 20:53:39 <phobos>	ur done
May 09 20:53:43 <NKT>	shirtsotm said this, evilworks said that
May 09 20:53:45 <phobos>	congrats you are still a snitch
May 09 20:53:50 <phobos>	take ur snitch pity party elsewhere
May 09 20:53:59 <NKT>	nou
May 09 20:54:14 <phobos>	well im not a fed informer so im not having a pity party lol
May 09 20:54:43 <NKT>	im not making up shit and relying on anonops like you
May 09 20:55:06 <phobos>	yeah you are
May 09 20:55:09 <phobos>	you have no evidence
May 09 20:55:14 <phobos>	I have logs and multiple sources
May 09 20:55:20 <phobos>	thats called evidence
May 09 20:55:27 <NKT>	yeah logs prove everything
May 09 20:55:27 <phobos>	what you are doing is called talking out of your ass desperately 
May 09 20:56:18 <NKT>	ditto
May 09 20:56:20 <phobos>	its like lol wat
May 09 20:56:47 <phobos>	you cant present evidence to the contrary because you have none
May 09 20:58:36 <FredJuicy>	phobos i think NKT is particularly scared
May 09 20:58:37 <FredJuicy>	becuase
May 09 20:58:44 <FredJuicy>	he's been using ED as a shelter for years
May 09 20:58:45 *	dryad is now known as stool_pigeon
May 09 20:58:47 <FredJuicy>	with his sysop status and ops
May 09 20:58:51 <FredJuicy>	doing nothing
May 09 20:58:54 <FredJuicy>	pretending to be important
May 09 20:58:59 <FredJuicy>	and he is being exposed
May 09 20:59:05 <FredJuicy>	in his own hiding place
May 09 20:59:12 <stool_pigeon>	you know what phobos
May 09 20:59:29 <stool_pigeon>	I will file a FOIA request with the FBI
May 09 20:59:37 <stool_pigeon>	asking for the logs related to the anonops arrests
May 09 20:59:47 <stool_pigeon>	we can see from the FBI transcripts
May 09 20:59:48 <poko-afk>	yes rip
May 09 20:59:54 <stool_pigeon>	where the logs came from
May 09 20:59:56 <phobos>	I would love to read them
May 09 21:00:10 <NKT>	you know
May 09 21:00:21 <stool_pigeon>	what do you think NKT?
May 09 21:00:24 <phobos>	Im sure that request would bring up many interesting things that TKN doesnt want us to know stool pidgeon
May 09 21:00:27 <NKT>	i dug thrpugh my email to find shit from my lawlyer
May 09 21:00:52 <phobos>	[email protected]
May 09 21:00:54 <NKT>	i thought about posting but i'd still be speaking to deaf ears
May 09 21:01:07 <phobos>	get ready for poorly attempted stabs at legal nomenclature 
May 09 21:01:08 <phobos>	LOL
May 09 21:01:22 <phobos>	I WAS GONNA DO IT BUT I AM JUST TOO GOOD TO DO SO 
May 09 21:01:36 <stool_pigeon>	NKT, I take the bar in a few weeks
May 09 21:01:40 <stool_pigeon>	try me
May 09 21:03:04 <NKT>	 you know
May 09 21:03:06 <NKT>	no
May 09 21:03:13 <NKT>	youre fuckig faggots
May 09 21:03:41 <NKT>	the world doesnt resolve around you amd your consiracy theories
May 09 21:04:23 <NKT>	you rely on people to thinkbfor you
May 09 21:04:26 <phobos>	Answer: I have no proof and I didnt expect you to call my bluff
May 09 21:04:33 <NKT>	s/bf/ f
May 09 21:04:33 <Zalgo>	<NKT> you rely on people to think for you
May 09 21:04:49 <phobos>	 d e m o l i s h e d 
May 09 21:05:23 <NKT>	phobos: Im not giving any solid proof because I dont want want to be doxed for one
May 09 21:05:31 <NKT>	2 youre randoms
May 09 21:05:41 <phobos>	Ive been here at ED longer than u lol
May 09 21:05:41 <NKT>	3 its none of your concern
May 09 21:05:47 <phobos>	its everyones concern
May 09 21:06:02 <stool_pigeon>	!ud demolished
May 09 21:06:05 <stool_pigeon>	!ud ruined
May 09 21:06:07 <Zalgo>	[UrbanDictionary] Demolished --> 1. A person who is inebriated. 2. The act of defeating one's opponent (typically in video games).
May 09 21:06:09 <stool_pigeon>	!ud ruined
May 09 21:06:10 <Zalgo>	[UrbanDictionary] ruined --> Really fuckin drunk. Could also apply to being cross faded or being on any number of drugs and drinkin huge.
May 09 21:06:17 <NKT>	then tell me what the connection b/t ed and anonops is
May 09 21:06:20 <NKT>	im listening
May 09 21:07:13 <phobos>	this isnt a game show TKN u dont get to ask me random questions as proof of your innocence 
May 09 21:07:28 <phobos>	thise is about u being a fed informant and you flailing clearly showing that we are quite on the mark
May 09 21:07:50 <NKT>	exactly, there isnt one so even if i was a spy/snitch/whatever you want to call me, its blatantly irrelevant
May 09 21:08:28 <phobos>	TKN you have gone beyond trying to refute this claim (as pathetic as it was) to full blown non sequiters and nonsense 
May 09 21:08:32 <phobos>	im sure sabu wuld be proud 
May 09 21:08:58 <FredJuicy>	phobos
May 09 21:09:04 <phobos>	also there is a huge overlap with ED and Anonops considering Ryans mirror was the most dominant and e + garrett are here 
May 09 21:09:05 <phobos>	joepie
May 09 21:09:06 <FredJuicy>	do you think zaig is ok with having a snitch as a sysop?
May 09 21:09:08 <phobos>	u want me to go on
May 09 21:09:40 <phobos>	I dont think he would be considering his mood lately 
May 09 21:09:49 <NKT>	yes I do actually because thats complete and utter bullshit
May 09 21:09:51 *	stool_pigeon is now known as dryad
May 09 21:09:54 <phobos>	he doesnt want this place to become a failure den of snitches 
May 09 21:10:51 <FredJuicy>	yeah phobos if you have been watching the wiki lately
May 09 21:10:55 <FredJuicy>	its really become a shithole
May 09 21:11:03 <FredJuicy>	and him constantly getting PMs from jacks
May 09 21:11:08 <FredJuicy>	i can see why he's on a hair trigger
May 09 21:11:10 <NKT>	phobos: if youre really gonna believe anonops, ask them about snowycloud, tred, and rootdisp10x
May 09 21:11:12 <FredJuicy>	and you know, nobody likes a snitch either
May 09 21:11:14 <phobos>	good thing you, meepsheep, and I are adding quality content fred 
May 09 21:11:19 <FredJuicy>	yep
May 09 21:11:28 <FredJuicy>	real drama
May 09 21:11:31 <phobos>	TKN why dont you go ask them in jail owait you sold out your friends to avoid that 
May 09 21:12:20 <NKT>	because snowycloud is a snitch, tred an heroed, and p10x is mia
May 09 21:12:36 <phobos>	lol snitches calling others snitches to avoid being called snitch
May 09 21:12:37 <phobos>	priceles
May 09 21:12:39 <dryad>
May 09 21:12:40 <Zalgo>	Title: Narc (disambiguation) - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at
May 09 21:12:53 <NKT>	phobos: ask shitstorm
May 09 21:13:24 <phobos>	Ill get right on that as your top legal aide and council to the court of I dont give a fuck you dumb faggot stop trying to change the subject
May 09 21:13:27 <NKT>	or are you afraif of the truth
May 09 21:13:34 <NKT>	afraid*
May 09 21:13:35 <phobos>	I dunno u seem p afraid
May 09 21:13:45 <phobos>	I seem p content publicly exposing you
May 09 21:14:19 <NKT>	yeah go ahead continue with your "truth" consisting of anons
May 09 21:14:42 <phobos>	most of ED > TKN flailing 
May 09 21:14:52 <phobos>	lol
May 09 21:15:04 <dryad>	phobos: 
May 09 21:15:07 <dryad>	what NKT is doing
May 09 21:15:13 <dryad>	is what is called rationalizing
May 09 21:15:24 <dryad>	NKT you never answered my question
May 09 21:15:26 <NKT>	see youbcant even continue with your tirade
May 09 21:15:29 <dryad>	when I FOIA the FBI
May 09 21:15:31 <phobos>	doxbin + ED + Anonops + GNAA = calling TKN a snitch > TKN bringing up randoms and wishing he could have deleted everything when the Internet worked that way
May 09 21:15:46 <dryad>	and get the source documents the FBI used in the Anonops cases
May 09 21:15:56 <NKT>	dryad: I probably wont
May 09 21:15:58 <dryad>	Am I going to find your name all over the logs?
May 09 21:16:07 <NKT>	dryad: youre not going to get them
May 09 21:16:24 <dryad>	translation: yes
May 09 21:16:32 <NKT>	no
May 09 21:16:51 <phobos>	you might not find them if TKN is still an informant and an important piece of the FBI's cyberdefense snitch squad 
May 09 21:16:56 <NKT>	theyre permanently sealed
May 09 21:17:08 <phobos>	permanently snitch sealed
May 09 21:17:10 <dryad>	You are aware that the FBI  CANNOT  turn down my request for the documentation regarding that case?
May 09 21:17:13 <NKT>	im not an informant and they never will be unsealed
May 09 21:17:25 <phobos>	thank u for your assistance to ur country snitch - FBI
May 09 21:17:28 <dryad>	especially if I talk to the 2 US Senators I work for
May 09 21:17:42 <dryad>	so I'll ask again
May 09 21:17:51 <FredJuicy>	NKT might flee, after all
May 09 21:17:54 <dryad>	when I file a Freedom of Information Act Request
May 09 21:17:56 <FredJuicy>	he's being exposed 
May 09 21:17:58 <dryad>	with the FBI
May 09 21:18:02 <dryad>	what will I find?
May 09 21:18:02 <FredJuicy>	and as time goes on this information will be more widely known
May 09 21:18:07 <FredJuicy>	and ya know, it might piss some people off
May 09 21:18:26 <FredJuicy>	competent people
May 09 21:18:27 <FredJuicy>	dangerous people
May 09 21:18:30 <phobos>	Sep 16 03:20:10 <&shitstorm> logs come from
May 09 21:18:30 <phobos>	Sep 16 03:20:12 <&shitstorm> a) sabu 
May 09 21:18:30 <phobos>	Sep 16 03:20:14 <&shitstorm> b) token 
May 09 21:18:30 <phobos>	Sep 16 03:20:18 <&shitstorm> c) fed log bots
May 09 21:18:33 <FredJuicy>	^
May 09 21:18:34 <poko-afk>	^
May 09 21:18:52 <dryad>
May 09 21:18:53 <Zalgo>	Title: Freedom of Information Act (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
May 09 21:19:35 <dryad>	I am motivated enough by this, to actually go through the asspain of filing a FOIA request
May 09 21:19:52 <dryad>	so again I ask
May 09 21:19:56 <dryad>	what will I find NKT?
May 09 21:21:10 <NKT>	dryad: 5 USC 552 b(7)(A) and b(7)(B)
May 09 21:21:54 <NKT>	ans b(7)F
May 09 21:22:19 <phobos>	Exemption 7(A) — Could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.
May 09 21:22:32 <phobos>	yeah I mean it could interfere with his need to snitch on more people in court
May 09 21:22:46 <phobos>	Exemption 7(D) — Could reasonably be expected to disclose the identity of a confidential source.
May 09 21:22:50 <phobos>	or reveal him as a snitch
May 09 21:22:55 <dryad>	NKT: that only applies to pending cases
May 09 21:23:02 <dryad>	once the cases are tried
May 09 21:23:02 <NKT>	you'd be interfering with paypal14
May 09 21:23:12 <phobos>	only if you were a snitch lol
May 09 21:23:17 <dryad>	Each agency shall make available to the public information as follows:
May 09 21:23:18 <dryad>	(1) Each agency shall separately state and currently publish in the Federal Register for the guidance of the public—
May 09 21:23:19 <dryad>	(A) descriptions of its central and field organization and the established places at which, the employees (and in the case of a uniformed service, the members) from whom, and the methods whereby, the public may obtain information, make submittals or requests, or obtain decisions;
May 09 21:23:20 <poko-afk>	yes rip
May 09 21:23:21 <dryad>	(B) statements of the general course and method by which its functions are channeled and determined, including the nature and requirements of all formal and informal procedures available;
May 09 21:23:23 <dryad>	(C) rules of procedure, descriptions of forms available or the places at which forms may be obtained, and instructions as to the scope and contents of all papers, reports, or examinations;
May 09 21:23:24 <poko-afk>	yes rip
May 09 21:23:24 <dryad>	(D) substantive rules of general applicability adopted as authorized by law, and statements of general policy or interpretations of general applicability formulated and adopted by the agency; and
May 09 21:23:26 <dryad>	(E) each amendment, revision, or repeal of the foregoing. 
May 09 21:23:42 <dryad>	NKT: <---- Lawyer
May 09 21:23:50 <dryad>	now please
May 09 21:24:04 <dryad>	school me some more on criminal law and the FOIA
May 09 21:24:16 <NKT>	(F) could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual;
May 09 21:24:27 <dryad>	I'd go to court to argue that
May 09 21:24:29 <dryad>	next?
May 09 21:24:29 <phobos>	yes the Internet is going to beat you up NKT
May 09 21:24:41 <phobos>	imma shoot u thru ur monitor with my IRC bullets
May 09 21:25:00 <dryad>	NKT: if the FBI thought your life was in danger
May 09 21:25:13 <dryad>	you would have been put into protective custody
May 09 21:25:28 <dryad>	so next?
May 09 21:25:37 <NKT>	and second halfvof subsection d
May 09 21:26:00 <dryad>	and to every person in this room
May 09 21:26:22 <dryad>	you are proving that you  ARE  the AnonOps narc
May 09 21:26:48 <dryad>	I may have to put pressure on the FBI/Justice Department but it would be damn worth it
May 09 21:27:05 <NKT>	er not d
May 09 21:27:07 <NKT>	x
May 09 21:27:07 <NKT>	c
May 09 21:27:09 <NKT>	*
May 09 21:27:16 <NKT>	do it
May 09 21:27:32 <phobos>	lol
May 09 21:27:35 <dryad>	and I go back to my original question NKT: what will I find?
May 09 21:27:36 <phobos>	u stumblin over dem words TKN
May 09 21:27:41 <NKT>	you will get notging but a letter saying no
May 09 21:28:29 <phobos>	but by the legalese you just posted wouldnt that in fact be indicative of you being a snitch involved in the current trials TKN? 
May 09 21:28:37 <NKT>	dryad: you'll find absolutely nothing because you'll get asolutely nothing
May 09 21:28:53 <NKT>	phobos: you tried your foia legalese
May 09 21:28:55 <dryad>	NKT: believe that, lol
May 09 21:29:10 <dryad>	NKT you didnt even know what the FOIA was until I told you
May 09 21:29:17 <dryad>	don't go yelling at phobos now
May 09 21:29:29 <NKT>	dryad: lol
May 09 21:30:00 <NKT>	im telling you you'll get nothimg because i got nothing
May 09 21:30:31 <phobos>	nuthin but snitches
May 09 21:30:34 <dryad>	you are failing to tell me that I'll get nothing because of some obscure threat of harm you feel you'd be under
May 09 21:30:38 <dryad>	the thing is phobos
May 09 21:30:44 <dryad>	for that statute to apply
May 09 21:31:05 <dryad>	there has to be provable threats to  LIFE AND LIMB 
May 09 21:31:17 <dryad>	and again, the ONLY way for that to have happened
May 09 21:31:29 <phobos>	I dont believe that is the case here dryad I do believe you would stand to gain access to said files dryad 
May 09 21:31:31 <dryad>	is if you are in fact the anonops snarc
May 09 21:31:36 <dryad>	yep
May 09 21:32:03 <NKT>	ok try it
May 09 21:32:11 <phobos>	she has been saying she would all chat
May 09 21:32:13 <dryad>	I plan to :-)
May 09 21:32:29 <phobos>	in the mean time u have to deal with me TKN and I have multiple sources far more trustworthy than you 
May 09 21:32:34 <NKT>	you're not going to get anything tho
May 09 21:32:43 <phobos>	saying the internet streets r callin u snitch
May 09 21:32:50 <phobos>	Ive got plenty of evidence
May 09 21:32:53 <NKT>	phobos: I dont rely on the internet for trust
May 09 21:33:01 <dryad>	while we've been bullshiting, Ive already contacted the Senator's office and am meeting them in the morning to see if I can cash in a favor or 2
May 09 21:33:10 <phobos>	if you would like to call nachash or meepsheep a liar plz take it up with them TKN
May 09 21:33:40 <NKT>	ok its been nice a nice convo
May 09 21:33:48 <phobos>	ok snitch
May 09 21:33:52 <NKT>	but it has to come to an end
May 09 21:33:54 <phobos>	ok snitch
May 09 21:33:56 <NKT>	at least for now
May 09 21:33:58 <phobos>	ok snitch
May 09 21:34:14 	||| ([email protected]) has joined #wiki
May 09 21:34:15 <NKT>	ilu phobos 
May 09 21:34:31 <phobos>	got ur snitch logs breh
May 09 21:36:19 <NKT>	ok whatever call me a snitch
May 09 21:36:20 <NKT>	idc
May 09 21:36:32 <NKT>	just dont be obnoxious
May 09 21:36:57 <FredJuicy>	[21:33] <phobos> if you would like to call nachash or meepsheep a liar plz take it up with them TKN
May 09 21:37:07 <FredJuicy>	why don't you, NKT?
May 09 21:37:17 <NKT>	who the fuck is nacash
May 09 21:37:22 <FredJuicy>	nachash?
May 09 21:37:27 <phobos>	lol
May 09 21:37:31 <phobos>	l   o   l
May 09 21:37:32 <FredJuicy>	oh not much of a person
May 09 21:37:35 <FredJuicy>	except that he runs doxbin
May 09 21:37:59 <NKT>	interesting...
May 09 21:37:59 <FredJuicy>	and doesn't like a snitch 
May 09 21:39:26 <NKT>	 im gonna guess his source is either shitstorm or nacash
May 09 21:45:50 	dickcheese ([email protected]) has joined #wiki
May 09 21:46:25 <NKT>	!reload
May 09 21:46:26 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	Attempting to reload
May 09 21:46:26 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	reloaded filters
May 09 21:46:26 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	reloaded database
May 09 21:46:26 <TKN_Bot[AS]>	reloaded cURLreq
May 09 21:48:28 	Thayora has quit (client exited: leaving)
May 09 21:51:33 *	NKT is now known as \
May 09 21:59:11 *	||| is now known as notracist
May 09 22:00:15 *	notracist is now known as |||
May 09 22:01:41 *	||| is now known as notracist
May 09 22:02:15 <dryad>	\: confirmed stool pigeon.  rip
May 09 22:02:16 <poko-afk>	yes rip
May 09 22:02:33 *	notracist is now known as |||
May 09 22:02:56 <dryad>	\: I have to ask, what with the deletion of a log that wasn't vandalism?
May 09 22:02:59 <dryad>
May 09 22:02:59 <Zalgo>	Title: Logs - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at
May 09 22:03:40 *	dryad is now known as notracist
May 09 22:03:50 *	notracist is now known as dryad
May 09 22:03:56 <\>	dryad: my revdels arent up for debate
May 09 22:04:16 <dryad>	In other words, hiding truth
May 09 22:04:20 <dryad>	thats what I thought
May 09 22:04:21 <dryad>	carry on

phobos vs puddles

Moar info: puddles.

Puddles, continuing his lucrative pursuit in trying to involve himself in anything capable of forcing others to acknowledge him and his backwater imagechan populated by 10 users; decided he needed to start shit with #ed's chat elite. While initially believing himself immune from retribution he quickly pissed the bed after logs were recovered of him being a lowest tier fuckup contemplating avoiding college in Idaho in favor of trying to grow brickweed with one of his chanpals. He spends his many hours coordinating couches he can visit if his 1.6 GPA manages to dip below 1 and self promoting a site with an Alexa number in the trillions. After being outed as a shame on humanity, disgrace to his family, and talented dropout his imagechan was unceremoniously meh'd and filled with far better content.

phobos vs 789chan

Moar info: 789chan.
Oh no, thats awful
789chan is kill
Lol, 789chan is a fucking joke to anyone outside of this retard circus. I dont give a fuck how hard you 12 year olds put on your Internet super hero costume and try yo impress one another of your ability to type out shit tier baby's first trolls at me. I'm here to watch Robb not to read your basement authored cheeto stained opinions. I dont care how much your mother lets you borrow the mini-van you are all homosexual deviants of the highest degree. Thank you : )


—Phobos is a badass on the internet

Phobos spammed, ruined, and brutally fucked 789chan to death to the point that its main owner SeanieB decided to call it quits. The chanfaggots all decided to migrate to a new chan and continue being highly angry about the Internet happily ever after the end. GUESS THEY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME MORE CAPTCHA~ RIP BUTTFUCKERZ ~#~#~

phobos vs nigamajiga

Moar info: Nigamajiga.
The definition of asking for it.


Power Word: Janet Holmes
Address: 1701 Bryant Street #700 Denver, CO 80204
Phone: N/A
Last Work Address: The Melting Pot - 30 East Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903


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George Crosby AKA phobos
18530 Woodhaven Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Home: (719) 473-6868
Mother: Janet Lee Holmes-Crosby
AKA Jan & Jean
Father: Peter M Crosby

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